Which car insurance is good and inexpensive??

Good and cheap car insurance

A car insurance should be as cheap as possible, but at the same time really good. Does this fit together at all?

Decisive for good car insurance.

Whether you’re changing or buying a new one, before you start looking, you should think about which criteria are most important to you when it comes to car insurance. Because it is not only the price that determines how satisfied you will be with the insurance in the end. You should take the following aspects into consideration:

Are comparison portals helpful?

On the internet you will find dozens of comparison portals. They provide an initial overview of insurance companies and rates. However, you should keep in mind that these portals are not independent and do not list the entirety of suppliers. For a first comparison, however, a portal search can be helpful.

Liability or comprehensive insurance?

Simplified, it can be said that liability insurance is about price, while comprehensive insurance is about performance.
In germany, every car that is registered for road use needs a minimum level of protection – liability insurance. It compensates for damage caused by you as the owner or. you cause damage to other people or their vehicles. Many policyholders are primarily interested in a favorable rate. That’s why some people don’t take out comprehensive insurance.

If you then cause an accident, however, you have to pay for the damage to your car yourself. And that can quickly become expensive, even for minor damage such as a broken window or damaged paint. Partial or fully comprehensive insurance is therefore advisable. Fully comprehensive insurance covers z. B. Also covers self-inflicted damage or vandalism; recommended especially for new cars. Partial casco, on the other hand, pays out for certain types of damage that are not self-inflicted: z. B. In the event of theft, wildlife accidents or if your car is damaged by bad weather such as hail and storms. This also covers the often costly damage to cables and hoses caused by marten bites.

Important: in vehicle liability and comprehensive insurance, you also collect no-claims years and thus receive discounts on the actual premium over time. The longer you drive accident-free, the cheaper it is.

Important information on insurance premiums

  • If you are a beginner or a pensioner?
  • Who else drives the car besides you?
  • How many kilometers do you drive per year??

All of these factors are ultimately reflected in your premium.

Type class:
if you are driving a car with a low class, you can already save costs. You can find the respective type classes online.

even frequent drivers pay a higher premium, because the risk of an accident increases with every kilometer they drive. For example, if you pay 15.000 km, pays compared to a driver with only 6.000 km more. When taking out insurance, do not overstate your estimated annual mileage. However, you should not cheat your mileage downwards just to save money. In the event of a claim, it can be expensive if the insurance company finds out that you drive far more than stated.

in the regional class, insurers group together cities and municipalities. Statistically, more accidents occur in some regions than in others. If you live in an area with a high accident rate, you will pay higher premiums. As the policyholder, you cannot influence this factor.

You can also save money by choosing the annual payment method. You can save a few euros compared to paying quarterly or monthly premiums.

Choose the right deductible

For a high deductible in the comprehensive insurance you will receive a premium discount. You then have to pay for minor damage yourself, for example if you break the protective glass on your turn signal. This saves the insurer administrative costs. 150 EUR deductible is common for partial coverage, 300 EUR for fully comprehensive coverage. A higher deductible can be worthwhile, but in most cases it only brings a small saving.

Are additional benefits useful?

It depends on your personal situation. With the so-called mallorca policy, you can increase the liability insurance sum for the rental car abroad to the German level. Additional protection against damage caused by martens and deer may be advisable. In the event of a breakdown, your insurer will organize immediate assistance and pay for the possible removal of your broken-down car as well as for an onward or return journey service. If you can do without these additional benefits, your premium will be lower and you will save money.

Different amounts of coverage

The coverage or. Sum insured is the amount of compensation an automobile liability insurance company will pay for a claim. The legislator stipulates a minimum sum of 7.5 million euros. EUR for personal injury, 1.22 million. EUR for property damage and 50.000 EUR for property damage before. most insurers offer coverage of 50 mio. Or, like NuRNBERGER, 100 mio. EUR an. You can save a little on premiums if you have a low level of coverage. However, if you cause a major accident, you will hardly be able to pay for the damage out of your own pocket. It is therefore not advisable to cut corners when it comes to the sum insured.

To which garage after the accident?

Another way to save money is to lock in the repair shop. It can give you a premium saving of approx. 15 % in comprehensive insurance. As a driver, you agree to have your car repaired at a repair shop selected by the insurer in the event of a claim. You should bear in mind that the insurer, such as NuRNBERGER, has the repairs carried out according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Otherwise you could jeopardize the manufacturer’s warranty.

It’s the service that counts.

As with credit institutions, there are also more and more direct providers in the insurance sector. On average, they are cheaper than conventional car insurers, but they do not offer personal advice and do not have a branch network. While you can save a little on direct insurance, you’ll be giving up the convenience of the all-around service of a traditional insurer, z. B. In the event of a claim.

Car insurance

Did you know?

If you’re looking for good car insurance, you shouldn’t just look for the lowest price – because cheap insurance can cost you dearly in the event of a claim. Click here to find out which NuRNBERGER tariff suits you best.

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