Ignition cables (ignition wires)

The ignition cables are responsible for conducting the required voltage generated by the ignition coil to the spark plug with as little loss as possible.


Due to their installation position, ignition cables are subjected to high loads. At first glance, the complex inner workings of ignition cables and ignition cable harnesses are not immediately obvious. They have to perform at the highest technical level in the engine compartment, where temperatures of up to 200 degrees Celsius prevail due to catalytic converters and increasingly powerful, compact engines; electronic ignition systems produce high voltages of up to 40 degrees Celsius.000 volts. With increasing age, the brass and stainless steel contacts oxidize. The electrical resistance of the cable increases – and with it the risk of failure of the ignition coils.

Today, PVC Hypalon ignition cables no longer meet these requirements. In current vehicles, even class F ignition cables must be silicone with a temperature resistance of up to 220°C and a dielectric strength of 40.000 volt are installed. This


Finding the right oil for your car

Several factors determine which engine oil you should use. The most important are the type of fuel your engine uses (gasoline or diesel) and the conditions you normally drive in, such as. B. Stop-and-go traffic or extremely hot or cold temperatures.

All manufacturers recommend the type of oil that is best suited for their car. Normally, this information is clearly indicated on the oil cap under the engine hood. Otherwise, you will find this information in the owner’s manual of your car. Some manufacturers recommend different types of oil depending on the weather conditions in which they run. It is not recommended to deviate from the manufacturer’s specifications. You can also find the right engine oil using the totalenergies lubricant finder.

Car manufacturers also grant approvals for certain engine oils if they meet the precise requirements of certain vehicle models. In such cases, the oil is marked with a specific code on the back label. You can see these OEMA codes at the bottom of the QUARTZ bottle of totalenergies:


Vintro le mans 1952: “made in germany” retro chronograph on the test bench

New watch brands via kickstarter – there are undoubtedly countless of them. The market is almost unmanageable. However, 99% of most campaigns are in the area of the twelve millionth daniel wellington-style bauhaus knock-off for 179€ plus/minus 20€ or in the area of diving watches. Retro chronographs, on the other hand, are rather rare – and even rarer are those with a sea-gull ST19 gear caliber, which is based on the swiss venus 175 is based on and has an exciting story to tell. The young german micro-brand vintro now occupies exactly this niche with the model le mans 1952, a mechanical racing chrono in classic retro design. what the "made in germany"-quality uhrchen can do, i will show you in this extensive test..

Key data of the vintro le mans 1952 retro chronograph:


Wlan in the car

Requirements, possibilities and limits of the technology

We will show you what possibilities WLAN in the car already offers today and how you can establish a stable connection on the road at the best price.

Woman with tablet in the car

WLAN in the car and the differences

Obviously, wireless internet in the car is not a connection like at home. Instead, your car either already has an integrated WLAN hotspot – which is especially the case with newer models from the upper mid-range upwards – or you retrofit your vehicle with one. The internet connection is then not established via a cable in the wall, but via a typical data tariff, as it is also used for mobile telephony.


Youtube on the web: autoplay switch now in video player

Youtube on the web: autoplay switch now in video player

By oliver posselt dec 23, 2020 | 9 comments

Google recently gave its youtube platform on ios and android a redesign. Besides new icons, the switch for automatic playback of additional videos has been moved directly to the youtube player. On the web this was previously also in the right sidebar at the other videos to find. In the upper right corner you could toggle on or off if you want to see more videos right after the current one.

Having already moved the toggle to mobile, it now lands directly in the player on the web as well. If you are looking for it, look to the left of the subtitle button when watching a video in a foreign language. If you don’t, the switch lands next to the settings button. Small but useful change to get quick access to this function.


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Weilheim: new bmw car dealership in achalaich

BMW dealership Widmann + Winterholler is building its new home in Weilheim on the vacant lot between the traffic circle and the state road to Peibenberg

Retail is actually out of the question in achalaich. nevertheless, a car dealership is now being built in the weilheim part of the intermunicipal commercial area. BMW dealership widmann + winterholler relocates from the northern outskirts of town to the south of weilheim – and expands there.

Weilheim – widmann + winterholler acquired the site in achalaich two years ago: seen from the town, it is virtually the first plot on the weilheim side of the commercial area – located between the traffic circle there, the state road to peibenberg and the xylem site. However, the new construction plans only became public a few days ago, when the building committee of the weilheim city council had to decide on an exemption from the requirements of the development plan. For the planned "car dealership with workshop building", a new building 114 meters long and up to 25 meters wide, the specified wall height may be exceeded by half a meter to up to 8.50 meters, according to the unanimous decision. This is necessary "for fire protection and architectural reasons" – and completely unproblematic, as it was said.