Windows 11 autostart programs | windows 11 autostart folder

In this article you will mainly learn how to change autostart programs in windows 11. Learn how to prevent programs from running at windows 11 startup, which programs should always run at startup and which should not. You will also learn what the windows 11 autostart folder is and how to access it. More tips and tricks about computers can be found on the official website of minitool software.

What are windows 11autostart programs?

Windows 11 autostart programs are applications that are started automatically when you turn on your computer. these programs are started from the windows 11 autostart folder.

Some installed programs are set to start automatically every time you start your windows computer. However, it is not necessary to run them on startup.

If too many programs are running in the background at startup, this can slow down your computer and cause problems, such as. B. A startup error, system crash, black screen, etc.

the good news is that you can change the autostart programs in windows 11 and disable the applications that you don’t want to start when your pc boots up.

Changing the autostart programs in windows 11

To find out which programs are run at startup

path 1. About windows search

  1. Click on the search box or press the windows-key to invoke windows search.
  2. Enter start-apps in the search field, and click on system settings for autostart apps, to open it. Then you can see the list of your windows 11 startup programs.

path 2. Use the windows settings

  1. Click on start -> settings or press the key combination windows + I, to start the windows-settings to open.
  2. Click in the left window on apps.
  3. scroll down in the right window and click on the option autostart.
  4. In the section autostart apps you can check which programs are configured to start at logon.

this article is mainly about downloading the windows 11 ISO file (32 bit or 64 bit) and how to properly install windows 11 on your PC.

disabling autostart programs in windows 11

Way 1. About the settings

If you want to prevent some programs from running at windows 11 startup, you can use the two methods above to access the list of windows 11 autostart programs and set the switch of these programs to off. You have to turn off the switch of the target programs one by one.

In the list of autostart programs you will also see an estimation of how a program will affect the windows 11 startup process. It includes several levels: high impact, medium impact, low impact, no impact and not measured.

The app marked "low impact" consumes less than 0.3 seconds of CPU time and 300 KB on the hard disk (I/O), while the app marked "high impact" consumes more than 1 second of CPU time and 3 MB on the hard disk (I/O).

However, you should not rely too much on this estimation. most pcs can handle a number of high-impact autostart programs without affecting the performance of your computer.

learn how to update windows 11/10 to download and install the latest updates to keep your windows pc or laptop running well.

Way 2. remove windows 11 autostart programs from task manager

  1. Press ctrl + switch + esc, to open the task manager in windows 11.
  2. In the task manager click on the tab autostart. All autostart applications are listed here.
  3. You can check the startup impact column to check the impact of the programs.
  4. To disable a program at startup, you can select it and click on disable alternatively you can right click on the program and then click on disable.

way 3. Stop the execution of the program at startup with the app advanced options

  1. Click on start -> settings -> apps.
  2. Click on apps& features and search for the target program.
  3. click on the three-dot icon next to the program and select advanced options.
  4. At will be executed when you log in you can toggle the switch off to remove the program from windows 11 autostart.

To add programs to the autostart in windows 11

  1. Press the key combination windows + R, type shell:startup on and press enter to open the windows 11 autostart folder.
  2. If the application already has a shortcut, you can drag the shortcut directly into the autostart folder to add it to the autostart.
  3. If the application does not have a link yet, you can click on the start menu on all apps find the target application and drag it to the desktop to create a desktop shortcut. Alternatively, you can right-click on the app in the start menu and then click on more -> open file location click to find the app shortcut. Then you can copy the shortcut of the app from the desktop to the windows 11 autostart folder. you can also hold down the alt key and drag the executable file of the program into the autostart folder. This will also create a shortcut for this executable file.
  4. the next time you start your computer, the program will be started automatically.

The disadvantage of adding programs to autostart in windows 11 is obvious. Loading these programs will take more time and windows startup time will be longer than before.

If you want to change your mind in the future and disable the program at startup, you can simply go to the windows 11 autostart folder and delete the program’s shortcut. Then it will no longer start automatically when you turn on your computer.

An overview of the specifications, system requirements, versions, features, available languages, etc. From windows 11. Check your windows 11 specifications.

Which programs should always be run at startup?

Some programs must be run at startup and should not be disabled. These programs include antivirus programs and services, mouse and keyboard software, computer audio services and managers such as realtek HD audio manager, etc. The most important programs and services that keep your computer running properly should be enabled at startup and not disabled.

If you don’t know whether the program can be disabled or not, you can try to disable it and check if your computer has any problems at the next startup. If your computer is working fine, you can disable the program. However, if your computer has errors, you can re-enable the program on startup.

What is the windows 11 autostart folder and how to access it?

The windows 11 autostart folder is a folder where the windows operating system stores the shortcuts of the programs that need to be started with windows. When you open it, you will see a list of shortcuts to the programs that are automatically launched when the computer starts up.

Way 1. Run via windows

Press windows + R, enter shell:startup enter and press enter to open the autostart folder in windows 11.

path 2. Using the file explorer

you can open the file explorer, copy and paste the path "C:\user\USERNAME\appdata\roaming\microsoft\windows\startup" into the address bar and press enter to get to the location of the autostart folder in windows 11.

If you see the error message windows 11 cannot run on this PC, you know how to fix it? In this article we will show you some useful solutions.

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