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charter bases in sardinia:


  • Alghero (marina di alghero)
  • Cagliari (marina di portus karalis)
  • Cannigione (marina di cannigione)
  • Carloforte (porto di carloforte)
  • Marinella (marina dell’isola)
  • Olbia (marina di olbia)
  • Olbia (DYC olbia marina)
  • Portisco (marina di portisco)
  • Portisco (cala dei sardi)
  • Porto rotondo (marina di porto rotondo)
  • Porto rotondo (punta nuraghe)


  • Balestrate (porto di balestrate)
  • Capo d’orlando (marina capo dorlando)
  • Marsala (marina polaris cantieri nautico)
  • Palermo (marina di villa igiea – aquasanta marina)
  • Portorosa (marina di portorosa)
  • Trapani (marina trapani)

Venice and Friuli

Tuscany and elba

  • Castiglioncello (marina cala de medici)
  • Cecina (marina di cecina)
  • Punta ala (marina di punta ala)
  • san vincenzo (marina di san vincenzo)
  • Scarlino (marina di scarlino)


Lazio (lazio)

  • Nettuno (marina di nettuno)

Gulf of naples

  • Castellammare di stabia (marina di stabia)
  • Pozzuoli (marina sud cantieri)
  • Procida (marina di procida)

Cilento and amalfi coast

  • Agropoli
  • Salerno (porto commerciale – molo manfredi)
  • Salerno (marina d’arechi)


Adriatic coast

sailing vacations in the heart of the mediterranean

Sardinia is the epitome of southern joie de vivre and offers a beautiful and sunny area for a yacht charter in the mediterranean sea. Sardinia is the second largest island in the mediterranean sea after sicily and enchants with long sandy beaches, steep coasts, natural harbors and charming islands. Moreover, along the four "costas" you can find from sardinia a varied territory no established charter routes.

During a yacht charter on the north coast of sardinia you will especially enjoy the costa smeralda and the archipelago la maddalena very popular. Here you can sail in azure to emerald waters, anchor in picturesque bays and enjoy the luxury of sophisticated marinas. Porto cervo is considered the tourist center of the costa smeralda and a meeting place for the international jet set.

A contrast to this is offered by a sailing vacation on the costa verde, the green coast in the southwest of sardinia. This sailing area is not yet so developed and is considered a secret tip. Departure from carloforte on the small island of san pietro. In this picturesque area, yacht tourists will find quiet and secluded anchorages and moorings.

The south coast of sardinia – costa del sud – offers numerous larger and smaller anchor bays alternating with rocky headlands of rugged granite and sandstone. Here you can also find cagliari, the capital and port of the mediterranean island.

The fourth "costa sardinia is the costa paradiso: the paradisiacal coast. This extends along the north coast of sardinia. Besides small picturesque sandy beaches and bathing coves, this sailing region offers a gigantic granite coastline.

All four coasts of sardinia attract with excellent sailing conditions and safe harbors and make the sailing area one of the most popular destinations for a yacht charter in the mediterranean sea. A total of 400 nautical miles of coastline can be sailed here – you should allow enough time for a circumnavigation of the island. Read more about the fishing conditions below.

At sailing area sardinia we offer bareboat sailing yachts and bareboat catamarans, as well as crewed yachts and flotilla sailing. suggestions for cruises in the region you can find here.

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La Maddalena in the region of Gallura

La maddalena in the region of gallura

© sandro bedessi – fototeca ENIT

view over Cagliari

view over cagliari

© sandro bedessi – fototeca ENIT

Port of Alghero

port of alghero

© vito arcomano – fototeca ENIT

natural park of Biderosa near Orosei

Natural park of biderosa near orosei

© sandro bedessi – fototeca ENIT

beach of Cala Sabina

beach of cala sabina

© sandro bedessi – fototeca ENIT

yachts moored in the port of stintino

Yachts moored in the harbor of stintino

© sandro bedessi – fototeca ENIT

Costa Verde in the southwest of Sardinia

Costa verde in the southwest of sardinia

© sandro bedessi – fototeca ENIT

View of the village of Baunei

View of the village of baunei

© sandro bedessi – fototeca ENIT

promenade and guest harbor of Sant Antioco

promenade and port of sant antioco

© sandro bedessi – fototeca ENIT

Promenade of Cagliari

Promenade of cagliari

© sandro bedessi – fototeca ENIT

Streets of Castelsardo

streets of castelsardo

© sandro bedessi – fototeca ENIT

coast of Calasetta

Coast of calasetta

© sandro bedessi – fototeca ENIT

beach in the natural park of Biderosa

beach in the nature park biderosa

© sandro bedessi – fototeca ENIT

Area characteristics sardinia

On the north and west coast prevailing northwest and southwest winds. The northwest is the mistral, which can reach gale force in cloudless skies and in the nozzle of the strait of bonifacio still around 2 to 3 bft. Stronger breezes. The south wind is the sirocco, a humid, warm strong wind from africa, but it blows rarely in summer. On the east coast, heavy gusts can make timely reefing necessary in mistral conditions. in calm weather conditions thermals prevail. From la caletta southward it blows in the morning from northeast, in the course of the day from southeast. the months with the least wind are june and august.

On the southwest coast of sardinia the climate is typically mediterranean, rainfall is not frequent, mainly in the winter season. The almost constant northwesterly wind of max. 4-5 bf keeps the temperatures cool. Often there can be no wind. In the area of san pietro and santantioco the wind usually comes from the southwest. In autumn southwesterly winds can also occur.

The entire south coast is also exposed to winds from the second and third quadrants, but in spring and autumn northwesterly and westerly winds are also common and, if strong, can make sailing a challenge. In addition, there are frequent storms from the south, which cause heavy surf off the coast. in strong winds, capo carbonora and capo sperone create an unpleasant cross sea. Therefore, the area is recommended only for experienced crews.

Best sailing season: june and september

Middle. beware of mistral warnings from the northwest, then there is a storm warning off the northwest coast near alghero.

The navigation is terrestrial. The coast is well lit and the maps are reliable. Beware of strong winds in the fornelli passage between the northwest coast of sardinia and the offshore island of asinara. Strong currents and bottom seas can occur there and in the strait of bonifaccio occur. With strong east and west winds must be in the strait of bonifaccio you can expect currents in both directions and jet effect.

Attention restricted areas: in the maddalena archipelago, NATO base on st. Steffano; in the golfo di oristano and in the golfo di teulada.

Good network of harbors and sheltered, beautiful anchorages. On the west and northwest coasts the distances between them are somewhat greater. mooring fees are very different, on the costa smeralda quite high; in the low season sometimes cheaper. (the most expensive marinas of the mediterranean are on the costa smeralda).

the guardia di finanza can randomly check ship’s papers (proof of ownership) and safety equipment.

airports: olbia/costa smeralda, alghero /fertillia, cagliari/elmsa. Several low-cost carriers fly to olbia, alghero or cagliari. Major ferry ports: porto torres, olbia, cagliari.

circumnavigation of sardinia in one week, even in two weeks can be done only with force. It would be a pity to sail along this varied coast in a hurry.

Attention: the bay located north of capo di pula and southwest of cagliari perd’e sali silted up at the moment; the access is not possible. In the same way, the port of buggeru, located in the southwest of sardinia, is silting up.

Sardinia has, in some regions, climatic conditions and soil types that are ideal for the viticulture suitable. A must try is the heavy, ruby red connonau from the regions ogliastra and oliena or the white wine vermentiono di gallura with the highest cachet D.O.C.G.
Monica di sardinia, malvasia di bosa, vernaccia di oristano and some of the acceptable rose wines are recommended to buy directly from the producer, after a wine tasting.

A visit to the grotta di nettuno, sardinia’s most beautiful stalactite cave, is recommended if the sailing trip starts or ends from alghero. From the almost 170 m high capo caccia, 656 steps lead over a breathtakingly steep cliff surrounded by the sea to the entrance.

the la maddalena archipelago

The maddalena archipelago is one of the most enchanting corners of the mediterranean and one of the most interesting from a nautical point of view. It offers in fact innumerable anchorages with shelter in all weathers.

The group of islands on the south side of the Strait of Bonifaccio consist of seven islands that form two groups. In the northwest razzoli, santa maria and budelli and in the southeast la maddalena, spargi, santo stefano and caprera. The islands of the maddalena archipelago, except la maddalena and caprera, are of reddish granite, bare and low.

The island group la maddalena owes its romantic reputation to the rogue and hero, political fugitive, pirate and freedom fighter guiseppe garibaldi. Now far quieter people stay there. sailors and water sports lovers on la maddalena, bird watchers and garibaldi pilgrims on caprera. The other five islands are almost all uninhabited. Maybe it is interesting for film lovers that michelangelo antonini the film "L’avventura" on the desert island budelli was shooting.

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