Magic bread with flowers with or without bread maker

this week i actually baked fifteen loaves of bread. It was easier than you think, because an automatic breadmaker helped me to do it. I have to introduce you to the most beautiful and delicious examples of course. you can bake them with or without breadmaker, i have noted both recipes for you. Very simple and really tasty is the aromatic and wonderful flower bread. Try it!


Compulsory winter tires: when are winter tires compulsory??

compulsory winter tires in germany

In europe the regulations for winter tires are very different. What is valid in austria, is not at the same time also in belgium or france law. Sometimes winter tires are mandatory, sometimes they are only recommended. In germany winter tires are compulsory. In the event of black ice, slush and black ice, i.e. "wintry weather conditions", you must change from summer to winter tires. If you are caught with summer tires in these weather conditions, you will be fined 60 euros and receive a penalty point in flensburg.

By the way, since January 2018, only tires with the Alpine symbol (also known as the snowflake symbol) fulfill the winter tire requirement. Surely you have seen the small three-pointed mountain with the snowflake in the middle before. Tires with this symbol have been officially tested for their winter properties and are particularly efficient in snowy or icy conditions.


Windows 11 autostart programs | windows 11 autostart folder

In this article you will mainly learn how to change autostart programs in windows 11. Learn how to prevent programs from running at windows 11 startup, which programs should always run at startup and which should not. You will also learn what the windows 11 autostart folder is and how to access it. More tips and tricks about computers can be found on the official website of minitool software.

What are windows 11autostart programs?

Windows 11 autostart programs are applications that are started automatically when you turn on your computer. these programs are started from the windows 11 autostart folder.

Some installed programs are set to start automatically every time you start your windows computer. However, it is not necessary to run them on startup.


Apartments for rent, apartments for rent

Order SCHUFA information online

Size, location and price of an apartment must be right, but an appealing mix of all three variables must first be found, and this often turns out to be quite difficult. Once you have found a suitable offer, there is also the fact that free rental apartments in popular and central areas are rare, which means that sometimes there are up to 50 applicants for one apartment. Speed is important, but there is a lot to keep in mind when it comes to renting an apartment, especially for newcomers in this field. Even for those who already have experience with rental apartments, the search for a new apartment and the subsequent move usually pose a new challenge. Whether you’re inexperienced or not, the following tips will help you find the right place to stay!

Apartments for rent

How to make an impression when viewing an apartment

  • Be on time for the viewing appointment
  • take your application folder with you. (cover letter, curriculum vitae, tenant self-assessment, etc.). SCHUFA credit report, etc.)
  • Appear friendly, open-minded and neatly dressed. At the inspection leave at home (whether these are desired can be asked later) make (short, personal letter, photo, curriculum vitae, etc.).)

Many roads lead to the dream apartment

The search for an apartment can be done in different ways. You can either go to a real estate agent, look through local newspapers and gazettes for housing offers, or simply search for your individual needs on the internet with the help of real estate portals. Tip: if you are looking for an apartment, you should let your relatives, friends and acquaintances know, because it is relatively common for apartments to be found through private contacts.


Winter check worth knowing tips berlin

Now it is high time to winterize your car for the cold winter months.

A comprehensive check that includes all the important points is therefore very important if you want to get through the winter safe and sound.

A checklist will help you to make sure you don’t forget a single item and that you can travel in wind and weather and fog with peace of mind.


What is leasing? Tips and information on the counterpart of car financing

Leasing agreement - an overview of your rights when concluding and terminating the agreement

If you don’t want to pay cash for a new vehicle or finance it with a loan, you have the option of leasing the car. When leasing, you enter into a contract that is filled with complicated clauses. You must pay attention to many points here, so that you do not fall into a cost trap.

Many self-employed or freelance professionals take advantage of what is probably the greatest benefit of leasing: being able to deduct the leasing installments from their taxes. Although private individuals can also lease vehicles, they are denied the tax advantage.


What does the repair of an automatic transmission cost??

Repairing an automatic transmission is a major expense that should only be done by a certified shop to preserve the value of the car. In addition, this type of damage requires a great deal of care, experience and specific knowledge, which you can expect to find in a professional car repair shop. With regard to the costs, there are various aspects that influence the price for repairing your automatic transmission.

How much does it cost to repair an automatic transmission? tips

Which automatic transmission is installed in your car??

A major factor determining the price of the repair is the amount of labor involved in repairing or replacing the transmission. A distinction is made between three types of automatic transmissions, which means a different amount of work for the car repair shop. Either a converter automatic, a semi-automatic or a continuously variable automatic is installed in your car. Each of these automatic transmissions poses its own challenges to your trusted repair shop, and the amount of work required to get to the transmission also differs. Thus, first of all, the type of transmission plays a role in determining the price for the repair.


Workshop tips painting

The painting of vehicles is a very complex process. even experienced painters make mistakes. On this page, you will find many tips and information for a proper and professional paint job. Also videos and PDF files, also for free download.

If you have any questions you can always call us. We are happy to support you in your project

Special painting

During my time as technical manager at standox, I encountered a number of painting problems. The greatest challenge for the painter is the subject of special paintwork.