Life cycle assessment: electric car vs. Combustion engine.

Electric cars drive emission-free. There is no doubt about it. But what does the eco-balance of electric cars look like?? And an overall balance that takes into account factors such as battery production, electricity mix, consumption of raw materials and more over the entire life cycle of an e-car? We’ve looked beyond the claims of the car companies at the federal environmental Agency, in the media and with experts like the ADAC and draw an ecological balance: electric car vs. Combustion engines – who is really better for the climate and the environment??

Round 1: CO2 emissions from driving.

This point is basically indisputable: while driving, an electric car emits neither CO 2 nor other greenhouse gases. A car that runs on diesel or gasoline is different. It blows between 100 and 140 grams of CO 2 into the air for every kilometer of road it drives on. For an average middle-aged gasoline engine, that’s about 19 kilograms per 100 kilometers, for an equivalent diesel about 16 kilograms. For the kilometers driven between berlin and munich, the carbon footprint of ordinary cars in terms of emissions is already around 115 kilograms (gasoline) or 90 kilograms (diesel).


Natural gas car: advantages and disadvantages of the alternative drive system

Almost everyone knows by now that cars with gasoline or diesel engines are being phased out. Meanwhile, alternatives to polluting fuels, such as gas-powered vehicles, are becoming increasingly popular. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of a natural gas car?? For whom does the purchase or conversion make sense, and what should be considered??

natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas?

When people talk about a gas-powered car, the first thing that comes to mind is the so-called "natural gas tank LPG (liquified petroleum gas), often also autogas called. However, this is only marginally related to the gas required for natural gas cars. To avoid misunderstandings, here is a brief explanation of the terms:

  • Liquid gas for motor vehicles is a mixture of the two gases propane and butane. both are by-products of petroleum and natural gas production and are liquefied under high pressure for storage. The LPG can then also be refueled in this form.
  • Natural gas consists largely (about 85 percent) of methane. The remainder is made up of nitrogen, carbon dioxide, ethane, propane and butane. Natural gas vehicles use compressed natural gas, which is known by the abbreviation CNG (compressed natural gas). The CNG is stored in the vehicle’s tank at an operating pressure of 200 bar.

Care is needed when refueling

natural gas cars cannot fill up with LPG, which is why you should not drive a gas car to a filling station that offers autogas. Conversely, you cannot refuel your autogas vehicle with CNG.


Crossing the usa by car: preparation, traffic rules& routes

Few things have as much flavor of freedom and adventure as a road trip through the U.S. Endless expanses, fantastic coastal roads, untouched nature parks and trendy cities alternate with each other. A tour with a rental car through the USA is also the best way to get to know this huge and diverse country and to immerse yourself in the "american way of life. Not everything is like in the movies, but sometimes you can feel as if you are in one. In any case, it is exciting to be "on the road" and to encounter new impressions and experiences every day.

Here you can find out what you need to bear in mind when renting a car in the USA, what special features there are in the road traffic and where the most beautiful routes lead you along.

Rental cars: what you should pay attention to BEFORE signing the contract

Road trips through the USA are popular. The range of rental cars and rental car providers is correspondingly large. Here are the most important points that you should consider and, if necessary, question before concluding the contract.


Customer portrait: autoglobaltrade ag – the reliable partner in the worldwide b2b car trade

The small company, which until 2008 consisted of ten employees, has since grown into an SME with a workforce of almost 60 people. 40 people work at the company headquarters in pfaffikon SZ, ten in european subsidiaries and eight in mexico. Until 2008, AGT was exclusively active in the import and export of premium vehicles. But then the opportunity arose to become an authorized distributor of the American brands dodge and RAM trucks. This meant that a sales team had to be built up from the existing and new employees and the company began to grow. Since 2017, AGT has been the official european importer of the two brands. For this reason, last year management spun off a dedicated business unit called AGT Europe, which currently employs 14 people. Half of the company’s sales are now generated from vehicle dealerships and half from the import of cars from the two US brands mentioned above.

Diversity is a top priority

Due to the global nature of the company’s activities, English is the most important language for most employees in their daily work, but due to the wide variety of nationalities working in the company, more than 20 different languages are spoken in the Pfaeffikon offices alone. And contrary to the stereotype that only men work in the car trade, AGT also has many female team members and managers. "our teams are mixed, which shapes the company culture and is also important for the close customer relationships," says samuel guttinger, sales planning, product& pricing specialist who has been enthusiastically working for the switzerland-based car dealer for over ten years.


Headlight tuning: retrofit osram led

Retrofitting Osram night breaker LED better visibility thanks to LED headlights

Osram has for the first time a legal LED retrofit lamp for cars with H7 halogen light in its product range. We installed it in a VW polo and did a night drive – with convincing results.

In the colder months of the year, the constant darkness is annoying. And again, we try not to lose sight and orientation on dark roads we don’t know, with the help of halogen headlights. Especially when driving with a caravan on the hook, you want to have the best possible view.

Now promises osram illumination for all conventional car headlights, in the form of LED retrofit lamps for H7 base – with the official blessing of the federal motor vehicle authority (KBA). So officially legal. Quite the opposite of the mostly chinese low-priced LED retrofit kits from the internet, whose light output is usually meager, while the glare is dangerously high.


New car price comparison

With new car price comparison easy to find cheap new cars. 12 good comparison portals for comparing new cars with lots of tips and useful information.

With a new car price comparison, you can save a lot of money as a consumer today, as the market situation for car buyers is currently very favorable. Dealers and manufacturers are currently undercutting each other with discounts. In addition, the sales pressure is further increased by the new car comparison portals, as higher discounts beckon for the buyer here. Take the test and compare the prices offered by your local dealer with the prices displayed by the new car price comparison portal.


Schwacke list

schwacke-liste car valuation

To determine the value of the car when selling it, many would like to get the schwacke list online for free. We give you information on the schwacke list and show you suitable alternatives when it comes to vehicle valuation.

For decades the schwacke list is used for the valuation of the passenger car. Especially before the internet age, most sellers used the schwacke list for the correct valuation of the car. Even nowadays the schwacke list is used to get the value of the car. the price list for the valuation is used by private individuals as well as by commercial car dealers.


Test electric car honda e: cool instead of functional

Honda’s cuddly "e" entices with great cabin, rear-wheel drive and good chassis. However, price and function unfortunately speak against a honda e as a second car.

(picture: clemens gleich)

  • Clemens gleich

"That’s cool!", most people exclaim when they see the interior of the honda e. A strip of five screens stretches across a lowboard made of imitation wood. Underneath, a flat floor with stylish (retractable drink holder) or practical (earthed socket with 1500 watt power) accessories in chic japanese simplicity. Instead of exterior mirrors: cameras with screens.


Sell or keep a classic car? We tell you now!

Classic cars not only serve as a lucrative financial investment, but also represent an form of prestige. Unfortunately, the maintenance costs of the vehicles are usually quite high. This is why the sale of the car is usually the only option considered.

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