Where do i get my car tuned? We help!

flashier, louder, faster, more performant. There are many reasons why you might want to have your car tuned up. But people often lack the necessary expertise and are afraid of breaking something. We felt the same way. We asked ourselves: where do i get my car tuned?

So where do i get my car tuned? You can have your car tuned at contract, normal car or specialized car tuning workshops. While contract workshops are often bound to the use of original accessories, you have a wider choice and higher expertise at specialized auto-tuning workshops.


Smartphone and co.these rules apply when driving

Smartphone and co.these rules apply when driving

Smartphones are now our constant companions. But in the car they quickly cause distraction and increase the risk of accidents. Therefore, it is forbidden to use a cell phone while driving or while the engine is running.

michaela rassat, a lawyer at ERGO rechtsschutz leistungs-gmbh, knows which exceptions apply, how drivers can still use their phones and what applies to other electronic devices.


Mallorca with the rental car

how to experience the originality of the balearic island

There is so much to discover on mallorca. How about exploring all the enchanting places and bays in mallorca with a rental car? My reader lea has done the test for you and tells you about her experiences.

Majorca is always worth a trip. The beautiful Balearic island is particularly popular with package holidaymakers who want to spend their well-deserved summer vacation on one of the island’s enchanting beaches. From quiet and secluded coves, to picturesque towns, to lively party places, mallorca has it all. But what’s wrong with exploring the island on your own, away from mass tourism?? Nothing! So grab a cheap rental car, to discover many undiscovered treasures of this island. in my article you will get all the tips you need to explore mallorca by rental car.

Majorca made easy by rental car

Mallorca round trip by rental car

I have often spent my vacations in one of the most popular vacation destinations in germany. Mallorca is versatile and enchanting – with every trip you could discover new corners instead of devoting yourself to the old familiar ones. Besides party areas and tourist resorts, there are countless charming regions, secluded coves, endless beaches, green nature and picturesque villages. So why not grab a rental car and take advantage of the many beautiful explore regions of the island? providers like europcar, avis, sixt and co. Nowadays, you can find them in countless countries all over the world, so you can also rent a car spontaneously at a local station and just drive off.


Car rental comparison

car rental comparison – here you will find 11 good comparison portals for your car rental comparison. With many infos& tips on how to find cheap rental cars.

Car rental comparison – 11 portals for car rental comparison

A cheap rental car is simply part of your vacation. The comparison of rental cars via comparison portals offers you a quick overview of the cheapest rental car rates – at least that is what the advertising of the comparison portals suggests. The comparison portals search through a large number of rental car companies worldwide to find the best prices – but not all of them find the best prices!


Classic car insurance

Protection for old- and youngtimer .
With immediate-evb number for registration.

classic car insurance: the best way to insure your classic car

insuring classic cars – a topic that probably concerns every car owner. after all, insurance should be a perfect fit for you and your vehicle. In our classic car insurance you can choose between three tariff options: classic car partial cover, fully comprehensive or all-risk insurance. optional: liability insurance and other extras round off the classic car insurance. just try it out: you can calculate a non-binding offer online. You have a question about classic car insurance? We advise you gladly to the optimal protection of your oldtimer. In addition, you will find here a lot of information about the enthusiast vehicle and the oldtimer insurance.

Ideal for inexpensive vehicles


De-icing windows quickly: home remedies and tricks for a clear view

Even if it’s not freezing during the day, car windows are often frozen in the morning. If you don’t have a parking heater or garage, you have to de-ice your windows by hand – usually with an ice scraper. Attention: some people want to make it easy for themselves and de-ice the window only partially in order to have a so-called peephole. This is not only dangerous, but can be punished by the police if you are pulled over with insufficiently clear visibility. To make your morning easier, we have collected some tips and tricks for you on how to quickly and easily de-ice your windscreen. At the same time, we will dispel some persistent myths that you can use to quickly de-ice your car, but which may also break it.

The ice scraper: efficiently de-icing the windshield

The ice scraper is one of the most important car accessories in winter. Almost every driver has a model in the car to efficiently de-ice the windows in case of emergency. Without scratching it often does not work. However, they are only really successful if you use a solid product. Cheap or inferior ice scrapers can give up the ghost already with thin ice layers or simply break. Our tip: ideally, use a model made of plastic. These prevent annoying scratches on your windshield.

The ice scraper deluxe

The well-known helper is also available in more elaborate versions, almost as a luxury feature: some ice scrapers have an integrated glove to keep your hands nice and warm when you’re de-icing your windows.


No more hoo-hoo and poo-poo: mclaren wants a more balanced car

Mclaren was good on fast tracks and bad on slow tracks: but for 2022, the team is betting on a more balanced approach

(motorsport-total.Com) – mclaren wants to produce a more balanced car for 2022 than last year, says engineering chief james key. The MCL35M from the previous year coped well, especially on high-speed tracks, and took an unexpected double victory in Monza, but it had major problems at slower speeds.

Daniel Ricciardo (McLaren MCL35M) in Abu Dhabi 2021

Mclaren was good in 2021 especially on fast tracks zoom download


Police cars – fun for big and small

police cars

Find a nice police car for your child? Do you love modeling and still need a faithful police car for yourself? Then you should look around on the internet for a suitable model. A RC police car convincing all along the line. It can be remote controlled with a controller and goes wherever you want it to go. While doing so, it may even turn on a siren and the blue light – real fun for young and old alike. Children love the police car remote control, because they have control over it from a distance. For yourself, the RC police car is a great addition to your model city. Today, we’ll tell you about the different types of police cars and what you should look out for when buying one.

Police car test 2021 / 2022

Results 1 – 13 from 13

Have a look at the different types of police cars

Police cars


Schwacke list

The schwacke list is probably the most popular method in germany for finding out how much a used car is currently worth. This list shows the approximate residual value of the car. This is calculated on the basis of the year of manufacture, equipment and mileage. If you want to sell your used car privately, the first thing you often do is look at the schwacke list.

Where the name schwacke comes from?

The name schwacke-liste comes from its "inventor", hanns W. Schwacke, who published this list for the first time in 1957. however, at that time this list consisted of only one page and includes only two opel models.

Today, the schwacke list includes all conceivable cars such as off-road vehicles, vans, two-wheelers, motorhomes, LJWs, trailers and even boats.


Child seat in the car: regulations, function, instructions

fines catalog: children transported in the car without a suitable seat

violation fine in euro points in flensburg
a child transported in a car without a child seat 30
several children transported in the car without a child car seat 35
transporting a child in a car without any safety device (disregarding the child seat and seat belt regulations) 60 1
several children transported in the car without any safety device (disregard of the child seat and seat belt obligation) 70 1

Up to what age do children have to use a special car seat??

Whether it’s a short trip to the nearest supermarket or a drive of several hours on the autobahn – whenever they having a child in the car with you, you should make sure that this is sufficiently secured. One of these is to ensure that the child is wearing a seat belt. On the other hand, they are also obliged to keep the child in the car to be transported in a suitable child car seat.