Typical repairs in older cars

If you drive an older car, you can expect regular visits to the repair shop. Even if the vehicle and its engine and transmission are in good shape, small repairs to wear parts such as brakes, tires, lighting and the clutch are always necessary. We have summarized here what interventions you should expect if your car is 15 years old or older.

Typical repairs in old cars

Unfortunately, the list of work that has to be done when an old car is inspected at the auto repair shop is longer than the list of work that has to be done when a new car is inspected. Nevertheless, there are typical repairs that can be planned for and therefore do not have to mean an unexpected hit on the wallet.


Successful test in japan: will flying cars soon be a reality??

Endless lanes on different levels: if you want to survive on the roads in a metropolis of 8 million people like tokyo, you either have to be a master of driving or have the patience of a man on fire. The japanese government wants to shift the traffic because of this- the air.

What has so far only been seen in films and on television will finally become reality in the not too distant future: flying cars. Not only CSU politician dorothee bar dreams of them, the Japanese government would also like to relieve road traffic by using flying means of transport.

the japanese electronics manufacturer NEC (nippon electric company) has now joined forces with the startup cartivator developed and tested a car on monday that successfully hovered one minute above the ground. It doesn’t sound like much at first, but it marks an important milestone on the road to series production.


When your car heater blows cold air

october 12, 2020

there are many different ways a car heater can fail, but the problem you describe is usually caused by one of two basic problems. Either no coolant flows through their heater core or the air from the blower motor is not passed through their heater core. There are a number of different underlying causes that can lead to these situations where a car heater suddenly stops working, but they usually deal with either one or the other.


Fast car

From dr. Pascal burgmer, prof. Dr. Kristina musholt& dr. Dana Schneider

i know how you feel: are narcissists as empathetic as they claim to be?

By peter eric heinze& prof. Dr. Ramzi fatfouta

Do we know each other? The problem of perceiving others

From prof. Dr. Christian tewes& dr. Alexander nicolai wendt


Maintenance, inspection and repair

When it comes to inspections and maintenance, you are in good hands with the specialist workshops of the AUTO EDER group. Our highly trained technicians and master technicians have excellent brand know-how and are always up to date with the latest vehicle technology. Rely on years of experience and expertise, because regular automotive inspections and maintenance are critical to the longevity of your vehicle.

Depending on the manufacturer, the maintenance intervals vary. In general, you should have your vehicle serviced annually or after 2 years or. After 20.000 or 30.have your vehicle serviced after more than 000 kilometers. the exact scope of the inspection depends on the model, vehicle type and age.

Why regularly to the inspection?

Our standard services include:

✓ inspection of wiring, battery and on-board electronics


Modern cars

Modern cars: model making secret dreams come true

Model builders don’t have to wait for the jackpot to fulfill their dream of a sporty runabout or a chic luxury car. They build their own favorite. Revell has a large selection of models of modern cars, so that hardly any wishes remain unfulfilled in this auto salon.

Even unusual models like the dodge viper can be admired here. The vehicle is regarded as a symbol of US muscle cars. The model, which revell has taken into the program, corresponds to the version from the year 2008. With a 600-horsepower engine, the car is designed for racing. However, it is also approved for road use. The model in scale 1 : 25 is recommended for experienced model builders. It consists of 103 parts with a length of 139 mm. Painting with colors true to the original requires extreme precision. The effort is worth it.


The right car seat, the perfect sitting position no more back pain: this car seat is the best way to drive

back pain is the beginning, a slipped disc the possible consequence. If you sit in your car often and for long periods of time, you should make sure you have a back-friendly car seat and the right seating position. How to recognize ergonomic car seats, which manufacturers offer such models, and how to adjust your seat so that it is actually back-friendly.

The right car seat, the perfect sitting position no more back pain: this car seat is the best way to drive

Conventional car seats are often anything but back-friendly. Anyone who spends a lot of time in the car should therefore consider an ergonomic car seat. – © petzshadow – stock.Adobe.Com

  • germany has a back
  • Working without back pain
  • How heavy can workers lift and carry?

Back pain and similar skeletal and muscular complaints are the most common reason for absenteeism from work, according to a DAK study. in 2019, this accounted for 21.2 percent of diagnoses in sick leave, according to the data analysis of around 2.4 million employed insured persons. The causes are manifold. While office workers strain their backs primarily through sitting for long periods and in the wrong position damage, the problems for craftsmen are usually caused by heavy or one-sided physical work.


There is a right of return for used?

withdrawal from the contract of sale for used cars – legal basis

Car bought used: Is there a right of return for buyers?

car bought used: is there a right of return for buyers?

used cars are extremely popular on the german automotive market. The Federal Motor Transport Authority, based in flensburg, Germany, recorded a total of october 2016 just over 599.000 car ownership records. In all these cases there was a change of ownership. This figure is offset by slightly more than 262.700 new registrations – that is, the first registration of a brand-new vehicle – in the same period vs.


Renault captur with autogas drive : 100 kilometers for only 3.72 euros!

Renault’s captur is a success story: more than 1.2 million of the fashionable compact SUV have been sold since 2013. In the course of its life so far, it has already become a sought-after everyday companion thanks to its comfortable interior, skilful design, two-tone paint finish and many customization options. For the second generation, launched on 11. January 2020, the captur has not only been given a facelift by dutch design chief laurens van den acker, but has also been given a technical makeover. This is made possible by the 85 percent new platform on which the renault clio and nissan juke are also based. And an LPG engine is also on board.

LPG? This is not the abbreviation for the agricultural production cooperative that existed in the GDR. The abbreviation LPG stands for "liquified petroleum gas" and indicates that LPG is a liquid gas – a gas mixture of propane and butane that is liquefied under pressure and is a by-product of gasoline production. The gas tank itself is made of 3.5 millimeter thick steel and may only be filled to a maximum of 80 percent for safety reasons; this is ensured by a special differential pressure valve. And the multivalve ensures a controlled release of gas in the event of a breakdown. An LPG car is therefore in no way more dangerous than a petrol car.