Liquefied petroleum gas (lpg)

Gases to the OIL! Stations are handled on account and in the name of the respective gas suppliers. And that to high quality: to OIL! filling stations you can get for modern and powerful engines just as powerful fuels for every demand and for every requirement.

Autogas (LPG) quality

Fuels are standardized – thus also fulfilling the requirements of OIL! The fuels available at service stations meet all the requirements of current quality standards and EU environmental legislation. Autogas (LPG, from the english liquefied petroleum gas or GPL, from the French gaz de petrole liquefie) is a virtually sulfur-free liquid gas for vehicles with gasoline engines that have an LPG system. LPG consists mainly of butane and propane: ratio 95:5 to 30:70, generally as summer mixture 40:60 and as winter mixture 60:40 in the offer of the gas stations. The quality requirements for autogas/LPG are defined throughout europe in DIN EN 589 (or. oNORM EN 589 for Austria), which of course also applies to the autogas suppliers of the filling stations at OIL! Locations comply with. The octane number of LPG is around 110 octane.

Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)


World innovation z10 from jura for cold and hot coffee specialties

Z10 fully automatic coffee machine – image: jura

The youngest member of the legendary Z line from jura doubling the range of specialty coffees. At the touch of a button, the premium fully automatic machine prepares the entire range of hot coffees. In addition, the Z10 with cold-brew specialties for the first time a whole parallel universe of coffee enjoyment. In addition, the pioneering cold brew process and 3D brewing technology are used for the first time in the Z10.

The product recognizing grinder – P.R.G. -, which recognizes the selected specialty and adjusts the fineness of grind precisely to it in a flash, ensures a revelation of enjoyment that is second to none.


Opel mokka-e: leasing 169 euro/month gross (bafa-premium incl.)

Leasing offer in cooperation with sparneuwagen.De: opel mokka-e 100kw edition with up to 324 km range for private customers (display)

In cooperation with

Change over today and secure a compact electric SUV for 169 euros a month gross. for the money you get at meinauto the opel mokka-e 100kw edition in quarz silver metallic with great equipment. And if the equipment is not enough for you, you can extend it according to your needs.


Gas, bans, rules: driving in america

what was i thinking, did i even think about driving a car in america. Because when it comes to that, I’m a bit of a shithead. at home in the village, for example, i really like driving my manual car, i am used to my swift and have been driving very long distances with it for years. After all, I’ve had my driver’s license for a good ten years now. since i live in berlin – which is already an incredible six years – i drive less car of course. I don’t need it here, the traffic would only annoy me and the search for a parking space as well. That’s why I became a child of the public transport system, because the bus and train network is, of course, very well developed. things are quite different in america, of course, or rather in california. Before chiaras and my road trip i knew i couldn’t avoid driving a car. The ways are finally far and to be covered only by cart. The public network is almost non-existent and not very safe either. Everyone in L.A. Advises you not to take the metro, which only comes every half hour anyway, and if you’re unlucky, you’ll be robbed right away as an obvious tourist. From L.A. So the only way to get to san francisco and yosemite national park was by car.

Don’t get me wrong: such a road trip was on my bucket list for a long time, I find driving great. But still I had incredible respect for the whole thing. And also some panic. On my first trip to the USA in 2013 with toko, he did the driving and I was the bagel-smearing passenger. And damn good at my job. Now, in 2017, chiara and i have shared these two jobs. And looking back, I want to tell you all: it was a lot of fun. Driving in america is in my experience much more relaxed and pleasant, than in germany.


Classic car

Old love does not rust: at the sight of a polished classic car, our pulse also begins to race. We tell you what you should consider when registering a classic car.

Classic car
Classic car

  • TuV NORD classic car appraisal
  • 135 KB
  • PDF

Brochure with useful information: when is a car considered a classic car, when is a vehicle a "motor vehicle cultural asset"?, which conversions are recognized


Credit without schufa

If you want to take out a loan with a bank, you will hardly be able to avoid the schufa inquiry. Negative schufa entries lead to credit rejection in the vast majority of cases. At least the credit will be much more expensive.

  • Important distinction: the topic of credit and schufa usually leads to confusion. It makes a difference whether you are looking for a credit without schufa query or a credit without schufa entry.
  • Credit without schufa query: in the case of credit without schufa inquiry, the bank would grant you a credit without obtaining a schufa information for the decision. But this does not mean that the credit agreement is not reported to schufa.
  • credit without schufa entry: with a credit without schufa entry, the bank grants you a credit without this being reported to schufa. This is often the case with small loans. However, this does not mean that the bank does not check the schufa information in advance.

credit without schufa

schufa plays an essential role in the approval of loans.


Scrap tire disposal: free scrap tire disposal in cologne area

You are a tire dealer, operate a car repair shop or run a car dealership where large quantities of old car tires accumulate on a regular basis? Then you are certainly not for the first time in search of a free scrap tire disposal in the area. Moreover, you know that usually depending on the quality and number of pieces, costs for disposal arise.
So you are right to ask: how can turak tyres provide this service? free of charge offers?

By receiving the bad and good used tires: fair-trade

Free of charge through fair-trade

The fair-trade enables us to pass on the old car tires to car retreaders or to export them abroad for reuse. This not only makes economic sense, but also protects our environment. Otherwise it is not possible to offer the service for free. Because with the proceeds from the reuse we pay the costs that arise from the disposal of old tires. In this way, both parties benefit. True to the motto:


Safety notice for filling gas tank bottles at public gas stations

The gas appliances industry is always coming up with new products. One of these innovations are the so-called (mobile) gas cylinders or. fuel tanks that, according to the manufacturer, any user can refill independently at liquid gas stations.

Sounds like a good idea at first, but a closer look shows that there are some critical points to be noted here. This is how the german liquefied petroleum gas association e.V. (DVFG) has taken a clear position on this matter and last year pointed out very clearly that such filling is not permissible.

As a specialist dealer in gas products or. operators of a stationary gas filling plant and autogas station in bonn, we would like to pass on this important information – also against the background of increased customer demand – with this article (see z.B. See also our article on the subject of safety in gas appliances).