Winter check worth knowing tips berlin

Now it is high time to winterize your car for the cold winter months.

A comprehensive check that includes all the important points is therefore very important if you want to get through the winter safe and sound.

A checklist will help you to make sure you don’t forget a single item and that you can travel in wind and weather and fog with peace of mind.

As DIN ISO certified and body&paint certified master car repair shop we are at your service for your wintercheck and autumncheck.

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wintercheck worth knowing tips berlin

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Ice scrapers, snow brooms, winter tires, transport boxes, daytime running lights, seat heaters and more.

Everything for the cold and dark season:

winter check tips berlin: winter tires – a must for every car

Suitable winter tires for your car with sufficient tread depth should be fitted or had fitted in october at the latest.

If you hire a garage to change your tires, you should also keep in mind that especially in october and november the garages are very busy.

That’s why it’s essential to make an appointment in good time so that the winter tires are on the car when they’re needed and not in the middle of winter.

Winter tires should always be mounted from october to easter, because at plus 5 degrees celsius the rubber of summer tires begins to harden, so that there is no longer enough grip.

This can be more than vital especially in curves and in wet and frosty conditions.

Your winter tires must not be more than four years old.

the tread depth must have a minimum of 4 mm, preferably more.

This is explicitly prescribed by the road traffic regulations.

the tire pressure for winter tires should not be less than 2 bar.

you can easily check this yourself at any gas station, which is recommended from time to time.

Wintercheck worth knowing tips berlin: the storage of summer tires for the cold season

Summer tires should be checked for possible damage and the tire pressure should be increased by 0.3 bar before storing them.

But a storage of summer tires from four weeks upwards they are stored upright with a minimum distance of 10 cm to the ground.

If they are then also approx. every four weeks the tires a little rotate can nothing more go wrong.

Only then can you be sure that you will still be able to use your summer tires next spring.

winter check worth knowing tips berlin: snow chains for trips to the mountains

if you ever consider going to the mountains in winter, it is recommended to buy high quality snow chains.

the handling of the snow chains should be possible and easy with a few simple steps.

Because most of the time you will need the snow chains all of a sudden, because you can’t get on with your winter tires anymore.

If it is then also still dark each handle should sit.

When you go to the mountains, you should of course take the snow chains with you, because they are of no use to you at home when you are on the road.

wintercheck worth knowing tips berlin: battery check for the hard winter months

A car battery is always put to the test when temperatures drop below freezing point. In the cold season, the car battery has to do a lot to ensure that the car starts in the morning even when it’s cold.

check your battery regularly and replace it every few years with a younger model, because over time a battery loses power.

According to studies, the most frequent causes of breakdowns in winter are due to battery failure.

To avoid this, you should also check your battery regularly during the warm summer months. The test can also be carried out by workshops with special measuring devices.

The battery acid level is very important. In addition, the poles should be cleaned. A frost jacket can help to increase the reliability of a battery.

The starter cable – a little all-rounder in case of a sudden breakdown
a starter cable can help in case of a sudden breakdown when the battery fails.

If you then know how to operate the starter cables, your car can start again.

All you need is a power source – preferably in the form of a second car.

Make sure that the vehicles do not touch and the engine of the other car is running. In addition, the red and the black cable must be connected correctly.

Carry out a light check
especially in the cold season it gets dark earlier.

So it is all the more important that you see them. Reliable lighting is not only important during snowfall and fog, but also in the afternoon and morning hours.

Clean the headlights often. Because of the pollution on the roads you get a thick layer of dirt and you can no longer see enough on the road.

Antifreeze for the windshield washer and for the radiator
frost protection is indispensable for the windshield washer system, because otherwise it will freeze up and you won’t be able to remove the dirt on the windshield with your wiper blades.

A blind flight with a fatal outcome can be the result very quickly.

Antifreeze is available on the market in various temperature grades. Don’t forget to refill regularly.

Frost protection is also necessary for the radiator. If you don’t use antifreeze, not only the radiator can burst in frosty weather, but your entire car, including the thermostat and water pump, can be affected.

De-icer spray helps with frost
a de-icer spray helps you in heavy frost so that the door locks of your car do not freeze up. The door seals are best protected with a grease pencil, so that they do not become brittle. A small effort with a big effect.

Ice scrapers and hand brushes help
snow and ice can take a lot of time to remove.

Therefore, be sure to have these useful helpers quickly at hand.

For older cars, we recommend a hot water bottle placed on the cockpit from the inside. Because old cars often freeze from the inside too.

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