Forming an emergency lane: regulations and fines

If traffic on the highway comes to a standstill or comes to a standstill, a rescue lane must be formed for the police and rescue forces in order to be able to act quickly in the event of an emergency. However, there are always road users who do not comply and block the emergency lane. Penalties are increased at regular intervals. We show you how the rescue lane properly formed will and with which fine they currently have to reckon with if the salvage lane is prevented.

emergency lane in germany: legal basis

Since the 1970s, the rescue lane is required by law in germany. the basis for this is section 11 (2) of the road traffic regulations. It says:

from the formulation "free lane" the meanwhile established term "rescue lane" has developed. contrary to what many people think, the emergency lane is not to be formed only when a traffic jam has developed. The above paragraph clearly states that the free lane is to be formed already at walking speed, i.e. an impending traffic jam. The emergency lane may only be used by the police, emergency services, fire department, ambulance, doctor’s or towing vehicles.


Which rims am i allowed to drive (kba/abe)??

Today you can choose between many different rims for your vehicle. Even if there is information on the approved rims in the vehicle registration document, this information is not always complete. We explain the subtleties you should know when thinking about buying new rims.

  • 1 which rims am i allowed to drive?
  • 1.1 what does the KBA number on your rims mean??
  • 1.2 what is an ABE in relation to rims??

Which rims am i allowed to drive?

in principle, your vehicle documents state which rim sizes you are allowed to drive. You will find this information under item 22 in your vehicle registration document (registration certificate part I). Sometimes, however, this information is not complete. Then you should check the EC certificate of conformity, which is also called coc document (certificate of conformity). Furthermore, you may drive the rims for which there is an ABE, in which exactly your vehicle is named. The most important rim parameters are: offset, rim width, rim flange type, diameter, bolt circle and number of holes. A registration of your new rim is always necessary, if no suitable ECE-certificate or ECE-approval is available. No ABE is available for the rim (or. there your vehicle is not mentioned).

What does the KBA number mean for your rims??

The KBA number is a registration number at the federal motor vehicle authority in the format "KBA-4XXXX", which is cast into the rim. Rims that are not manufactured for sale in Germany do not always have such a KBA number (and there is then usually no ABE). A registration of rims without KBA number is necessary, you need an individual acceptance for example by the TuV or the dekra.



Polyneuropathy refers to various diseases in which several nerves of the peripheral nervous system are damaged. other names for polyneuropathy are peripheral neuropathy or peripheral polyneuropathy. Different symptoms can occur with this disease, depending on the damaged nerves. We explain the causes, the signs, the course of the disease and the treatment.

Table of contents

What is polyneuropathy?

Polyneuropathy is a disease of the peripheral nervous system. The peripheral nerves are located outside the central nervous system and thus outside the spinal cord and brain. They are located, for example, in the nerve roots on the side of the spine, but also in the skin and in the muscles. The peripheral nervous system also includes motor and sensory nerves, as well as nerves that play a role in the functions of internal organs. In polyneuropathy, nerve fibers are destroyed or damaged, which leads to a disturbance in the transmission of stimuli.


Usa: car plows into crowd at christmas parade “some fatalities”

It was supposed to be an idyllic pre-Christmas celebration and ended in a nightmare: an all-terrain vehicle steers into a street parade in a small town in the US state of wisconsin. Many of the reasons for the rampage are still unclear – now it is reported that the perpetrator is a US rapper. He is said to have already expressed frequent killing fantasies.

After the deadly incident at a Christmas parade in the U.S. state of wisconsin, a child has succumbed to his injuries. That’s what a prosecutor told a court hearing Tuesday, according to several U.S. media outlets. This brings to six the number of fatalities following Sunday’s incident. Among the dozens injured are several children.

The incident occurred in waukesha, a suburb of metropolitan milwaukee. The small town hosted the waukesha christmas parade on sunday afternoon (local time). The fatalities ranged in age from 52 to 81, police said. Investigators now rule out an act of terrorism.


Windows 11 autostart: remove applications and programs from autostart

No doubt, it can be useful to start some applications and programs with the autostart function at the same time as the computer is booting up. Finally, there are programs that you always use anyway. Sometimes applications creep into this process that are not wanted there at all. This can happen, for example, if an installation is carried out too quickly or the PC has been lavishly equipped with services by the dealer. However, we show you how you can remove annoying programs from the autostart under windows 11.

1. Possibility: this is how easy it is to remove programs from the autostart under windows 11 via the taskmanager

The access to many options and features has changed in comparison to windows 10 under windows 11. The autostart function is more or less unaffected. This means that you will find the settings where they were for the most part already to be found in the previous version of the operating system. So if you want to remove programs from the car startup, do the following:

  1. ÖFirst open the taskmanager. A small drawback at this point, you can’t open it under windows 11 with a right click on the taskbar anymore. But of course there are many ways of doing this. For example, instead of clicking on the taskbar, you can right-click on the start icon (window icon) in the taskbar and then navigate to the taskmanager.


Stops, starts, fcy etc.dtm explains the numerous rule changes for 2022

The DTM regulations have been fundamentally overhauled for 2022: what lies behind the partly surprising new features and why the pit stop dispute should be resolved

(motorsport-total.Com) – the DTM has significantly changed the regulations for the 2022 season. Aspects such as the rule in force since 2013 that no compulsory stop may be made during the safety car phase have been jettisoned. The pit stop window, the stop choreography and the starts have all been changed – and a full-course yellow phase, which the DTM has rejected for years, is now in the regulations for the first time (all changes in our photo track)

AF-Corse Ferrari driver Liam Lawson leads the field at the start of the 2021 Spielberg DTM race at the Red Bull Ring

The DTM enters its second GT3 season in 2022 with a number of rule changes zoom


Altium pcb autorouter addresses the weaknesses of automated routing tools

Enrutar pistas en su PCB es ese paso crItico durante el diseno que puede hacer o romper su dispositivo. Tambien puede ocupar mucho tiempo si su software de diseno no contiene las herramientas adecuadas de enrutamiento. Su software de diseno de PCB debe incluir herramientas de enrutamiento de alta precision disenadas para automatizar varias partes del proceso de enrutado. Las PCB avanzadas requieren las mejores herramientas automatizadas de enrutamiento, y sus herramientas automatizadas de enrutamiento deben mejorar su flujo de trabajo y asistirle en el diseno de PCB para cualquier aplicacion.

Altium PCB autorouter

A PCB design software package with the best automatic routing tools.


Traffic violations: higher fines, faster points

car drivers do not always form an escape lane. © dpa

Drivers are facing higher fines – and not only that: they must expect to receive a point for exceeding the speed limit by 16 km/h.

Now that the Bundesrat has approved the government’s road traffic amendment, motorists are facing some unpleasant changes. As soon as the changes have been published in the Federal Law Gazette, traffic violations will become significantly more expensive for you in some cases. Here is an overview of the most important changes.


Drive away martens – this is how you get rid of them

Stone martens, like many other so-called crop followers, like to colonize human dwellings. Especially in family homes in rural areas, the small predators seek shelter in the attic. And this does not remain without consequences: martens have strong teeth and can bite the insulation, leave unpleasant droppings and urine and are also especially at night a real noise pollution.

also cars offer the stone marten a comfortable shelter. But then it gets really dangerous: it’s child’s play for them to get into your car bite through cables and hoses. Strong and cost-intensive engine damage arise. Therefore you should pay attention to a marten-free and marten-safe home.

How can I drive away martens?

Before you marten proof your attic, the marten should be trapped. As the marten follows the hunting protection only a hunter can carry out this work. in addition to the hunting permit, he also brings the appropriate know-how with him. As a rule, he will set a marten trap with a bait.


Czech republic highway network and tolls in 2022

Western european standards are penetrating further and further east and have been shaping the traffic routes there for some time now. Consequently, the freeways in the nearby Czech Republic hardly differ from their German counterparts.

whether you are just passing through or planning a longer vacation in prague, nothing should go wrong when crossing the border. Actually everything here is routine. For international passenger traffic remains expressly desired within the EU.

In one respect, however, the regulations of our neighbors differ from the system we are used to in this country: instead of car tax, czech republic has freeway tolls. This generally applies to all routes. But of course there are several exceptions, especially for tourists in their own vehicles.