Child seat in the car: regulations, function, instructions

fines catalog: children transported in the car without a suitable seat

violation fine in euro points in flensburg
a child transported in a car without a child seat 30
several children transported in the car without a child car seat 35
transporting a child in a car without any safety device (disregarding the child seat and seat belt regulations) 60 1
several children transported in the car without any safety device (disregard of the child seat and seat belt obligation) 70 1

Up to what age do children have to use a special car seat??

Whether it’s a short trip to the nearest supermarket or a drive of several hours on the autobahn – whenever they having a child in the car with you, you should make sure that this is sufficiently secured. One of these is to ensure that the child is wearing a seat belt. On the other hand, they are also obliged to keep the child in the car to be transported in a suitable child car seat.


Navigation devices comparison 2021 and rate giver

Whereas not so long ago maps were still used for navigation, today navigation devices are primarily used. The small devices make it easy to find almost any destination.

The selection of a suitable navigation system is not quite so problem-free. This is mainly due to the large selection and the countless providers.

We would like to remedy this with this article. Here on this page we explain what else you need to look for when buying a navigation system besides the screen size, the map updates and the brand. We also answer frequently asked questions, such as: "how much does a navigation device cost??".


Top#10: buy seat covers (comparison 2022)

protection and comfort for car seats – the car seat cover guidebook

Nationwide, the car is the most popular mode of transport. Whether on the way to the swimming pool or to work, Germans prefer to use their own cars as a means of transport. Daily use naturally leads to wear and tear, which is not only noticeable in the function and safety of the vehicle, but also visually, on the car seats. They become unsightly and can sometimes even show signs of wear and tear. To prevent this and to increase seat comfort, you can stretch car seat covers over the car seats. In our guide, we tell you how to recognize good seat covers and what is important when buying them.

Comfort and protection through car covers

Car seat covers serve two purposes: they increase seat comfort and keep car seats free of dirt and wear marks. However, it is often the case that car seat covers only fulfill one primary purpose, i.e. the more the seat cover is designed for the primary purpose, the less it fulfills the secondary purpose. In order to better understand the context, we will introduce you to the two different types of seat covers.

Comfortable car covers

With comfortable seat covers, the primary purpose is mainly seat comfort. These covers are often softly padded and made of a pleasant material. In the category of comfortable seat covers therefore often fall the lambskin seat cover or other car skins as well as leather car seat covers. In addition, comfortable seat covers protect against dirt, but in most cases they are not water and oil resistant, which makes them completely unsuitable as workshop protectors. Due to the visually appealing design, they are ideal for permanent use.


Glowing golf balls – practical fun

The beautiful glowing golf balls are visible even in poor lighting conditions. There are different types of balls that shine, such as z.B. LED light balls, balls that charge with uv light and balls with glow sticks.

Sometimes you’re so busy doing your best that you forget golf is just a game at the end of the day. And games are supposed to be fun. It’s good to take a step back now and then and forget all the mechanics and decorum that take up so much of your golfing life.

But how to do it? night gulf is an excellent option. It’s fun and relaxing, but you can also work on your game.


Polishing headlights: the big guide

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about polishing headlights. Most car headlights are made of plastic. Due to the constant heat of the bulbs and the subsequent cooling, the glass of the headlight is heavily stressed over time. Over time, this causes the headlight to become milky or dull.

Our recommendations

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manufacturer presto colormatic 3M
clear coat included
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However, contrary to what most people think, this is not just a cosmetic defect, but a serious safety aspect that should not be neglected under any circumstances. If a headlamp is matt, the light emission will be affected immensely! This is usually very noticeable when you are driving at night and may even have bad or old bulbs mounted. By the milky or scratched headlights could possibly, also other road users are dazzled. It is even possible that you do not get a TuV sticker at the main inspection!


Car tires

The tire width must be in line with the rim used and indicates how wide a tire is. The vehicle registration document of each car also shows the maximum permitted width of the tire strip.

The tire aspect ratio indicates the ratio of tire height to tire width. The tire aspect ratio is given in percent.

The rim diameter is a value which is measured between the rim shoulders and given in inches. This is used to calculate the inner diameter of the tire used.


What is home automation: the guide to the smart home

Today there is a lot of talk mart at home and there are offers everywhere for home automation systems can turn our home into a smart home. But what actually is home automation? What advantages can a smart home offer in everyday life?? To have adequate answers to these questions, we need to take a step back and first understand what home automation means.

What is home automation

The meaning of home automation can be derived from the origin of the word, that is, the union of the latin term "domus, which means home, and the Greek suffix "ticos," which refers to the application disciplines. So it’s a question of technologies for the home, managed by a home automation system that connects them to each other and allows the owner to monitor them even remotely through a digital interface or voice control systems that have recently become very successful on the market. With home automation, you can significantly increase the performance and capabilities of the various systems present in the home. Optimization of consumption and allow theintegration of various functions such as control, comfort, security, energy saving and communication, all managed by a single home automation control device.


Painting the headlights: are changes to the headlights allowed?

Are you allowed to paint headlights or taillights black??

sanding and painting headlights: is it legal??

In tuning, hardly any vehicle part remains untouched. Whether on the chassis, the body, or the wheels, purely technical modifications are possible everywhere. So it is hardly surprising that also the headlights become an object of individualization desire by tuners from all over the world.