Our perfect road trip through germany – an unforgettable experience

Deep green forests, romantic castles, paradisiacal mountain landscapes and even miles of sandy beaches. germany is full of diverse and impressive landscapes. There’s no place like home! The best thing about it: to explore this vacation paradise, we only have to step outside our own door. so grab your favorite person, get in the car and start your own adventurous germany discovery trip. To make your road trip through germany perfect, we have compiled a list of breathtaking must-see hotspots and supplemented the itinerary with suggestions for popular and unusual experiences. nothing stands in the way of your perfect road trip through germany!

a few infos at the beginning: we start our journey in munich. you can of course start from anywhere and adjust your route accordingly. With our route you cover 2936 kilometers by car and the complete driving time is approx. 36 hours. It is up to you and your travel companion to decide how long you want to stay at each location and whether you want to make any stops in between.


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Traffic offence on the freeway – when do you get points in flensburg??

Important: on 9. November 2021 is the date originally set for 28. April 2020 planned stvo amendment finally comes into force. Information on the higher fines for speeding can be found in our guide to exceeding the speed limit. What other changes have been made since the 9. November 2021, you can find out at this point.

On highways every day some violations of the road traffic regulations (stvo) committed. Often, these violations are distance offenses or speeding offenses. On the freeway there are even more offences to be punished. The choice in the fine catalog is large. Vehicles with a design speed of less than 60 km/h have no business on the federal autobahn. This is intended exclusively for speeding vehicles and those transporting goods.

A highway consists of two lanes and a median, among other things


Car rental in greece: vacations in thessaloniki and athens


For those who want to explore greece on their own, away from hotels or beaches, a rental car is the way to go. With a car, travelers can get to know the country and its people better and are completely independent of public transportation. In order to avoid unpleasant surprises, it is important to pay attention to some special features of greek car rental companies. Moreover, a vehicle that suits your travel preferences and regions.

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Greece has a varied landscape that can place different demands on the rental car. If you travel in the mountains and off paved roads, you must ensure that your vehicle is suitable for off-road use. For those who love to drive with the top down and feel the sun and wind on their skin, rent a convertible car.


Safety in the car: the hand on the steering wheel

The young woman has made herself comfortable. The seat back is folded far back, the legs are on the dashboard. Your friend drives just 80 km/h, more is not possible in the traffic. Suddenly has to brake but does not manage to avoid the crash. Fender bender! The driver escapes unharmed, protected by airbag and seat belt. But his young girlfriend is in a bad way. First she is catapulted with both legs into the windshield. Both ankles are broken, the legs are full of cuts. Then the airbag threw the legs upwards with full force, the body slid forward at the same time. The result is a pelvic fracture. The young woman is lucky that her neck is not broken.

At an impact speed of 50 km/h, the car occupants are accelerated up to 30 times their body weight. Only from a speed of 25 kilometers per hour the airbags shoot out of their hiding places. Before, the safety belt alone is responsible for minimizing the consequences of the accident. It reduces the risk of serious or fatal injuries to 50 percent. The airbag manages another quarter. Not a bad result! Despite this, several thousand car drivers are killed in accidents every year in germany alone.

Backrest as steep as possible

Seat belts, pre crash safety system, electronically controlled braking systems, front airbags, side airbags, top and bottom airbags, and more. The cars are packed with safety equipment. But if you don’t sit properly in your seat, even the most sophisticated safety systems won’t help you. When a car hits an obstacle, the airbag, the safety belt and the yielding steering column work together. As soon as one component is not used or does not function, or the passengers are not seated correctly, the entire safety system is ruined, because it is always tuned to this one optimal seating position. And if you ask the experts in german motoring, such as the legendary multiple rally world champion walter rohrl, or the five-time DTM champion bernd schneider or michael schumacher, they all have the same answer: the headrests must be pulled out so far that they are roughly level with the head height.


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My baby always cries in the car – what can i do??

My baby always cries in the car - what can I do??

Every now and then, readers write us e-mails or messages on facebook and ask short questions that are particularly burning under their nails. We would like to answer the most frequently asked questions here in more detail.

What helps when my baby hates driving and cries all the time??

There are children who hate driving abysmal. as soon as you put them in the car, they start screaming and often don’t stop until you take them out of the car. Some people start screaming at the mere sight of the baby car seat. If you have children who hate driving, you will leave your car as often as possible anyway – but sometimes there are simply no alternatives.

There can be many different reasons for crying, but unfortunately babies are still very limited in their ability to express themselves, so you often have to use the principle of elimination to find the cause. Sometimes surprisingly small changes lead to resounding success. But sometimes unfortunately not.


Car hire airport kalamata

Kalamata is a beautiful city in the peloponnese and the capital of the prefecture of messinia. It has a port and an airport. A city with a very good Mediterranean climate, which is an important economic center of the whole region. There work more than 50.000 people. Kalamata is also famous for the local production and distribution of many products, including olives, oil and the famous kalamata scarf. important sights of the city are the church of the holy apostles, the franken castle and the city park of the kalamata railroad. Opportunity to browse kalamata with a rental car at kalamata airport.

activities in kalamata

For lovers of history, art and museums, there are many attractions in the surrounding area. For example, the archaeological museum benakeio kalamata, the military and folklore museum kalamata. Also the gallery of contemporary greek art and of course the archaeological museum of messinia. In the city there are many events of great interest throughout the year. Every easter there is a revival of the custom of the "paper airplane war" as well as the carnival in messina on the last sunday of halloween. Also the international dance festival and many natural theater performances and concerts in the castle amphitheater.