Winter tires: car drivers should know this unknown rule – otherwise they could be in trouble

If you don’t know this winter tire rule, you’ll have to pay

these four things to look for in winter tires

In the cold season, drivers must have winter tires fitted to their cars. What you need to know to avoid fines.

Berlin. it is getting colder again and therefore slippery on the roads. High time for winter tires. when motorists change their tires is up to them. There is no prescribed time for this from the legislator. It depends on the weather.

But if you put on winter tires, you have to make sure that you have a so-called "winter tire" speed sticker to be attached. But not always is a speed sticker necessary in car. We clarify the most important questions.

If you have your car fitted with winter tires by a garage, you may be confused by the conspicuous sticker that appears on the inside of the vehicle afterwards. This is attached either directly to the steering wheel or to the dashboard. On the sticker are then the numbers "190", "210" or "240". This determines the maximum speed of the car.

winter tires: when do i need the speed sticker?

This sticker must be present in the vehicle if the approved maximum speed the winter tires are below the speed specified in the vehicle registration document.

Specifically, this means: if the maximum speed of a car is listed as 210 km/ and the maximum speed of the mounted tires is 190 km/h, the sticker must be placed in the car for the driver to see.

  • Consequently, you can drive with the tires only at most speed 190.
  • Otherwise you could face a fine of 20 euros.
  • The stickers are available from tire dealers and auto parts discounters.
  • If you want to drive faster, you need different winter tires.

Alpine symbol: this is what you have to look out for on tires purchased after 2017

For tires that are used after 31.12.purchased in 2017, you should pay attention to the alpine symbol pay attention. This marking should be present in any case. No longer sufficient is the M+S marking. However, older tires have a transitional period until the 30. September 2024.

Another factor is the tread depth, because a minimum of 1.6 millimeters is required. Nevertheless, the ADAC a tread depth of 4 millimeters. If the minimum tread depth is not adhered to, you may be fined a minimum of 60 euros.

  • Changes already in october:this changes in vehicle registration

Winter tires for motorcycles – what are the rules??

The compulsory winter tires for motorcycles, trucks and trailers is regulated again extra. Therefore, motorcycles are no longer subject to the winter tire requirement since 2017.

Even for trailers there is no obligation for winter tires. Trucks over 3.5 tons currently only require winter tires for the drive axle. But beware: from 2020, winter tires must also be fitted to the steering axle. Read here: here’s what to look for when buying winter tires.

More tips on driving in winter:

There are always changes to the rules that motorists need to be aware of. Especially in winter, it is important to have items such as a warning triangle, first-aid kit and warning vests with you. But ice scrapers and de-icer spray for a clear view are also important. (jzi/dpa)

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