When is a car a classic car?

Time flies and the dream car of your youth becomes a sought-after classic. Classic cars are sought-after collector’s items. Many owners of older cars dream of registration with an H license plate or, as owners of several vehicles, are interested in the 07 license plate. In this context, the question arises: when is a car a classic car??

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Advantages of a classic car

Vintage cars are not a common sight on the roads and are usually admired by other road users. This attention is not the only advantage, because for the popular classic cars with a 07 or H license plate you pay significantly lower taxes. according to § 9 of the motor vehicle tax law (kraftstg) a uniform tax rate applies. Regardless of engine size or other factors, the annual tax for motorcycles is 46.02 euros and for cars and other vehicles 191.73 euros. Since owners of classic cars take special care of their treasures, many insurance companies offer special classic car rates with favorable premiums. In addition to the financial advantages, one factor in particular arouses the envy of other road users – a classic car with an H license plate you can without hesitation in a environmental zone drive. A special sticker is not required.


Ph meter: technological excellence in a small format

A modern ph meter, the measuring device for determining the ph value has become a true all-round genius. wireless, digital and highly precise, it provides reliable data.

Ph meter: measuring instrument for the highest demands

Not only in everyday life, but also in science, everyone wants to have everything. This also applies to the measuring devices, which should no longer simply do their job, but must be true miracle devices. This trend makes before ph meter and there are manufacturers who bend to the demands and develop devices that exceed the wildest imaginations of the users.

Who needs a simple water tester, if he can have a small computer that transmits all the data via bluetooth? at "labvolution 2019 in hannover, it was once again possible to see where the trend is going. new ph meters from hanna instruments were presented here, which were everything and could do even more.


District of ludwigsburg unknown persons cause an accident with a stolen car

the police is looking for witnesses who can give information about the unknown (symbol picture). Photo: imago images/teamwork/achim duwentaster

Unknown persons steal a car in the district of ludwigsburg and then cause an accident. Several cars are damaged, the perpetrators flee. The police is looking for witnesses.

Remseck-pattonville – in remseck-pattonville in the district of ludwigsburg, unknown persons caused an accident with a stolen toyota yaris and then fled the scene. As the police reported, the white car had been parked in the sports hall parking lot in pattonville on friday. After the theft, the perpetrators drove along the washingtonring in ascending direction and caused at the height of charlestonweg around 19.40 o’clock an accident.


New cars from the corona auto show

Virtual instead of swiss – the spread of the corona virus led to the cancellation of the geneva auto show in early march. Nevertheless, the carmakers have many innovations in their quiver, which they are now presenting online.

The gran-coupe

The near-production preview of the BMW concept i4 electric car is scheduled to go into production in 2021 u. A. Taking the tesla model 3 to task. the huge BMW kidney is of course not an air intake, instead the engineers have hidden a lot of sensors behind it. There is a choice of rear- or all-wheel drive, and the power range is between 220 kw and 390 kw. Acceleration to 100 km/h should be less than four seconds, and the top speed should be over 200 km/h. The 80-kwh battery pack is said to be good for a range of up to 600 km. The cockpit is dominated by a large, curved display. The price: not yet known.


Long car ride with small children: 25 survival tips

everything in the car and off you go on vacation? It would be nice, because a long car ride with small children can cost you your last nerves. to make sure you arrive relaxed on vacation even after many kilometers, here are the best tips of a mother of three!

Long term car rental with small children

You are looking forward to your family vacation, but the thought of the long drive is like a stone in your stomach. and nervousness is completely justified: what is already exhausting for adults can become a nightmare with small children.

Therefore it requires some creativity of the parents to keep not only themselves but especially the little darlings happy.


Ludwigshafen: the hammer has fallen! The balance of the big car auction

As here in 2014, many vehicles are once again up for auction at the city of Ludwigshafen. (archive photo)

ludwigshafen – the city auctioned off deregistered and towed vehicles that were simply unclaimed by their owners. The balance of the auction:

Update from 1. Octoberthe final hammer has fallen! The big auction of the city of ludwigshafen, which on thursday auctioned off a total of 44 vehicles that had been towed away and never picked up by their owners, has come to an end. LUDWIGSHAFEN24 takes stock: of the 44 cars and motorcycles sold, 33 were finally sold to the man or woman. Brought to the woman. The biggest bargain was a knockdown for 121 euros. With 3.500 euros was the highest price paid by another of the 53 bidders present for the new vehicle. A little disappointing the response to the east german cult car: the wartburg brought in only 300 euro.


Climate change: vacation with a clear conscience?

Cities and regions are on the move. The challenge is to achieve climate goals and shape a future worth living in. How can alternatives to motorized individual transport be created?? What will tomorrow’s mobility look like?? How to make cities smart? Cities need support on the way to becoming digital cities. Digital solutions for urban mobility help shape sustainable, future-proof mobility. The OBM newspaper interviewed michael kimberger, head of urban mobility& intelligent lighting at smart city deutsche telekom.

  • Mobility

City& land: everything in flux

Cities want more quality of life, less traffic and good integration with the surrounding area. That goes. When traffic routes and smart data utilization "work together" well.
Five examples of how high-performance infrastructure and smart data utilization with flexible solutions will enable the transportation services of the future.

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The right "momentum" for the smart city

the development of german cities into smart cities is ambivalent. But the road to the smart city still holds uncertainties for some cities. Organizational challenges in particular are hampering some municipalities’ efforts to develop local digitization strategies and take concrete steps toward implementation.