Road traffic rules ten things drivers should know

Road traffic rules ten things drivers should know

if a motorist without a child uses a mother-child parking space, he or she can expect to get into trouble with the parking lot operator. – © photo: matthias buehner/fotolia

  • The biggest mistakes in road traffic

Drivers are constantly exposed to new situations in road traffic. Questions often arise as to what is and what is not permitted. However, this is not always clear. Drivers should know these ten things:

Are men also allowed to use women’s parking spaces??

There are often women’s parking spaces in parking garages near the exits. Many male drivers wonder whether it is forbidden to park their car there. However, from a purely legal point of view it does not matter who parks there. Despite signs to the contrary, men do not have to fear a warning or a fine according to road traffic regulations. You still have to expect consequences. The private parking operator can demand that the driver move his car.


Current value car: difference between replacement cost and market value

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Valuation of a vehicle: time and replacement value

Anyone who wants to buy or sell a car on the used car market knows the problem of the: what is a fair purchase price for a passenger car? Especially after years of wear and possible accident, this question seems very difficult to answer.

The valuation of a vehicle is not only important in the purchase process. In the event of a accident for example, you need the time value for the determination of the damage compensation amount.


Compulsory winter tires

Winter is a rather slippery affair for many motorists. There is one issue that cannot be avoided every year: winter tires. When should they be fitted, which tires may be used?? Is there a winter tire obligation in germany? We have summarized some information for you on the subject of winter tires.

Only with good winter tires and sufficient tread depth can you drive safely through snow and icy roads.


Winter tires: when you should change them at the latest?

When the first wet and cold nights appear in the fall, car drivers think about the upcoming tire change. Whether the winter tires still have enough tread depth, when you should have changed them at the latest and how it was again with the winter tire obligation – we clarify the most important questions about the winter tire change.

Why should tires be changed?

Driving safety changes considerably when temperatures drop below 7°C at night, because summer tires harden immensely above this limit. This leads to decreasing static friction of the wheels. At 5°C, for example, the braking distance at a speed of 90 km/h can be five meters longer than at an outside temperature of 20°C.

When should tires be changed?

When it comes to the right time to start driving with winter tires, the O-rule is often used as a donkey bridge: "from O to O".“ this means that you should follow the two O’s in the annual calendar – october and easter – and drive with winter tires from october to easter. This is the period when weather-related problems such as the first snow, icy roads and temperatures around freezing point are most likely to occur, and when the use of winter tires can be advantageous.


Car purchase contract

to make sure your car sale or purchase goes smoothly: here you will find all the information and a sample PDF for a car sales contract.

Car sales contract

A car purchase contract creates clear agreements between seller and buyer. Z. B. the condition of the vehicle is accurately recorded. You can read about the points a vehicle sales contract should contain and what the seller and buyer need to bear in mind here in the guidebook. To make the car sale or purchase easier for you, you will find a car sales contract as a PDF at the end of the article.


Cancellation of a car loan& leasing

Due to errors in the cancellation conditions, consumers can still cancel credit and leasing contracts many years after the contract was concluded, even after the car has been sold and in the case of loans that have been paid off. We explain how you can get your money back with the so-called revocation joker and check free of charge and without obligation whether a revocation is possible.

Revocation car loan& leasing – here’s how you can pull the revocation joker.

Banks have not taken the necessary care in drafting the contracts for car loans and leasing agreements. If a revocation instruction does not meet the legal requirements, a loan agreement can be revoked for an unlimited period of time, even many years after it was signed. With rulings from the european court of justice (dated 09.09.2021, az. C-33/20, C-155/20 and C-187/20, and from 26.03.2020, az. C-66/19) and the German Federal Court of Justice (of 27.10.2020, az. XI ZR 498/19) is clear: customers can revoke car loan agreements in which the bank or savings bank has deviated from the statutory model of the revocation instruction for years after the conclusion of the agreement. We have found a wide variety of errors in the loan agreements of almost all car banks. Buyers who sell their car after the 10. June 2010 with a loan arranged by the dealer If you have financed the purchase, you may revoke the loan without any time limit. Because a jointly concluded purchase and loan agreement is a related transaction, the purchase agreement is also rescinded together with the loan revocation. The consequence of a successful recall is: you get back the down payment and the installments and in return you give back the car.

Eugh-judgment allows revocation of consumer contracts – even after the sale of the car and with paid-off loans

The European Court of Justice ruled on 09.09.2021 ruled that the clauses used by german banks in loan agreements are defective and that consumers have had to cancel their loan agreements with the conclusion of the contract for 10.06.2010 can still revoke today. the proceedings also involved a submission on the revocation of a car loan against volkswagen bank, which our law firm had obtained before the ravensburg district court. Our proceedings were combined with two other proceedings by the eugh, so that the eugh also ruled on proceedings against skoda bank and BMW bank gmbh.


Change car insurance: when is it possible and how??

A new vehicle, a changed life situation or the desire to save money: there are many reasons to change your car insurance. But when is a change possible or. Meaningful? Are there special cancellation periods? What about a special right of termination and how exactly does a motor vehicle termination actually work?? This article clarifies. Also good to know: what to look out for when looking for a new insurance provider?

car insurance: when is a change possible??

In principle, it is possible to change car insurance at four different points in time:


Validity ends! When do i have to exchange the driver’s license?

8 min all old driver’s licenses must be exchanged by 2033 at the latest – which expiration date applies to you and what to bear in mind when exchanging them

*information about the calculation example "from 8,63 €/ month": calculation example for: smart fortwo 1.0 coupe (HSN: 1313, TSN: AHM), owner-financed, initial registration 2015, year of purchase: 2015, registered in zip code: 26871 (papenburg), mileage: 5.000 km/year, use: exclusively private, owner: VN, driver: VN (age 54 years/driver’s license since 36 years) and further driver (age 52 years/driver’s license since 34 years), employed, no residential property, parking place: street, married, SF-class KH/ VK: SF 36 / SF 36 excess VK/ TK: 500/ 150 €, no pre-damages, payment: yearly direct debit, workshop binding, insurance start: 05.01.2021, tariff incl. Fully comprehensive insurance, classic product line. The 8,63 €/ month refers to the calculated annual premium of 103,60 €, which was broken down to 12 months. Status: 2021

Why do driver’s licenses have to be exchanged??

The aim of the large-scale exchange campaign is to issue uniform driver’s licenses to all EU citizens. This is provided for in an amendment passed on 19. EU Directive (2006/126/EC) that came into force on January 1, 2013. By 2033 at the latest, all old driver’s licenses issued before that date must be exchanged. The new plastic documents are equipped with security features that make forgery more difficult. In addition, all driver’s licenses are recorded in a database, which is intended to prevent misuse.

With the uniform driver’s license, an expiration date was also introduced. Driving licenses issued from 2013 onwards now have a validity period of only 15 years, after which they must be renewed. This ensures that all driver’s licenses have a photo and personal data that are as up-to-date as possible. Until 2013, driver’s licenses were valid for an unlimited period.