Volvo’s life-saving invention celebrates its birthday

No invention has had such a lasting impact on the automotive industry as the safety belt. The idea, which took shape in 1930, is still in use today. And will most likely be indispensable in the future as well.

Seat belt as a life saver

experts estimate that more than one million people owe their health or even their lives after a car accident to the three-point safety belt, an invention by volvo. This very invention is now celebrating its 60th anniversary. In germany the rescue potential of this belt was presented for the first time at the IAA 1959. This had the sense to popularize this innovative potential even faster. The release of the patent to the general public also contributed to the rapidly growing popularity of the product. At the same time also contributed to the general traffic safety. Two flights at one go, so to speak.



Alcohol and driving do not go together! those who consume alcoholic beverages and still get behind the wheel endanger themselves and other road users: even small amounts alter perception, information processing and the ability to act. A reduction in visual performance already sets in from 0.2 per mille, moving light sources (e.g., sunlight) can be dangerous. B. Other cars) can no longer be perceived so well. At the same time, reaction times increase. Attention, concentration, critical faculties and judgment decline and the willingness to take risks increases.

Legal consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol

Ban on alcohol for novice drivers

Absolute ban on alcohol for drivers under 21 and novice drivers during their probationary period! Violation of the zero blood-alcohol limit carries the following penalties:

  • Post-training seminar/retraining with costs of at least 200 euros
  • Extension of the probationary period
  • fine usually 250 euro
  • 1 point in the central traffic register

From 0.3 per mille

If the driver shows signs of unsafe driving and causes an accident, he or she faces the following penalties:


Protection for motorhomes: which automobile club offers more??

Motorhome cover – which motoring club offers the most??

Whether it’s a breakdown or sudden illness on vacation: the letters of protection from the automobile clubs promise help in many emergencies. Promobil has compared the offers of five german clubs.

flat tire, engine failure, wild accident: the pleasure of traveling in a motorhome sometimes ends very abruptly. If you are stranded on the side of the road, the only option is usually an emergency breakdown service or a tow truck – which can be expensive. An effective way to keep the financial damage manageable is to take out a protection policy, as offered by the automobile clubs.

Cover policies include a wide range of benefits

In addition to roadside assistance, towing service and the procurement of spare parts abroad, cover is also provided in the event of medical emergencies or the loss of documents or keys. In the table starting on page 74, we have compared the cover offered by five automobile clubs – sorted by vehicle and personal benefits. To ensure comparability, we have taken the cheapest cover with europe-wide coverage in each case.


Private sale on the internet exclude liability as a seller

Selling on the internet: platforms like ebay make it easy and fast to turn old treasures into money. but private sellers run the risk of being held liable for material defects. © getty images / uwe umstaetter, screenshot stiftung warentest (M)

On ebay or in online classifieds you can get rid of old things. We explain to private sellers how to exclude liability with correct private sale clauses.


Are there child seats for children over 36 kg??

How do I secure my child in the car if it weighs more than 36 kg?? May it still sit in a follow seat?

As group 2/3 following seats (with backrest) is called the last level of child seats. children change into these seats before they no longer need a child seat. Most of them are approved in accordance with ECE R44/04, which actually limits their use to children with a body weight of 15 kg to 36 kg limited, because strictly speaking, these child car seats are only approved up to a maximum weight of 36 kg. This affects not only the seats with backrests, but also the seat cushions and the seat cover. booster seats.

Again and again, concerned parents ask us how they should secure a child who weighs more than 36 kg, but is still child seat obligation ig is. We would like to explain this in this article.

What do the road traffic regulations say about the safety of children over 36 kg??

In germany, the following applies to children up to 150 cm in height or a age of 11 the compulsory child seat. It ends, if the child is under 150 cm tall, with the 12. Birthday. This is precisely regulated in the road traffic regulations and applies for the first time to all children without exception. Only when a child reaches the 150 cm or the 12. If a child has reached the age of 18, it no longer needs a child seat by law:


What to do about moisture in the car? The best tips from professionals

Water and car are not natural friends. Short circuits, rust and unsightly stains are often the result of major water damage. But even in small amounts, moisture is not conducive to a long life of the vehicle. Basically, ventilation, air conditioning and invisible drainage channels in the car body ensure that the interior of the vehicle always stays dry. However, these measures can be rendered ineffective by a blockage or defect.

In this article you will learn what you can do effectively against moisture in the vehicle interior, what possibilities there are for prevention and also the best-known home remedies against moisture in the vehicle we will present to you.


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