Rocky mountaineer& the canadian: on a luxury train through canada

Once from the atlantic to the pacific, from toronto to vancouver, across impressive, unspoiled landscapes with forests, rivers and through the rocky mountains: a train trip through canada should not be on any wish list for train fans and lovers of canada once in a lifetime on the program. If you want to explore the country from the comfort of a train and live, dine, and be fed like royalty, we recommend traveling by either rocky mountaineer from vancouver on the west coast to the rocky mountains or across the country with the canadian from toronto to vancouver. All information about a train trip through canada included prices, offers, routes and tips for the route can be found in this article.

Rocky Mountaineer - train journey through Canada - aerial view with river

Above all, traveling in the following luxury trains is a lasting experience – a train trip to canada with the luxury special rocky mountaineer train, which departs from vancouver on the west coast of canada and travels inland, or the luxury liner train the canadian of the canadian national railroad company, which crosses the entire country between vancouver and toronto. you are interested in unforgettable train journeys? Fulfill your travel dream by rail now – with the offers of our partner lernidee:


Travelovers for rent. Travel. Enjoy

There are many reasons to camp. Some want to escape the digital world, others want to revive their friendships or relationships – get out of the routine, away from the everyday distractions that our lives entail. Time to temporarily leave your familiar surroundings for a more adventurous life on the road. Feel the rain, wind or sunshine on your skin and discover nature in all its facets.

Nevertheless, the right level of comfort must not be lacking! Home game for travelovers. Because camping does not necessarily mean the tedious pitching of a tent in the wilderness. A comfortable stay in a travelovers motorhome or campervan in breathtaking vacation scenery is a special way to travel. Equipped with many amenities, you will enjoy above all the freedom we offer you. Maximum flexibility with maximum mobile comfort: with our numerous vehicle types, you decide for yourself where, how and when you want to travel – so your vacation will never be boring.

Traveling with travelovers means always being where you want to be. Create your own route and set off on new adventures. Whether you are a lonesome rider, a couple or a family with up to four people: with motorhomes and campervans from travelovers, you can expect the greatest possible variety and unique experiences.


Automobile club

after an accident or if a vehicle has a technical breakdown, the services of an automobile club can often be of help. But there are other advantages to membership.

What do automobile clubs?

Accidents on our roads happen every day. Without a membership in an automobile club, drivers are on their own when it comes to organizing roadside assistance. Even if the car breaks down due to technical problems, the vehicle owner will receive assistance on the spot if he calls. The best-known is the Allgemeiner deutscher automobil-club (ADAC), which has about 50 automobile accidents a year.000 assistance missions that the "yellow angels" perform. But membership is not only possible in ADAC. In germany, there are a number of other automobile clubs, such as the avd, the ace and the aCv.

A large part of the services offered is very similar in most car owner support providers. However, before you decide to become a member, it is worth taking a closer look at the services offered by ADAC and its competitors. In the end, of course, the price that has to be paid per year for a membership also counts.


How navigation systems work?

what the road map used to be for locating and determining destinations is now often replaced by the navigation system in the motor vehicle, and sometimes you really do wonder how people managed to do that without a "navi" in the past? the possible answer: in the past, people probably just spent more time studying maps.

But how do navigation systems actually work??

What is meant by GPS?


Transportation to and from florence

If you fly to florence by plane, you will land at the airport vespucci. This one is not really in the center of the city. There are several means of transport (public and private) that connect the city center of florence with the airport (amerigo vespucci).

fly from/to pisa airport G.Galilei? Here are also some means of transport, both public and private, that connect the international airport of pisa with the city center of florence and the airport of florence.

All information about the airports and transfer possibilities can be found here:


Tips for the child car seat – how to find the perfect car seat

before you have a car seat, ask yourself many questions. When do I need which seat? What is comfortable and safe? We looked around for a long time with both children, because after the baby seat we didn’t want to buy a new child seat every year. In this article you will learn everything we have learned about car seats. When your child needs which car seat, where you can save money and why it’s not a good idea to travel without a car seat for your children.

A good friend, who is about to become a father for the first time, reminded me of something I had almost forgotten. With all the purchases for the child, you do not think twice about buying it.

Most purchases are without alternative making spending money on kids a lot easier.


Vacation without car – vacation travel by train& co.

Here it is about vacation without car. Vacation travel by train and public transport are the topics in this category on andersreisen.Net. You can find beautiful travel destinations and also valuable tips for your journey in the featured articles.

There are many reasons to go on vacation without a car. Some people want to travel sustainably, in an environmentally friendly way, or go on vacation by train in a CO2-neutral way. slow travel is becoming more and more popular as a relaxed way to travel, although sometimes the journey by high-speed train is anything but slow. others simply like the train as a way to travel differently.

City trips and country vacations without car

city trips are relatively easy to plan by train and public transport. You can also get to the city centers by "public transport" fast forward. But also vacations in the countryside are possible without your own car in many regions. a transfer from the train station to the accommodation usually makes the journey easy. Some vacation destinations also rely on mobility by public transport and you can z.B. Use trains and buses in the region free of charge with the guest card.


Advantages of the automobile club: the benefits of membership

A membership in an automobile club offers you an enormous range of services from A to Z – from starters to ignition locks. All great knowledge. But the most important thing about a membership: if you have a breakdown, you get towed away.

If you are one of those long-suffering motorists who have had to sit on the side of the road with your broken-down vehicle, you may already be aware of the benefits of membership in an automobile club. The benefits of membership are many and varied.

If you are on the road a lot, you should definitely consider a membership in an automobile club. Advantages of an automobile club: we list the most important.


Environmental zones in germany

All information on the environmental badge and environmental zones in germany. The sticker is available from oAMTC.

environmental zone: sticking the emission sticker – environmental zones in europe – in the "jungle keep track© oAMTC

What is an environmental zone?

in the centers of many german cities there are so-called "environmental zones. these environmental zones may only be entered with cars that have a sticker Signals that a certain emission level of harmful and fine substances will not be exceeded.