How to insure a leased car correctly?

8 min what to look out for in a leasing contract and which insurance is indispensable for unadulterated driving pleasure, you can find out here.

A monthly rate and a trendy new car every three or four years – leasing is no longer only interesting for companies or the self-employed, but also increasingly for private individuals. the advantage is obvious: instead of a large purchase sum or financing, lessees ideally pay manageable monthly installments. But how does it look with leasing with the protection by the car insurance? Does a lease rate automatically include insurance?? When do i need GAP insurance? Answers to these and other questions can be found here.

What does car leasing actually mean??

The word leasing comes from the english and is translated as "to rent, to let". Who therefore leases a vehicle resp. rents, uses it, but does not own it. A lessee is usually entered as the keeper in the vehicle registration document, but the vehicle title remains with the lessor (leasing company, bank) as the owner.

the monthly "rent" to be paid depends on the model and the equipment of the vehicle. As a rule, the leasing contract is concluded for a period of two to four years, after which the car is returned. But if you are so fond of the leased car that you want to keep it, you can usually buy it for the calculated residual value.


Top 5 tips: how to relax after a long drive?

Top 5 tips: how to relax after a long drive?

We love road trips and almost half of all german people go on vacation or weekend trips by car. But: long car trips can also be really exhausting. You just want to arrive at your vacation destination and relax. But this can be a difficult balancing act and can mean that as a car driver you have difficulty staying awake.

In order to be able to enjoy the upcoming long-awaited vacation or weekend trip, it is important for drivers to relax and take a rest after a long drive. This is the only way to make the coming vacation days stress-free. Here are the top 5 tips for relaxation.


Secure car sale to a dealer

Selling your used car privately to a reputable dealer is quick and rewarding. In addition the private salesman should pay attention however to a few things completely purposefully. As we – the company autoankauf-hamburg bockelmann – have nothing to hide, we will gladly give information about what it is about.

Many private individuals who have used their car for a long time and have taken great care of it, find it difficult to say goodbye to their faithful companion of many years. A sale to private makes many just in fear and frightened. Too many true stories about alleged private interested parties, who pretend to want to buy the car, but in reality only want to spy on the circumstances of the seller, can be found almost daily in the regional press. Also it is to be heard again and again of it, which cars in the public over newspaper or Internet to the sales to private are offered suddenly disappear. This doesn’t have to happen with every private sale, but once you’re a car owner, all the good statistics about safe private sales are useless.


Credit to pay debts despite schufa

Can a loan be taken out to pay debts despite schufa?

debts can arise quickly: be it financing a house, buying a car, overdrawing the current account or all kinds of other credit and installment purchases. Also with friends or relatives may have already incurred debts. Debt restructuring can make sense under certain circumstances, for example to consolidate debts with several creditors into one loan and thus have a better overview of one’s own financial situation. A lower interest rate on the new loan can also help to save costs and negotiate longer terms.

At the latest, when the creditors press for payment, a debt restructuring is an option of debt settlement. In this case, however, this is not always possible: because if, for example, the current credit installment is not paid, other payment obligations are not regularly met, or if the overdraft limit is regularly exhausted, the risk is great that there is usually already a negative schufa entry. As a result, you can assume that banks will refuse a loan to pay debts despite schufa. What alternatives exist but for a loan to pay debts despite schufa? And when it makes sense to take a loan to pay debts despite schufa?

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Long covid: symptoms as signs of autoimmune disease

Where does long covid come from? scientists increasingly see symptoms as signs of autoimmune disease

  • The symptoms of long covid increasingly resemble those of an autoimmune disease. Indications that a certain type of antibody causes inflammation in patients with long covid.
  • The antibodies attack the body’s own proteins and are a characteristic feature of many autoimmune diseases.
  • More articles on business insider can be found here

patients with long covid may soon get the long awaited answer to their question why they still suffer from the consequences of corona infection. The national institutes of health (NHI), an agency of the u.s. department of health and human services, now plans to conduct a $470 million study to investigate the causes of long covid. However, some clues to its possible origins are already emerging: the virus could trigger an autoimmune response – which then causes persistent symptoms such as fatigue, shortness of breath, loss of smell, muscle pain or brain fog.

"we can’t yet say with complete certainty that it’s an autoimmune disease, but it’s starting to look that way," university of arkansas physician john arthur told business insider in an interview. Arthur and his research team have just published a study in the journal plos one.


Car s

E-cars are only suitable for short distances and are not suitable for everyday use? The range of an electric car plays an important role with regard to the success of e-mobility. Thanks to ongoing development, the alternative drive system has reached the long haul. This poses u.A. The audi e-tron sportback 55 quattro * * under proof: the e-car can be "refueled" at fast charging stations with up to 150 kwh. This means that the vehicle is ready for another stage in about 30 minutes *. Try it out for yourself with the range calculator and read our tips on the subject of e-cars in winter.

  • Find a charging station
  • E-tron news received

How far can I get in city traffic, on country roads or on the highway, taking various factors into account?? The range calculator for the audi e-tron and audi e-tron sportback offers you an answer to this question. In contrast to the WLTP cycle, air conditioning is assumed to be switched on. With a particularly energy-efficient driving style (e.g. A constant medium speed or no air conditioning) higher ranges are achievable. For realistic driving profiles, acceleration and deceleration phases are included based on experience values.


Tips for parking in berlin

Cities and regions are on the move. The task is to achieve climate goals and create a livable future. How to create alternatives to motorized individual transport? What will tomorrow’s mobility look like?? How cities become "smart? Cities need support on the way to the digital city. Digital solutions for urban mobility help shape sustainable, future-proof mobility. The OBM newspaper interviewed michael kimberger, head of urban mobility& intelligent lighting at smart city deutsche telekom.

  • mobility

City& land: everything in flow

cities want more quality of life, less traffic and a good integration with the surrounding countryside. It works. When traffic routes and smart data utilization "play well together".
Five examples of how high-performance infrastructure and smart data utilization with flexible solutions will enable the traffic services of the future.

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The right "momentum" for the smart city

The development of German cities into smart cities is ambivalent. But the road to the smart city still holds uncertainties for some cities. Organizational challenges in particular are hampering the efforts of some municipalities to develop local digitization strategies and take concrete steps toward implementation.


Car rental booking at a glance

Car rental have always been used for various occasions – be it for bridging accidents and repairs, as a chic wedding car for the bride and groom, or for business and vacation trips. There are now countless car rental and car hire companies around the world specializing in the rental of four-wheeled vehicles, i.e. cars, vans and minibuses. But which providers are there at all? We provide an overview of popular providers such as sixt, avis and europcar.

With so many cars and accessories to choose from, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. However, you should not be put off by this, because a rental car is a great way to be more independent on vacation and to explore new regions. But even in everyday life, a rental car can be extremely useful for certain appointments and excursions. Daily rates are also suitable for people who regularly rely on public transport. And the great thing about it: all you need is a driving license and a small budget!