Windows 10 autostart: find folders and add programs – this is how to do it

In our guide, we show you where to find the autostart menu, what has become of the associated folder and how to add programs.

From sara petzold,
21.05.2021 15:41 hrs

windows 10’s autostart is important, but it works a little differently than in previous versions of windows.

The autostart of windows is one of the most important functions of the microsoft operating system. Nevertheless, it is not obvious at first glance how to use it and assign programs – or remove them to speed up the system.

With windows 10 there are also some changes in the autostart compared to previous windows versions. We will explain in detail how to set up autostart in the current microsoft operating system and what you need to keep in mind when doing so.

Windows 10 autostart: what to do with the folder?

  • right click in the taskbar and select task manager.
  • In the newly opened window, call the tab autostart at.
  • right-click on the desired program in the list to activate or deactivate the autostart function for this software.
  • If you disable autostart for a program, windows will no longer start it automatically when you boot your computer.
  • Calls via the key combination windows + R the run menu at.
  • Give the command shell:startup a.
  • If the .Exe file of the program in the newly opened folder, so that the software appears in the autostart tab of the task manager in the future.

Tool-tip: autoruns
a very helpful tool to manage automatically starting programs is autoruns from microsoft itself. However, since autoruns also offers overviews of many other elements, such as services and drivers, it can seem a bit overwhelming at first glance. It is aimed more at advanced users, but it serves its purpose very well despite its somewhat dusty appearance.

Effects of windows 10 autostart

Depending on how many programs you have activated in the autostart of windows 10, it takes longer at startup until all tasks are completed. The autostart tab in the taskmanager shows you therefore in the area"startup effect« how much the autostart of a software slows down the boot process.

How do you know me, which programs have a particular impact on windows 10 startup? Windows 10 divides the degree of impact into three categories: low, medium and high. Depending on how noticeable the start of a program is when windows 10 boots up, the operating system classifies the software.

You can also view more detailed information on the following pages. Right-click on the bar in the autostart tab STARTING EFFECT and set in the context menu besides CPU at startup a hook. Now the taskmanager shows you the time, during which a program uses the CPU when starting up your pc.

The windows 10 taskmanager shows you, which effects the autostart can have on the start of windows.

Clean up autostart as a tuning tip

Also to consider: the more programs start automatically with windows 10 and run in the background, the more resources are used in the background. If your PC is running slower and slower, it may be worthwhile to deactivate the autostart for programs that are not really needed.

Details about this tuning tip and five other ways to make your PC faster can be found in the following guide at gamestar plus:

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What to do if the task manager does not display the effects? It can happen that the taskmanager displays the following message instead of an evaluation of the startup effect not measured display. This is often the case if you have just added programs to the autostart and/or installed an update for windows 10. This problem should be solved after a few restarts of your computer.

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