How can you finance a car as a trainee??

Often the workplace is only difficult to reach by public transport. Not all towns and cities are well connected in terms of transport. the commute to work by public transport often takes a while twice as long like a car trip with parking space search.

Do I need my own car?

In big cities with few parking possibilities and much traffic jams one may still prefer public transport, but what if the workplace is quite remote??


How to sell a financed car?

The convertible is too impractical or the small car is no longer big enough for the family – if you want to sell a financed car, there are a few things you need to consider. With an earmarked car loan, the car remains the property of the bank during the repayment period. We show you how best to proceed with the sale.

The type of financing affects the sale of the car

When it comes to car financing, there are different options that have an impact on the subsequent sale of the vehicle:


How to get your mega favorable car loan&

You have your sights set on a new dream car? but at the moment you do not have enough money to pay for it completely out of your own pocket? No problem! Whether it’s a new or used car, there are usually plenty of low-cost financing options for cars. Why this is so, which credit suits you well and what you should pay attention to, you will learn here!

Your benefits at MONETOS


What is the cost of a good child seat?

Teddy in child seat - safety

As with many other products, the price of the child seat also varies . From about. from 50 euros to a few hundred euros, there are various models to buy. The price depends on many factors. The decisive factor, however, is which quality& equipment, as well as which manufacturer and seating group is preferred. Many parents, unfortunately, tend to look too much at the price. But you should never save at the wrong end.

New parents in particular are often faced with the problem "which child seat is best for your child". It is therefore all the more important to know what to look for when buying or what to look out for in general.


What does car tuning cost??

A nice car is something special. The typical vehicle from the assembly line is tuned to a real unique, which not only attracts attention, but often drives much better.

But in terms of cost, tuning is the rule and not the exception. Like all other work on and in the car, tuning measures cost a lot of money, especially since not all of them can be done by yourself. But how can the work be financed? Is there any savings potential or ways to borrow money at short notice for a special bargain?? This article looks under the hood at tuning costs.


Earn money with sticker on car.

Earn money with sticker on car.

W e are always looking for vehicle surfaces to be covered with advertising stickers. It is about real estate with a very high rental income, as an alternative investment to bank products. For the provision of your vehicle surface (side doors, rear window), you will receive the chance of an extremely attractive remuneration. This can be up to several thousand euros additional income for you in the year!

Because we pay you a very generous commission for every customer contact mediated via your sticker that leads to a contract being concluded via an "interest house" leads. In this way, you not only create a great income opportunity for yourself, but also help others to find a very good investment.


Offenburg, we buy your car!

The fastest way to sell your car in offenburg: we buy your car! Take advantage of our service at autohaus linck – we reliably evaluate the car and, if desired, buy it directly at the top price. The entire transaction takes only a few hours. you can also do the valuation online – in 3 easy steps.

We buy your car offenburg, it is called, our practical service that we have optimized for our customers. Have your car valued online, then make an appointment with us and we buy your car.

We buy your car guaranteed if you want us to do so

You can first have your car appraised online using our we buy your car offenburg tool.


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