Modern car care

Modern car care- wash, polish& detailing at its finest

Vehicle care means more than the mundane desire for a clean vehicle – for car and classic car lovers, caring for their own car is an act of appreciation for their vehicle, often performed with meticulousness and passion. With the right tips, techniques and care products, car care ensures that the car is in good condition for a long time, maintains its value and is fun to do. this 200-page practical guide shows how even weathered and unkempt vehicles can be restored to their former glory.

  • Car care tips with steb-by-step instructions
  • techniques for effective interior cleaning
  • advice for the right equipment
  • Care measures for the winter season
  • QR codes link to instruction videos

Develop your personal car care style

Naturally correct care, so that your car shines again and this effect above all also lasts long. With their methods perfected over years, oliver haas and his youtube channel 83metoo (over 120.000 subscriptions) and martin mainka, owner of the car care store washing heroes.De with this book you will get valuable information and practical instructions for the care and maintenance of your car. great gimmick: the removable and laminated checklist for the car wash.


What to do if the air conditioner in the car is defective?

sun, beach, sea and stuffy air in the car. Shortly before the longed-for summer vacation, it is particularly disappointing if the car air conditioning is defective or does not cool properly. Read on auto-werkstatt.what you can do to ensure that the temperature in your car is always right.

Gone are the days when an air conditioner in the car was only part of a luxury equipment. For a long time now, even small cars and mid-range passenger cars have had a. It not only ensures fresh air in summer, but also a warm interior in winter, filters odors and regulates humidity.


Disconcerting kowtowing

Russian Orthodox Patriarch Alexy II. Has hailed Russian President Vladimir Putin's decision to present Dmitry Medvedev as his preferred successor as a "well-considered decision". At the same time, in a television interview Thursday, the church leader asked "the selflessly serving" head of state to remain in power as prime minister. Meanwhile, most promising opponent Kasparov announces his withdrawal. Russians to elect new president in early March.

Putin cannot run for a third term in office, according to Verfang. It is certainly a difficult decision for a man who has been president and "national leader" for eight years to step down to the second rank, Alexij said. "But I have known Vladimir Vladimirovich (Putin) for a long time and know that he is free of personal ambition and pride, but has always served his country selflessly," the patriarch said. Therefore, he said, he is sure that Putin will make himself available as head of government for the "good of Russia".The Russian Orthodox Church has been taking an active part in day-to-day politics for some time now. In August, it had presented its own development model of economy and politics in Russia with the "Russian Doctrine. Moscow Patriarchate always rejected accusations of increasing merger of state and church. So far, however, church representatives had not openly propagated the Kremlin's policies, despite obviously good relations with the Kremlin.

Opposition politician Kasparov gives a Opposition politician and former world chess champion Kasparov has quit as a contender for Russia's presidency. He declared that his campaign ends this Thursday. He added that he had not been able to find a meeting place for all his supporters in the whole of Moscow. Kasparov added that his Other Russia alliance was not fighting for power, but for real elections to be held. To be eligible as candidates for the presidential election in March, candidates not represented in parliament by a party must be officially supported by a group of at least 500 supporters.