Led retrofit for headlights: how your car makes the road brighter

A car’s lights have long been more than just a cone of headlights that illuminates the night. Over the years, both front and rear headlights have become one of the most important driver assistance systems. Now you can even sell your "old car" retrofitting with LED lights.

Especially the german premium manufacturers have made a name for themselves in the field of lighting technology over the past decades. The breakthrough came at the end of the 1980s with the BMW 750i, which introduced the bright xenon light and outdid the competition from Germany and abroad. Xenon light is old news, because LED and laser light systems are now the measure of all things bright. Hundreds of meters in front of the vehicle, they illuminate the area in front of the vehicle and, thanks to the integration of intelligent camera systems, even shade oncoming traffic.

LED headlights turn night into day

The situation is somewhat different in the USA, where many lighting systems that have long been established in Europe are still being released. This applies in particular to the laser headlights with which BMW and Audi, for example, equip their vehicles, at least as an option. The laser is a highly focused beam of light that can be used for all kinds of mischief. But in everyday automotive use, it can also be a completely harmless all-purpose weapon. For example, illuminating the road almost perfectly and as bright as daylight.


Empty battery in an electric car? Now comes the mobile power bank

In the early 1990s, the aral TV commercial "I’m walking," featuring a broken-down driver running to the gas station with an empty spare can, became an advertising legend. But what if you get stuck on the track with your electric car??

When the battery no longer emits any sound, the displays remain dark and the new electric car no longer rolls a meter toward its destination, you don’t have many options left. The easiest way is to call the service department of the car manufacturer or an automobile club and have the car towed to the place of breakdown. However, a jumper cable like the one used in an internal combustion engine is not enough, because the battery not only has to be charged briefly and the alternator takes over the rest as a generator, but the battery pack also has to be charged significantly.

What to do when the battery is empty?

By the way, when your electric car stops twitching, it doesn’t mean that the battery has completely run down. In fact, the intelligent charging technology of the batteries ensures that the cells retain a small energy content of five to ten percent so that there is no real deep discharge, which could be expensive.


Combustion engine phase-out from 2025? Expert explains what euro 7 means for motorists

The plans for a new emission standard are making waves. Engine expert thomas koch criticizes the eu for ignoring technology experts and explains why an electric car produces similar nitrogen oxide emissions per kilometer as a diesel.

threatens the end of the combustion engine? This is how the latest proposals of the pan-european "advisory board on vehicle emission vehicles standards" could be described (AGVES) interpret. In addition to renowned developers and the Technical University of Graz, it also includes a Finnish state-owned company and two branches of the University of Thessaloniki. What was hatched there has the potential to explode industrial policy . In an interview, Professor thomas koch of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) urges us to be realistic in our approach – not least so as not to damage the european idea.

FOCUS onlineProfessor koch, how do you classify the proposals of the expert panel on the EU-7 standard??


Tv reception for dvb-t2 in the car

For the introduction of DVB-T2, a field trial is currently underway in Berlin and munich in Germany. The plans envisage a phased switchover from DVB-T to DVB-T2. The pilot operation will start in 2015/2016, the introduction in 2017, and the widespread operation is expected to take place by 2019. At the same time, the 700 MHz network is being cleared, which will then be available to mobile communications. systems in automobiles must therefore support not only DVB-T2, but also new video compression and encryption, so that the screen does not remain black. This will only work with new devices.

Until now, terrestrial broadcasting of TV programs via antenna was done by DVB-T – in the video format SDTV using MPEG-2 compression. No encryption is planned, which is why some private broadcasters have withdrawn from DVB-T. For mobile TV reception in cars, a number of new standards are therefore becoming the focus of future devices. In detail, these are the DVB-T2 modulation method, HEVC video compression, transmission of content with HD resolution, and encryption via DVB-CI+ (pay TV).

Figure 1: the HD62 evaluation board enables DVB-T2 reception and HEVC decoding. The presentation is done via an external display, which is directly connected via HDMI, CVBS or digital RGB. Socionext


Ph sensors: for guaranteed sophisticated ph measurements

Ph sensors are indispensable in many areas. But those who think that this is only something for laboratory chemists and physicians are mistaken. In everyday life, too, there are now many reasons to use the ph value to be determined precisely – in the meantime this can even be done fully automatically.

Ph sensors are found in many areas of life

Most people do not think about the ph value – until they a reason HAVE. However, the question then often arises as to which sensors are to be used and how the most precise measurements possible are to be carried out. The determination of the ph value does not necessarily require electronic sensors, but is also possible with test strips, for example.

Theoretically, one could even call the human tongue a sensor for determining ph values, because whether something tastes sour or sweet is strongly related to this value. lemons taste more sour than, say, a sweet prune juice. And also in the kitchen we are constantly confronted with the ph value without noticing it. Baking powder for example, is a product based on the action of acids and bases. The difference between acidic and basic solutions however, most people are not even aware of this.


Saeco xelsis fully automatic coffee machine sm7683 in test

In the last few weeks we have had the pleasure saeco xelsis fully automatic coffee machine SM7683 test it extensively and put it to the heart& test it. Especially for me as an absolute coffee junkie and lover an absolutely great test. For the test, we were provided with a saeco xelsis SM7683 fully automatic coffee machine free of charge from philips.

General info on the saeco xelsis automatic coffee maker SM7683: