Solar vehicle

Solar vehicles receive most of their propulsion energy directly from the sun. They are equipped with solar cells on the surface that convert the sun’s energy on the vehicle into electricity. as electromobiles, they often also carry an energy storage device (usually accumulators) to remain roadworthy even in poor light conditions or cloud cover, at least for a limited time. Electric vehicles that draw their electrical energy exclusively from a stationary photovoltaic system where they charge their energy storage devices do not count as solar vehicles, even if the energy they charge is purely solar; such as z.B. Twike or cityel. These vehicles are grid-connected electromobiles.

With optimum solar irradiation, the high-performance solar cells of the experimental vehicles can provide up to 2.25 kw (nuna2 NL) of electrical power (max. irradiation *area*efficiency compare fossil car with ca. 35-200 kw). solar cars are experimental vehicles for economical automobiles and light weight construction, (see light vehicle and low energy vehicle).

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[solar races and solar rallies

Various organizations around the world regularly organize races with solar cars.


Maxi-cosi baby car seat comparison 2022

BILD’s test and comparison portal.De presents you the best maxi-cosi baby car seats.

In order to transporting your child safely in the car, do you need a baby car seat or. A suitable child seat. In many practical tests, maxi-cosi baby car seats are particularly convincing. The 3-point harness system and the side impact protection ensure that babies are secured in the best possible way.

Choose one now flight-compatible maxi-cosi baby car seat select from our comparison table if you travel a lot and the baby car seat should also be approved for use in the airplane accordingly.

Maxi-cosi baby car seat recommendations

Maxi-cosi pebble plus

Maxi-cosi tinca i-size baby car seat

Did you like this maxi-cosi baby car seat comparison??

Buying advice: how to find the right product in our maxi-cosi baby car seat comparison 2022

  • Maxi-cosi baby car seats offer the possibility of transporting your baby safely in the car. The infant carriers can have either the old test seal "ECE-R 44" or the new test seal "i-size (ECE-R 129)". The latter are state of the art in terms of safety standards.
  • Depending on the certification, a maxi-cosi baby car seat is suitable for children up to a body weight of 13 kg or. Up to a height of 80 cm. If a model is compatible with isofix, installation is particularly easy.
  • Adjustable headrests, padding and a sun canopy can significantly increase the comfort of a maxi-cosi baby car seat. In addition, you can equip the baby car seat with further accessories, which are not included in the scope of delivery, but are available in the manufacturer’s webshop.

maxi-cosi baby car seat test


Lpg refueling while traveling: on vacation with autogas

Autogas is an attractive alternative to petrol and diesel. Also during the vacation season. We give you tips for a relaxed vacation trip to other european countries.

Put your luggage in the trunk and let’s go: german vacationers traditionally like to go on vacation by car. after all, many attractive destinations – from the north sea coast to the alps – are easily accessible by car. In addition, arrival and departure can be planned flexibly and vacationers are also mobile at their vacation destination. Another advantage: on many routes, the car is still the cheapest means of travel. This is especially true when driving on liquid gas instead of gasoline or diesel.

Dense network of LPG filling stations in germany

The mixture of propane and butane, also known as LPG (liquid petroleum gas), is easier on the wallet than conventional fuels. It is so cheap that consumers save on driving despite the slightly higher consumption: the liter currently costs only 0.57 EUR on average in germany. In addition, less greenhouse gases and air pollutants such as fine dust are released during the journey. When it comes to range and comfort, car drivers don’t have to compromise with autogas either. But what if your tank is running low on the way to your vacation??


Car/train tour**** florence, rome& veneto

car/train tour**** florence, rome& veneto

on this individual italy trip you will experience the famous renaissance metropolis of florence and the eternal city of rome as well as the magnificent region of veneto, the green garden of venice, with a mix of car and train travel.

you start your tour after your individual car arrival for 2 or 3 nights in the renaissance capital florence – üyou don’t have to worry about a safe parking place during your stay, because we have already reserved a place for you in an underground parking lot near the railroad station and of course included it in the price of your trip. On the second day, you will learn more about the history of the tuscan capital, the influence of the medici and much more during a short city tour.


Vacation 2020 : car is travel mode number one

Summer vacations begin this week in four German states. most vacationers will travel by car this year, as a civey survey for tagesspiegel background shows. One age group is surprisingly car-friendly.

Traffic jam.ADAC predicts a new car boom in the corona year 2020. It will be crowded on the highways during the vacation season

In the past few corona months, there has been a lot of speculation about a possible renaissance of the car and individual transportation in everyday life. if you ask germans what mode of transport they plan to use for their travels this year, the answer is clear: by car. It was popular in previous years anyway, but in 2020 even more people will be getting into their own vehicles (or rental cars) to reach their vacation destinations.


Road trip / car trip packing list

you would like to take a road trip and see so much of the world? Car trips to the USA, the Mediterranean, through Italy and around the Baltic Sea are popular. To make sure you don’t forget anything, you’ll find a suggestion for a road trip packing list on this page. you won’t need all the items, but it will give you inspiration and a little reminder of the things you shouldn’t forget – from your driver’s license to your fuel canister, your. Required toll tickets to rental car documents and backseat protectors. If you have everything with you, you can start your vacation with the car.

Open on your cell phone

data protection is important. To create your individual packing list, unfortunately, it is essential that data is transmitted in encrypted form to pythonanywhere in the united kingdom. Click on the okay!-button you agree.


Volkswagen id.5 pro: leasing from 328 euros/month (bafa premium included)

Leasing offer in cooperation with sparneuwagen.De: volkswagen ID.5 pro with up to 516 km range for private customers (display)

In cooperation with

Family-friendly electric SUV discovered in private leasing at leasingmarkt! The volkswagen ID.5 per 128 kw 77 kwh is already a very travel e-vehicle with over 500 kilometers range. The VW ID.5 is already available from 328 euros a month gross. The deal is the base vehicle that you can configure individually.


Road trip montenegro – on the way in the land of the black mountains.

road trip montenegro. One of the most beautiful, exciting, cold and rainy road trips in recent years. And the first big tour with the new bulli. the idea for a road trip through montenegro came quite spontaneous. I had accidentally discovered an article about the 10 most beautiful national parks in europe and already the cover picture showed a hiker in the midst of the mountain world of the durmitor mountains. And from that moment on, I was hooked, as these are the kind of views I look for on my trips. briefly googled where the national park was located and from then on the trip planning took its course.

View of Kotor in Montenegro

In this article I will give you some tips for a road trip through montenegro with your own car. With my highlights, what you have to consider on the road, how to get there and the most beautiful campsites. Quasi a little travel guide with the most important infos.