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classic car insurance: the best way to insure your classic car

insuring classic cars – a topic that probably concerns every car owner. after all, insurance should be a perfect fit for you and your vehicle. In our classic car insurance you can choose between three tariff options: classic car partial cover, fully comprehensive or all-risk insurance. optional: liability insurance and other extras round off the classic car insurance. just try it out: you can calculate a non-binding offer online. You have a question about classic car insurance? We advise you gladly to the optimal protection of your oldtimer. In addition, you will find here a lot of information about the enthusiast vehicle and the oldtimer insurance.

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Installing a subwoofer in a car – what you need to consider

Loud and thumping basses can also provide entertainment during car journeys. So-called subwoofers, which provide that background sound, have been around for a long time – even for your own car body. A subwoofer is basically a loudspeaker that amplifies sound in the low frequencies. It is also called bass speakers or low frequency speakers.Before buying, however, it is important to consider important points – including the model and the costs.

Such audio systems can often be admired at trade shows. – pixabay / ozharte


Car rental in crete

Crete is the largest island in greece and that is why renting your own car is not a bad idea for vacationers. Especially if you do not want to book tours from different providers, a rental car can be advantageous for exploring the island. So, with your rental car in crete, a good guidebook and a map, you can set out to discover the island. Having a car on vacation is more comfortable and faster than any other means of transportation. We ourselves have travelled with the here you can get to our report.

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Why book a rental car in crete?

It often happens that the most beautiful beaches are further away from the inhabited hotel. This would not be a problem for example with a rental car. There are many places of interest in crete that are easily accessible by bus or tour operators. However, it can often be more expensive than having your own car. In addition, the duration of the trip is usually much longer. If the large groups of tourists cannot gather at the appointed time, there are always delays. If you value your precious vacation time, you should rent a car in crete especially for this reason. Vacations are for relaxing and recharging your batteries, not for being robbed of your last remaining nerve.


Prices in tourist places are often related to the tourist season. So if you fly to crete in high season and want to rent a car, you must also consider all the costs involved. But already in the middle season the prices decrease up to 50%. I would also recommend that if you are going to be on vacation in Crete for a longer period of time, i.e. more than 2-3 days, it is worthwhile to rent a car in Crete because of the long booking discount. Even if you don’t want to use the car on some days because you want to rest in the hotel complex, you should still book it. The longer you book, the cheaper the price will be. The handing over of the keys at the airport of chania or heraklion or at the hotel belongs to the free service, on which the inhabitants of crete set a high value, so that the guest feels at home. As a rule, the price per day for the smallest category of rental car is 25 – 40 euros. This price changes depending on the duration of the rental and the season.


Martens in the house and on the car: this is how to drive the animals away effectively

Marten in the house and on the car: How to drive away the animals effectively. Marten: Usually, a marten in the house is not noticeable at first, because the animals only become active at night. (Source: imago images/blickwinkel)

Although they are wild animals, martens occur in the midst of the big city. Here, the animals, which are barely the size of a cat, cause some trouble, as they spread out on the upper floors of the house and cause damage to the roof trusses and insulation. But no matter how much the uninvited guests rage: the normal homeowner is not allowed to trap or even kill martens.

Are martens dangerous to your health?

Most of the time, you don’t notice a marten in the house at first, because the animals sleep in their hiding places during the day and only become active at night. Crawling noises and a rumbling in the attic can be signs of a marten infestation or a raccoon infestation in the house. Furthermore, feces and urine traces and remains of carrion indicate a marten. If a marten infestation goes unnoticed for a long period of time, the smell of feces and decay spreads throughout the house. In addition, the marten’s carrion attracts flies and other pests.


Greece car hire, insider tips

Taking your own car or motorhome to greece:

As we entered greece with a motorhome on our first trip to greece, we did not need to rent a car for greece until our last trips to rhodes, samos, kos, corfu or crete.

For a vacation with your own motorhome, you should join a car club before the trip, which provides for any spare parts to be procured or for a return transport of the vehicle in case of engine damage.

In addition, it can be advantageous if you also take out a foreign damage travel insurance, because even if you are not at fault in an accident, this insurance pays for costs incurred such as loss of use, interest and compensation for expenses. Foreign insurances do not have to reimburse these costs as we do.


Calculate leasing factor as a comparative indicator

The leasing factor is now the established comparative value for leasing offers. This is how all major leasing portals use it to make special deals look objectively cheap. On deal sites it has long been the relevant code number for the users. In this article you will learn how to calculate the calculate leasing factor, what it is and how to interpret it. We also offer a convenient online calculator to.

Leasing factor online calculator

Calculate the factor of your offer with this calculator:

You need the following information:


Auto leasing germany site:*.de

Calculate your rate for the EQS now.

Leasing products

Your leasing options at a glance.

With an EQC lease you stay at the pulse of time. Because you can enjoy the innovative features of the Mercedes you want – and switch to a newer model at the end of the contract term. With standard leasing and service leasing, the mercedes-benz group offers you two attractive leasing products. Also included in every lease: cost transparency through consistent rates, GAP undercoverage protection and residual value guarantee.


Classic car insurance

The liability insurance is compulsory in germany for every registered motor vehicle. It pays in case of an accident caused by you for damages caused to others. gothaer oldtimer insurance compensates for personal injury, property damage and financial losses up to a lump sum of 100 mio. Euro. Personal injury is covered up to 15 million euros within the scope of this sum insured. Euro per damaged person replaced.

theft, especially by theft and robbery, is insured.

Accidents, also self-inflicted


Hire-purchase, leasing or purchase – how you finance excavators, transporters and co. Clever financing

When it comes to replacing expensive vehicles, expanding the fleet or adapting to technological standards, companies are faced with high costs. There are many ways to manage these costs. But what really matters to companies is how quickly they can use the vehicle. Reasons that supposedly speak in favor of purchasing and against leasing and hire-purchase at this point are the confusing leasing landscape and lack of information. However, aspects such as time savings and the idea of ownership also speak in favor of purchasing at first glance. But with an immediate purchase, the vehicle is capitalized on the buyer’s balance sheet, liquidity is suddenly reduced and the possibility of returning the vehicle – as is the case with leasing – does not exist.

Hire-purchase, leasing or purchase: in the following, we show you why leasing and hire-purchase offers via FM leasing partners are more advantageous than purchase and what costs you should reckon with.