Wifi speakers, battery-powered vacuum cleaners and co. Stiftung warentest tests everyday products for the home office

Monthly products of all kinds will be tested. at the beginning of the year it’s all about fitness equipment, spring cleaning equipment and portable speakers.

Since the start of the corona pandemic, many people are more at home. Of course, more dirt accumulates and the vacuum cleaner has to be used again and again. But only very few people find this activity enjoyable. With a battery-powered hand vacuum cleaner this problem is history.


Which corona rules are now in effect in hamburg? The big overview

Vaccination status: when am I considered fully vaccinated or recovered??

Previously, a double mrna vaccination with moderna, biontech and astrazeneca vaccines was considered complete vaccine protection. With the introduction of booster vaccination, this definition has changed. Health Minister karl lauterbach (SPD) explained in an interview with bams: "a complete vaccination consists of three doses." this means that only boosted individuals are now considered fully protected. according to the robert Koch institute (RKI), persons who have received two doses of vaccine have a so-called basic immunization.

The great exception johnson& johnson is no longer an exception as a result of the new rules. Previously, people who had received one dose of the vaccine were considered fully vaccinated, with a further dose of vaccine by moderna or biontech they were considered boosted. This has changed, because now you also need to put the johnson& johnson vaccine double dose mrna. For people who have previously received a cross-vaccination consisting of a J&J vaccination and an mrna vaccination, this means that they are now no longer considered boostered, but only basic immunized, and therefore require a further vaccination dose.

Who is considered a booster in hamburg?

people with three mrna vaccine doses (z.B. Biontech, moderna)


Pcr laboratories face difficult investment decisions

Covid-19 : PCR labs face difficult investment decisions

An employee of the CBT laboratory fills a test liquid with a pipette in preparation for PCR tests

Lubeck/augsburg corona has created an extreme demand for PCR testing. Laboratories are working to their limits and should actually increase their capacity. But how long will the tests be needed?

German laboratory physicians are currently overwhelmed with work. Millions of PCR tests have to be processed, the corona crisis is causing unprecedented workloads in the laboratories and in some cases high profits.


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bewilderment in thuringia after police officer’s death in rhineland-palatinate

Prime minister ramelow spoke of an "insidious act". In the district of kusel in rhineland-Palatinate, two police officers were shot during a traffic check on Monday night… more

Berlin during a traffic control two policemen are shot dead. The act causes horror. What is known so far about the shooting.

Erfurt after a stormy weekend, the next low-pressure area is already expected on Tuesday. snowfall has massively hindered traffic in thuringia on monday.


Vacation in italy: travel despite corona – these rules should be observed

Note: since 1. august, all travelers must be able to present either a current corona test, proof of a complete vaccination or a convalescent certificate when entering germany. Children under 12 years of age are excluded. The new entry rules apply to all countries- Regardless of whether it is currently a non-risk area, a high-risk area or a virus variant area, as well as regardless of the type of transport used.

vacation in italy: corona location on the mediterranean sea

Italy is the favorite vacation destination par excellence and has a lot to offer. Sunny beaches, turquoise seas, art treasures and cities full of culture are popular with many holidaymakers. However: not every tourist hotspot has low incidence rates. That’s why more and more countries are tightening their previously relaxed corona rules. In Italy, more than 4.35 million of the total of around 60.4 million Italians are now infected with the virus and its mutations. Although 4.13 million are now considered recovered, there have already been 128 in italy.136 covid-19 fatalities (as of 5. August). Only France and Great Britain have more corona deaths in Europe.

On 6. August 2021, 64.4 percent of the italian population has been vaccinated once against the coronavirus, and almost 54 percent of italians have already received the second vaccination. Currently italy no longer as risk area, many precautionary measures have now been lifted by local authorities. For example, masks are no longer mandatory when outdoors. Since the whole of italy currently consists of so-called "white zones," there are hardly any corona restrictions anymore. You can find out what the corona rules are in other EU countries in this vacation overview.


Live traffic via webcam: new highway app promises “exclusive data

Motorists are to get more and better information about the traffic situation via a new service app from the federally owned freeway company. Users should be able to download the application from tuesday, the company will then present it in cologne. At the same time, the new app is not meant to be a competitor to google maps& co. – but a supplement.

The autobahn gmbh promises many added values, we are talking about “exclusive data”. For the first time, traffic and infrastructure information as well as other highway-related data would be delivered bundled in one application. Hundreds of webcams along the highways will allow users to get an idea of the traffic situation for themselves.