Viruses involved in autoimmune disease of the intestine

A group of researchers led by austrian cell biologist reinhard hinterleitner at the university of chicago has been able to show a link between the autoimmune disease celiac disease and a specific virus infection. the scientists’ findings raise hopes for a vaccination as a possible solution for the future.

Attack of the immune system on the intestine

Celiac disease is a chronic disease of the small intestine caused by the consumption of gluten-containing foods. gluten is a protein found in many cereals. Celiac disease, a special form of gluten intolerance, has the characteristics of both an allergy and an autoimmune disease, because the immune system attacks the body’s own intestines. Those affected react to gluten with digestive problems and severe inflammatory processes of the small intestine. Destruction of the intestinal epithelium can also be associated with it. Since this can lead to severe nutrient deficiencies and subsequently to anemia and osteoporosis, celiac patients must follow a strict gluten-free diet. The number of celiac diseases has risen massively in recent decades.


Quad test& comparison 2022

In the first part of this article you will find a specially created by us quad comparison and in the first part we inform if there is a quad test from major consumer magazines there. Have fun searching for the best quad!

  • you can choose between a quad for the road and a quad for off-road, here the tires are different
  • Think about who can drive the quad, because there are different models for children, teenagers and adults
  • note that you need a road registration and a driver’s license if you want to ride the quad on the road
  • We definitely recommend choosing a model that has numerous, positive customer reviews
  • Pay attention to the performance of the quad, as well as a high quality workmanship and solid tires with if necessary. all-wheel drive
  • choose the right equipment for your quad, for example a helmet

In our video you will learn what to look for when buying a quads.

If you do not have time to read the entire article, you can also look directly at this recommended quad at amazon:


Quality management at an automotive supplier

The analysis of field feedback forms the basis for a reliable assessment of the endurance quality of products and processes in practical use. Predictions of future field failures derived from this also create the basis for realistic spare parts planning. In addition, this data is used to evaluate the effectiveness of improvement measures introduced.

Picture 1. Huf hulsbeck& furst develops and produces mechanical and electronic locking systems, tire pressure monitoring solutions and telematics systems for the automotive industry all over the world.


Van and minibus hire in munich

Since the driver’s cabin of the transporter offers space for two other people, you do not drive your freight alone through the area.

Our carl needs diesel. We fill the tank before you pick up the van, and you fill it up again before you bring it back to us.

winterized M+S tires are obligatory for all carls from october to easter.


What is an automatic watch?

A mechanical watch is made up of 5 core areas, which we will now look at in a little more detail.

  1. Energy

The energy source of the watch consists of a spring and a winding mechanism. By winding the spring or turning the crown – it will be wrapped around the spring core. When the spring is released, it gives energy to the gear train. The fulcrum in the middle of this picture transmits the energy to the wheels.

  1. wheels

What Is A Self Winding Watch


Lower, faster, wider – tips for car tuning

Had you known? The VW beetle was one of the first tuned cars. While the main aim in the 1950s was to get more engine power out of the cars, from the 1970s onwards they were also given a facelift. And even today, many people don’t want an off-the-shelf car, but something individual and eye-catching. cornering predator thanks to sport suspension or the famous "evil eye" with new headlights? Almost anything is possible in car tuning. But is everything allowed? The dos and don’ts of car tuning. We clarify.

Sebastian’s BMW is his pride and joy. Two years ago he bought the 3-series coupe, year of construction 2011, used and was happy as can be. Until he discovers tuned versions of his model online for the first time.
Next to it, his seems almost a bit boring. Maybe he could also freshen up his car a bit? Sebastian orders a tuning catalog and is amazed at what is possible, from improved driving characteristics to a refined look.

What is possible in car tuning?

Engine tuning

Anything that subsequently increases power or efficiency is called engine tuning. If the focus is on fuel-saving properties, this is referred to as eco-tuning.
Sports exhaust systems, for example, ensure that exhaust gases escape evenly and quickly. Sports rear mufflers, on the other hand, provide a more powerful sound pattern.


Close programs and shut down windows pc automatically

Everything related to the consumption of resources when working with our PC is one of the issues we consider the most today. All this depends to a great extent on the programs we run all the time. For this reason it is so important to close those that we do not need. We will help you do this, ie automate the closing of programs on the computer.

On top of all that we comment on the power consumption of desktop computers is also added, especially if we talk about laptops. Here, autonomy is a key element for the smooth functioning of our team. In this sense, we can take certain measures, e.g. B. Put the computer to sleep, reduce the screen brightness or not run applications that consume a lot of power.


Fitting bumper guards in the garage – how to protect your car from paint damage

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Who doesn’t know this: it has to be done quickly and the car door slams against the wall. Or else the car bumps slightly in the front. This can happen even to the best parker sometimes. And of course people who own a car with park distance control. But if you now think that this is only a problem for women, then you are very much mistaken. Even the lords of creation are not immune to such minor mishaps.