Windows 10 autostart

Activated program in Windows 10 autostart folder (Task Manager)

In this short tutorial I will describe what the windows 10 autostart folder is good. Also you will find below in this tutorial how to get a new program into the windows autostart, deactivate it and remove it again. Here goes:

What is windows 10 autostart

The autostart folder of windows 10 is a special file folder below the logged in user, which contains links to programs that should be started automatically when windows 10 is started. This is located under the following path:

Below I describe what you can do with the autostart folder.

Why does windows 10 need an autostart folder?

Why does windows 10 need the autostart-order under windows at all?? Some programs and applications on your computer must be removed from the start windows with be started. These are, in addition to the services of windows, mainly applications or. Programs that are important for you as a user. For example:

  • Antivirus software
  • The update routine of virus scanners
  • Windows defender
  • Software firewalls to protect users
  • Certain hardware drivers (e.g.B. graphic cards)

Add a program to the windows autostart folder

important programs like an antivirus program or the firewall are usually installed by the installation routine that comes with the program automatically during the first installation in the autostart folder copied from windows 10. Here you do not have to do anything yourself as a user.

Provided that they program, which they would otherwise have to start manually over and over again, automatically start after windows login you can do this with the do the following steps:

  • Type [windows-key]+[R] on the keyboard
  • Enter the following: shell:startup
  • It opens the path to "C:\users\<user>\appdata\roaming\microsoft\windows\start menu\programs\startup" in file explorer
  • Create a shortcut to the software you want to start on windows startup.

Linking in the startup folder of windows

Notice: of course you can also create the software or. Copy the program to the startup folder. But this takes more space on the hard disk of your pc. Also, it does not update automatically when you install a software update for the corresponding program. Therefore it is more convenient to create a shortcut.

Disable programs in windows autostart folder

You do not have to completely remove or even delete a software or program from the autostart folder under windows 10. It is often enough to disable the entry in the autostart folder. Here’s how it works:

  • Open the task-manager with [CTRL]-[SHIFT]-[EXCEL]
  • Switch to the autostart tab
  • Right-click on the line with the program you want to start
  • Select the "deactivate" entry
  • The "status" column now shows "deactivated"

To disable a program in the windows autostart folder

You have deactivated the program in the windows 10 autostart folder.

re-enable programs in windows 10 autostart

If you have deactivated a software program in the task manager as described above, you can of course reactivate it later. This is how to do it:

  • Open the task manager with [CTRL]-[SHIFT]-[EXCEL]
  • Switch to the autostart tab
  • Right-click on the line with the relevant program
  • Select the "activate" entry
  • The "status" column now shows "activated" again

Activated program in the Windows 10 autostart folder (Task Manager)

Enabled program in windows 10 autostart folder (task manager)

The software will now start automatically the next time you restart your windows 10 computer with.

Remove programs from the autostart folder

Programs that you have copied to the startup folder of your user account can be removed in the same way:

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