Amalfitana road trip: along the amalfi coast by car

Along the amalfi coast runs the amalfitana, officially called strada statale 163 amalfitana (SS 163). A road trip on one of the most exciting roads in italy is probably on some people’s bucket list. The amalfitana leads from sorrento past such famous places as positano, minori, amalfi and maiori. Always along the steep coast, always with a view of the sparkling blue mediterranean sea. The amalfitana is only 50 kilometers long, but this short route is a real challenge! With a few tips, however, a trip to the amalfi coast with your own car or a rental car will be an unforgettable experience!

Tip: if you do not drive your own car, it is best to rent a vehicle in advance! Find a rental car for your road trip on the amalfi coast* here

For the amalfi coast you should take your time and plan at least one overnight stay! But beware: booking in advance is super important, otherwise it gets really, really expensive during the season!
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Mallorca with the rental car

how to experience the originality of the balearic island

There is so much to discover on mallorca. How about exploring all the enchanting places and bays in mallorca with a rental car? My reader lea has done the test for you and tells you about her experiences.

Majorca is always worth a trip. The beautiful Balearic island is particularly popular with package holidaymakers who want to spend their well-deserved summer vacation on one of the island’s enchanting beaches. From quiet and secluded coves, to picturesque towns, to lively party places, mallorca has it all. But what’s wrong with exploring the island on your own, away from mass tourism?? Nothing! So grab a cheap rental car, to discover many undiscovered treasures of this island. in my article you will get all the tips you need to explore mallorca by rental car.

Majorca made easy by rental car

Mallorca round trip by rental car

I have often spent my vacations in one of the most popular vacation destinations in germany. Mallorca is versatile and enchanting – with every trip you could discover new corners instead of devoting yourself to the old familiar ones. Besides party areas and tourist resorts, there are countless charming regions, secluded coves, endless beaches, green nature and picturesque villages. So why not grab a rental car and take advantage of the many beautiful explore regions of the island? providers like europcar, avis, sixt and co. Nowadays, you can find them in countless countries all over the world, so you can also rent a car spontaneously at a local station and just drive off.


De-icing windows quickly: home remedies and tricks for a clear view

Even if it’s not freezing during the day, car windows are often frozen in the morning. If you don’t have a parking heater or garage, you have to de-ice your windows by hand – usually with an ice scraper. Attention: some people want to make it easy for themselves and de-ice the window only partially in order to have a so-called peephole. This is not only dangerous, but can be punished by the police if you are pulled over with insufficiently clear visibility. To make your morning easier, we have collected some tips and tricks for you on how to quickly and easily de-ice your windscreen. At the same time, we will dispel some persistent myths that you can use to quickly de-ice your car, but which may also break it.

The ice scraper: efficiently de-icing the windshield

The ice scraper is one of the most important car accessories in winter. Almost every driver has a model in the car to efficiently de-ice the windows in case of emergency. Without scratching it often does not work. However, they are only really successful if you use a solid product. Cheap or inferior ice scrapers can give up the ghost already with thin ice layers or simply break. Our tip: ideally, use a model made of plastic. These prevent annoying scratches on your windshield.

The ice scraper deluxe

The well-known helper is also available in more elaborate versions, almost as a luxury feature: some ice scrapers have an integrated glove to keep your hands nice and warm when you’re de-icing your windows.


If our customers are happy, we are too

I was a little skeptical about renting from lotus, as I had no prior knowledge of the company but my risk definitely paid off. The staff was INCREDIBLE, very friendly and helpful. During pick up we were not pressured with any additional options or hidden fees. I would definitely recommend this company!
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Sandy Savage from England


We rented a 4×4 dacia duster and were very satisfied with the experience. Lotus was very responsive throughout the entire rental process and even gave us some tips on how to reach some places through F-roads. When returning the car mike was extremely helpful and even took us to the bus station so that we wouldn’t miss it. Would definitely rent again from lotus.
Charcia from california


Buying a new car: tips for buying a new car

Who new car who wants to buy a used car, usually has the choice between a new car and a used car. The new vehicles are more expensive, but come with zero kilometers, in a better technical and optical condition and hopefully with less maintenance intervals than the used car. As the depreciation of a new vehicle is extremely high in the first few years, car buyers should consider whether the purchase of a new car really worthwhile. Often there are comparatively good models, which are less than a year old. these are thus much cheaper and were often only used as a company vehicle by the dealership itself. Who adds up at the buying a car However, if you do decide to buy a new vehicle, there are a few things you should bear in mind when making your purchase.

What to look for when buying a new car?


Leather steering wheel cleaning in 5 steps explained by a pro

A leather steering wheel makes for a stylish car interior. The good grip properties also speak in favor of the leather steering wheel. In order to preserve these good properties and still have a beautiful and non-slip steering wheel after years, it requires good care.

Otherwise, constant use can quickly lead to unsightly wear and tear. Since a steering wheel is always exposed, it is also particularly susceptible to dirt deposits.

We show you how to clean your leather steering wheel quickly and easily, yet effectively, in just 5 steps. We also present some tips and tricks on how to clean and care for a steering wheel.


Mobile wifi router test& comparison 2022

In the first part you will find our own comparison of different mobile wifi routers and in the second part we will inform you whether there is a mobile wifi router test from major consumer magazines. The devices are also often referred to as mobile hotspots or mobile routers.

  • A mobile wifi router enables you to establish a wifi network on the road, usually with an LTE-based Internet connection
  • Make sure that the wlan router has as many interfaces as possible and supports the latest wlan standards
  • It’s also great when the wifi router offers many setting options via its own configuration page
  • We also recommend a mobile wifi router with a rechargeable battery to be truly independent
  • Also recommended is a wifi router with LAN connection, for maximum flexibility

In our video you will learn many more useful tips on what to look for when buying a mobile wifi router.


What to do with a marten in the car? Tips that help

Everyone needs a place to sleep and rest after a hard day – even martens. Unfortunately, the solitary animals often choose places that are very inconvenient for us humans. This also includes the engine compartment of the car. We have tips for you and tell you what you can do if a marten has nested in your car.

If you are looking for a new car, here we have the current top new car offers for you: