What is the cost of a good child seat?

Teddy in child seat - safety

As with many other products, the price of the child seat also varies . From about. from 50 euros to a few hundred euros, there are various models to buy. The price depends on many factors. The decisive factor, however, is which quality& equipment, as well as which manufacturer and seating group is preferred. Many parents, unfortunately, tend to look too much at the price. But you should never save at the wrong end.

New parents in particular are often faced with the problem "which child seat is best for your child". It is therefore all the more important to know what to look for when buying or what to look out for in general.

Which mistakes you should avoid and what really matters, you will learn in the following article.

The child car seat – from small to large

Especially with the purchase of a new child seat, the issue of safety plays a major role. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the selected child seat is standard ECE 44-03 or. 44-04 + is tuv tested. Here you should have a special eye. Good child seats are already available from about. 100 euro. Of course there are also cheaper models available. However, these often do not offer the same safety standards and are therefore not always recommended (model dependent). Here you must and should always consider what requirements are placed on the seat.

If, for example, a child seat with ISOFIX system is needed, or it should be particularly light, you usually do not come under the 100 euro mark. However, it can be a small help to find out about a child car seat test. The ADAC look at z.B. Each year looks more closely at some models and assigns its own test scores. This is how you get your first insights into whether the seat is to be recommended or not.

What requirements should a child seat meet??

To ensure that your child is transported safely and securely, it is particularly important to make sure that the child seat fulfills the most important safety aspects.

Important safety aspects:

  • AMake sure that you comply with the EU standards (standard ECE 44-03 resp. 44-04)
  • Amake sure that you have the right child seat group
  • Wif possible, do without used child seats

The STANDARDS ECE 44-03 / 44-04

In germany and in the EU, no more child seats are being sold without the required NORM ECE 44-03 or ECE 44-03. 44-04 approved. Nevertheless, there are still models, especially older ones (before 2008) that are sitting in a cellar somewhere, just waiting to be used. This please NOT use more.

Do not skimp on the child seat

you can certainly save money when buying an infant car seat. Current offers and discounts can always be worthwhile. What you should not do is to focus only on "cheap" products. Similarly, you should not be tempted to buy used models at a bargain price. Unfortunately, you never know how long the seat has been in use and whether it may be. damage caused by z.B. has had a "car accident.

Conclusion – what does a good child seat cost??

Child seats do not always have to be expensive. If the most important aspects are fulfilled and the right child seat group is found, one is usually faced with a very large selection. From expensive to cheap is almost always something. With a little luck the desired even model is just in the offer.

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