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Winter tires are a science in themselves. Depending on the type of vehicle (e.g. small car, sports car, SUV/off-road vehicle, van/transporter, etc.), winter tires are recommended.), the type of drive (front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive) and, last but not least, the geographical conditions and the individual type of use, the choice of the optimum winter tires can become an intensive task. The specialists at reifen24 or the workshop you trust will be happy to help you make the right choice.

important are not only the grip properties on wet, leaf-covered, icy and snow-covered roads, but also the much softer rubber compound compared to summer tires, which always provides optimum grip even at the lowest temperatures. That is why the use of winter tires is recommended above a certain temperature limit, even if weather conditions are not yet severe. A rough guide value for this is around 7 degrees celsius. If the thermometer falls below this value, summer tires can quickly reach their limits, as the comparatively hard rubber compound no longer provides sufficient grip. However, as outside temperatures can still fluctuate greatly in autumn and spring, it is simply advisable to adhere to the O to O rule.

Winter tires: workshop or change and store yourself?

every car driver should know it: the O to O rule. It states that winter tires should be fitted to the vehicle from october to easter. An easy-to-remember rule of thumb that can be used as a guide in germany. When the first leaves on the trees turn from lush green to the typical autumn colors, it’s time to take your vehicle to the workshop you trust. Many drivers also change their tires themselves, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive, but of course also results in a certain cost saving. The cost of a wheel change in the workshop can vary greatly. This already starts at the point, whether you go to an independent workshop or a contract workshop. Depending on the scope of the additional services booked (e.g. wheel balancing, tire pressure check, measurement of tread depth, storage of summer tires etc.) the price can rise quickly. Who has the necessary space to change his winter wheels or. summer tires themselves, and the necessary capacity to change the wheels themselves twice a year, should still pay attention to some important details. So the use of a torque wrench is strongly advised. Here you can find out in advance what torque you need for your steel or aluminum rims. Both too tight and too loose wheel bolts pose a high safety risk. At best, they only endanger the material. The correct storage of unused wheels is also relevant to safety and protects the material.


Indicator lights: their symbols and what they mean

Indicator lights in the vehicle serve to alert or warn the driver of a change or defect in the vehicle. Find out more here.

The color of the indicator light can give an indication as to whether immediate action is necessary or whether it is possible to continue the journey. the meaning of the car indicator lights can be taken from the manual of the respective vehicle. You can get an overview of the indicator lights here.

The light of the car inspection lamps usually only stops shining when the problem or the. The defect has been repaired or if a function has been deactivated.


How does the autofocus work?

here is a brief explanation of how the two common passive autofocus systems work. Passive means the camera does not send out a signal to measure the distance (ultrasound, infrared light). Instead, it adjusts the distance based on a phase comparison or contrast measurement.

phase comparison

At phase comparison (phase detection, phase shift, phase contrast, phase difference) parts of the subject are projected from the lens onto autofocus CCD image sensor pairs, a couple for each autofocus metering field. With the help of the signals of the partial image pairs, the camera calculates to which distance the lens should be set.

In a reflex camera, the mirror that reflects the image produced by the lens onto a matte screen lets some of the light through. Another mirror behind it (auxiliary mirror) redirects the transmitted light to the autofocus sensors in the camera bottom. On each autofocus sensor pair projects a small lens (microlens) the light from the same partial image coming from opposite sides of the lens.


Accident on the highway – how you should behave?

For drivers involved in an accident on the highway, specific rules of conduct apply. The highest priority is always your own safety. Afterwards, the accident site must be secured and injured persons must be helped.

If a traffic jam forms as a result of a freeway accident, an emergency lane must be formed. This is the only way for the emergency doctor and the police to reach the scene of the accident.

How to reduce the risk of a rear-end collision you will learn here.


What to do if the washing machine wobbles a lot

During the spin cycle, washing machines sometimes wobble violently back and forth photo: getty images

By laura graichen | 25. January 2022, 11:50 am

During the spin cycle of the washing machine, the water is pressed out of the textiles. However, it can happen that the machine wobbles strongly in the process. There are a number of possible causes.


Tuv sticker: how to read the date of the next main inspection

TuV-Plakette: How to read off the date of the next HU. MOT sticker: The year of the due date can be read from the color of the sticker and the two digits in the middle. (Source: dpa/tmn/Alexander Heinl)

The inspection sticker – also known as the TuV sticker – is always affixed to the rear license plate of the car and looks quite similar to the dial on a large wristwatch. With one difference – the digits run counterclockwise, i.e. to the left. The design is chosen so that representatives of the regulatory authorities can easily recognize, even from a distance, when the vehicle is due for the MOT.

TuV sticker: reading the year and month of the due date

The year in which the HU is due can be read from the two digits printed in the middle of the sticker. Example: a 21 in the inner circle means that the next inspection date for the main inspection is due in 2021.


The 10 most beautiful destinations in europe

Most beautiful vacation destinations in Europe

A road trip means freedom! After all, there is nothing better on a vacation in croatia than stopping off in a picturesque village or cruising along the adriatic sea to stroll along the dream beaches of splits, depending on your mood. Webuyacar.De has compiled the ten most beautiful vacation destinations in europe and calculated for you the financial outlay and the respective distances by car.

is the starting point to the most beautiful vacation destinations in europe berlinyour journey can begin!


Cancellation of the car purchase on the internet

–> by florian wehner – published on 5. December 2021
category: car purchase, contract of sale, traffic law, contract law

1. Buying a car on the internet

Over 6 million used vehicles are sold in germany every year. In the sale of used and new cars, the offer and sale via the Internet is playing an increasingly important role. However, many people only really start thinking about the (legal) particularities of a car purchase on the Internet when the purchase has already been made and is now to be reversed, for example because the buyer is not satisfied with the vehicle received or it has a defect.