What is the difference between convertible, coupe and roadster??

in summer you often see cars "topless. Many people talk about cabriolets, but I’ve heard coupes and roadsters used by others. But where exactly are the differences?

I’m sure a lot of you are smiling to yourselves or shaking your heads because you know all about it. but i am also convinced that there are some people who are not sure what the differences are.

That’s why we are starting with the coupe now.

Coupes – closed, sporty cars with two doors

They form their own body style and, compared to the classic sedan, look as if someone has cut off a piece at the back. The roof therefore slopes sharply to the rear and is often supported by only two – and not the usual three – pillars.

In the past coupes were always two-seaters. In the meantime, there are also four- and five-seaters that are counted as coupes. Sitting in the back is no fun because of the space constraints.

Convertible – with retractable fabric roof

The convertible is also a special body shape of a car. The special feature here is that the roof can be folded back.

Convertibles and coupes often look very similar, as convertibles are often based on coupe variants of a vehicle series. In a nutshell, the key difference is that the convertible lacks a roof.

Normally the roof is one of the supporting components of the vehicle and it has to be replaced. The focus therefore shifts to the floor group to obtain maximum rigidity.

Coupe and cabrio so far simple and clear in the distinction, but what about the linguistic hybrids convertible sedan and coupe convertible?

In convertibles, the roof is open, but the window frame, B-pillar and C-pillar remain in place, so the driver is not sitting completely in the open.

models with retractable roofs, also known as retractable hardtops, are known as coupe convertibles.

And what about the roadster??

Put simply, the roadster is the purist of the "topless" vehicles: open body design of a two-seater sports car, without a fixed roof or top.

In a pinch, however, you can close the roof with simple aids. It quickly becomes clear that roadsters are mainly about driving pleasure and not about comfort or convenience.

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