Wlan in the car: using your own hotspot as a data flat in the car – this is how it works!

WLAN in the car

Use WLAN in the car, it sounds so easy: surf while driving (of course only as a passenger and not behind the wheel) or access google maps without draining your smartphone’s mobile data volume?

If you don’t have a cell phone contract with a real internet flat rate (i.e. without throttling), you’ll be delighted to set up your own hotspot in the car. With a low-cost data tariff, you can network your car easily without having to pay horrendous monthly costs.

Yes, it is: how does wifi work in the car? Do I have to choose one of the cooperation offers for connected-car services for this?? Or is it not also possible with an own data contract?? We show you ways to make your car really good after- or. Equipped.

WLAN in the car: how does it work??

Basically, it’s quite simple: you must have a data contract set up as a hotspot that you can tap into with your smartphones. This is then done via the WLAN of your cell phone, which is switched on. Be sure to use encryption – don’t let someone you don’t know dial in at the traffic lights. 😉

WLAN in the car: what to look out for? When are there problems?

The challenge: if you’re driving on the far left of the autobahn or are otherwise quite fast, you run the risk that the radio cells can’t change so quickly and that your mobile data fun will be interrupted.

Here are powerful hotspots (e.g.B. WLAN router that also supports LTE) and, of course, the expansion of the mobile or. data network of the operator decisive factors.

Which data network is the best?

Every year, independent magazines test the mobile networks anew. The weighting falls out year by year more in favor of intact data networks. The D-networks of telekom (D1) and vodafone (D2) are clearly ahead, while you have to be more patient with o2 (telefonica).

We recommend for a data plan as WLAN hotspot for the car the offers in the telekom or vodafone network (mostly via providers like mobilcom-debitel with extra discounts):

Mobile LTE WLAN router for use in the car

Our idea for all vehicles are mobile LTE WLAN router. You have to switch them on yourself when you start your tour, but you can usually charge them during the journey using a cigarette lighter adapter cable, so there’s no battery problem. Equipped with the appropriate SIM card, you can set up your own WLAN hotspot in your car car hotspot set up for passengers.

WLAN in the car at VW, BMW, mercedes, audi or opel

Of course, the most convenient solution for newer vehicles are the pre-installed assistance systems of the manufacturers.

Opel onstar

We have already written long and hard about the costs of opel onstar. Cooperation partner here is vodafone (D2), and both daily and monthly packages can be booked. A maximum of 7 devices can tap into the opel hotspot, which you pay for with a basic fee + data tariffs. However: onstar becomes 31.12.2020 set. Which already shows: flexible solutions can sometimes be more attractive.

VW: volkswagen car net

volkswagen car net is also such a service, and it’s worth taking a look at the additional costs. you need a car-net-service, where either volkswagen pays for the mobile radio costs or you do it yourself (depending on the package). The whole thing is presented in a rather confusing way.

BMW connected drive

The service in BMW connected drive is called BMW WLAN hotspot and supplies up to 10 devices and is realized by telekom. The data tariffs of telekom you book as data passes independently, the test month is free (1 GB), then 9.95 € (1 GB) to 24.95 € (5 GB) possible in the tariffs BMW hotspot drive due (see price list).

Mercedes comand online

… is the name of the infotainment system at mercedes-benz. A incar hotspot can be purchased in the store, if this is to be retrofitted. Otherwise, vodafone is a partner in the realization of the data flats that have to be booked up.

WLAN in the car: telekom, vodafone or o2 with offers?

If you take a closer look at the offers for WLAN in the car, you’ll quickly realize that the easiest way is still to buy a WLAN router yourself and then equip it with a cheap data contract.

Data tariffs are plentiful, and there are also plenty of WLAN routers on the market. 😉 that is much cheaper

rather a discontinued model is the COCAR, with which you can retrofit your car. Watch out for offers:

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