On the rental car ruling by the olg frankfurt : liability for a cardinal breach of duty through no fault of one’s own must be able to be excluded

On the rental car ruling by the OLG frankfurt : liability for a cardinal breach of duty through no fault of one's own must be able to be excluded

A defective car, a terrible accident, compensation for pain and suffering – the sense of justice may be in favor of the rental car ruling by the Frankfurt Higher Regional Court. Legally, however, the situation is not so clear-cut, says patrick ostendorf.

Civil court rulings on liability issues are rarely picked up by the daily press, especially when it is "only" the case a decision by a higher court is at issue. Recently, however, a ruling by the higher regional court (OLG) of frankfurt (urt. V. 30.12.2021, az. 2 U 28/21), which was imposed on the customer of a rental car company for a traffic accident with tragic consequences caused by defects in the rental car.A. Compensation for pain and suffering in the amount of 90.000 euro awarded.


Should you use air conditioning all year round??


What is the reason for not using the air conditioner in your car all year round?? Are additional costs actually incurred due to higher energy consumption, or are these costs offset by fewer repairs??

Every year, before the cold season begins, many drivers ask themselves the following question. Many car owners are uncertain and fear high additional costs due to year-round use of the air conditioning system. When assessing the personal user profile and the associated utilization of the system, various points play a role.


Regularly clean and disinfect the air conditioning system in the car

Have the car air conditioner cleaned

An air conditioning system in the vehicle is a real boon, especially on hot summer days. It is also an important tool for removing moisture from the vehicle interior to the outside. But even an air-conditioning system needs regular care, maintenance and cleaning. This article will tell you how best to carry out this cleaning.

How does an air conditioning system in a car actually work??

Before you start cleaning or disinfecting. When it comes to disinfecting the air-conditioning system, it is important to understand how it actually works. We would like to explain this in the following section.


The barclays installment loan

You can regularly discover particularly favorable conditions 3 in the barclays app and in online banking, and apply for them in just a few steps using your smartphone.

Extended right of cancellation

With barclays, you have more certainty in your decision thanks to an extended right of cancellation of 8 weeks instead of the statutory 14 days.

With immediate payoff

If you complete all the application steps digitally, the loan amount can be paid out immediately on the next bank working day.


Panasonic sd-zb2512kxe breadmaker – comparison test

Panasonic SD-ZB2512KXE breadmaker - comparison test

The high quality panasonic SD-ZB2512KXE breadmaker is suitable for all bread lovers who like to have a fresh loaf integrated into their daily eating habits. This appliance allows the user to enjoy different types of baked goods without any worries, because the baking machine has numerous programs that also allow you to make cakes. But before passionate bakers consider buying a machine, they should think about the different variants and the additional functions of the devices.

Today’s bread makers, thanks to their easy operation, allow the safe and clean preparation of many types of bread. the aim of the machine is not only to offer the connoisseur delicious breads, but also to take away the laborious preparation of the different types of pastries.

versatile programs and clever additional functions make the panasonic breadmaker indispensable

This high quality appliance has 18 different bread baking programs. Gourmets who prefer mediterranean cuisine can enjoy the new "mediterranean gourmet bread" function. Gourmets who long for the good old days, when they enjoyed their carefree childhood, can reminisce about their happy memories while enjoying the new "rustic sourdough bread" program. The makers of this bread machine have also thought about those who have little time. the manufacturers have developed a program that enables fast bread baking. Other bread varieties that hobby bakers can prepare with the help of this automatic bread maker include:


More energy from the molecule of youth: nad+

Young man lying in a hammock on the beach

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Unrestrained energy, full performance capacity, slow aging – who wouldn’t want their own body to feel as vital throughout their life as that of a child running light-footed across the summer meadow while playing soccer?? The latest studies and therapies could make everyone happy who wants to experience this feeling again on a regular basis. We are talking about the NAD+ molecule.


Advisor car: driver’s license exchange – from pink rag to eu driver’s license

Anyone still driving with a gray or pink paper driver’s license will sooner or later have to part with it. The exchange to the credit card format is obligatory – for some earlier, for others later.

The background is an EU directive that Germany is now implementing. Until 19 at the latest. January 2033 all licenses issued before mid-January 2013 must be exchanged. Depending on the year of birth of the owner or the year of issue of the document, many licenses have to be exchanged sooner.


Selling instead of buying – and the kruse surprise in the evening

sell instead of buy sell instead of buy – and the cruse surprise in the evening

dusseldorf – erling haaland was the most mentioned name in transfer rumors these days. he stays with borussia dortmund? Or does he go? And where? Real madrid? Paris saint-Germain? Manchester united?

The fact that the norwegian goal machine dominated the headlines in the winter transfer window is telling. Is it with him, nevertheless, at most about a change in the summer.