What is my car worth?

If you want to sell your car, you should have a car appraisal done before you buy it. We from auto ankauf franken will tell you the value of your vehicle in the end. It is not easy to value a car. Different factors have to be taken into account for the price calculation. Auto ankauf franken gives you detailed information about the value of your car. We not only provide you with information about the value of your car, but also explain to you how this value was arrived at in the first place. Auto ankauf franken determines the value of your car free of charge and without obligation and supports you in selling your car at a fair price.

Professional car valuation

To determine the value of your car, we have to check each car individually for its functions. We can not make general statements. We do not recommend selling a car without an appraisal. It is usually advisable to have the value of a vehicle determined by an expert. Even a car valuation is almost impossible to perform, a layman simply lacks the expertise for a correct valuation. There are two options available for a car valuation:

It is essential to have a professional appraisal done before any car change. It does not matter whether the car purchase is carried out privately or by a dealer. It is interesting in how far these two types of valuation differ from each other.

car value autoankauffranken.The car dealer
calculate vehicle value
free vehicle evaluation price calculation with schwacke-list
market price X
all data of the car, the condition as well as the current market price and replacement value of the car flow into the valuation of our experts. The value of the car is based on estimates and cannot be calculated exactly
car value
free and professional vehicle valuation provides only an estimated price

The online car valuation

you can calculate the value of your car with a free online valuation calculator. The online valuation is offered by more and more providers. Here’s how it works: you enter all the vehicle data, usually the make, model, first registration and mileage, as well as transmission and body type. The data is compared with the market data of similar vehicles. the database provides comprehensive and up-to-date market data. A comparative value is obtained. This serves as an average value. You get the value in just one moment. there are service providers who charge for the online evaluation. Auto ankauf franken offers this service free of charge and at any time.

The online valuation has the advantage that it is possible for every car owner to calculate the value of his car within a few minutes from the comfort of his home. You get a first indication of the value of your car. It is important to know that this value is an average value and therefore it is not an exact indication of value. In order to subject the passenger car to an accurate valuation, it requires a precise vehicle assessment by an expert. The expert valuation is 100% more accurate than a valuation from a price catalog. This is outdated after a very short time, because the market is constantly changing.

The expert takes into account all the functions and features of your car. Like for example the condition of the body or the interior. It is different with a valuation with an online calculator. Technical defects or special equipment as well as damage to the car, which should be included as decisive factors in a value determination, cannot be included afterwards.

The car valuation on the spot

After an apparent inspection, the value of the car can be accurately estimated by an expert and you will receive a correct value of your car. A professional can estimate differently than a layman how much it will cost to remove the defects and how much these will be included in the value of the car. Furthermore, special equipment on the car can be included in the evaluation, taking the current time value into account. Z.B. If sports rims or a sound system installed 3 years ago lose value within a very short time and no longer have the value as new. With an expert valuation you get a much more accurate and comprehensive value than with the online valuation.

Auto ankauf franken offers you a free valuation of your car. We are specialized in the purchase of all makes and models of cars. Do you want to sell your accident car? Also here auto ankauf franken in nuremberg is your perfect contact person. We evaluate every car for free. We offer you with our free expert evaluation a professional support to your car sale in nuremberg. Do you have any questions about what my car is worth?? We give you an expert answer and look forward to your inquiry.

2. Which car is worth?

After the purchase of a new car, it loses value as soon as the keys are handed over. However, it is not possible to foresee how specifically the depreciation of the car will develop. What can be said for sure is that for new cars, after only one year, a loss of value of 24% has to be deducted from the selling price. All further years are claimed with a loss in value of five to six percent. On average, a car in germany is 16 years old. What will the value of the car be after three, five or even 10 years?? Of course, you can not give a standard value here. Even minor accidents can lead to a significant loss in the value of the car. The brand image of the manufacturer can also deteriorate and the value of the car may be reduced.

Many factors play a role in determining the value of a used car. There is a way to calculate what a new car bought in the spring of 2015 will still be worth after four years (spring 2019) according to a forecast.

-highest value retention: the percentage loss in value from the original value of what a vehicle still retains after four years.
-lowest depreciation: which models have lost the least of their original value after four years? (absolute value loss)

value retention 2018
category model value retention
electric vehicles hyundai ioniq electric 58.61 percent
compact cars kia picanto 1.2 ISG 58.05 percent
small car mini one 62.83 percent
compact car mercedes A-class A 250 7G-DCT 59.71 percent
mid-size skoda octavia combi 1.8 TSI DSG 53.50 percent
upper class BMW 540i xdrive automatic 52.15 percent
luxury class porsche panamera 4 51.64 percent
sports car porsche 911 GT3 66,52 percent
compact vans opel zafira 1.6 DIT start/stop 53.61 percent
vans mercedes V-class 220 d compact 7G-tronic 52.81 percent
small suvs BMW X1 sdrive 18i 59.29 percent
compact suvs porsche macan turbo PDK 65.00 percent
suvs VW touareg 3.0 V6 TDI 4motion aut. 58.60 percent

3. What is my car worth after three years??

We can not give a general answer to this question. Many factors are taken into account in the valuation process. Vehicle-typical characteristics must be examined, as well as the current market value and the image of the manufacturer. The season is also a factor in the valuation.

What is my car worth after three years?? The most important thing to know about this question is the condition of the car. Are there any defects? For example, small scratches or is the paint in perfect condition?? Are the seats torn? What about the fittings? Do these have rough signs of use? Is the car a non-smoking car or was smoking in the car regularly?? Have animals been transported whose hair can be found on the seats. These factors are taken into account when determining the value of the car. Of course, functionality is also a decisive point. What good is a well-maintained checkbook if the brakes don’t work?.

guarantees about your used car and their influence on the car value

Car manufacturers are of the same opinion, so when you buy a new car, you often get guarantees that apply to many defects, saving the car owner a lot of costs in the first few years. the german carmaker audi offers a two-year warranty, which can be extended for a fee. If you want to claim a warranty for your car, you are bound to keep the service appointments. However, he has to pay for the costs of the service appointments himself. in germany, the car dealer is legally obligated to compensate for defects for at least one year after the sale of a vehicle.

In most cases, an extended warranty is possible. This must be made but on its own request and their costs must be borne by the customer. However, the best warranty and service protection do not protect against defects in the car. Because these can arise after a 3 year wear and tear very well. With high mileage, worn brake pads or worn tire treads can be a reason for a visit to the workshop. One thing is certain, whether it’s a new or used car any car can get a defect. However, this does not mean that the car is not for sale. Defects can already be caused by ordinary wear and tear. So it is quite possible to sell a car with minor or major defects. Auto ankauf franken is happy to support you in this regard.

The defect rates of the ten worst vehicle types in the respective age classes

Until 3 years

Until 5 years

Up to 7 years

Up to 9 years

Until 11 years

4. What is my car worth after five years??

In principle, the same rules apply to every valuation: the value of the used car must be determined before every sale. Otherwise, you can expect high financial losses or there is no buyer who wants to pay the estimated price. Auto ankauf franken supports you and offers you a valuation by experts. Of course free of charge.

At auto ankauf franken you can find out the value of your car with our online car purchase form. In addition, we offer you a free valuation by our expert on the spot. Before selling your car, you will get the answer to the question: what is my car worth after five years??

After five years it often becomes crucial for a car. Why this is so? From a huge off-road vehicle to a small passenger car. In the fifth year the car has to be inspected for the second time. Current figures show that this is often a difficult limit for cars. On average, the age of a used car traded in germany is between five and six years. Reasons are:

After five (or six) years, the car is more often defective. These are not only due to wear and tear. If it is a question of wear parts, these can often be replaced cheaply. After the five years of a car’s life, you may have to pay more for damage here and there. Of course, every car has different damages. Basically, you can say that there are some damages that occur more often after five years: such as rust spots on load-bearing parts.

Defects on the front scar occur more frequently. This is a machine component and is located on the shaft or axle. This is often equipped with sensors. Furthermore, it can come to problems with the track bar, this is especially with cars when the road conditions are bad. This defect leads to the fact that the steering has too much freedom of movement. Consequence: the car can no longer be steered correctly. It is important to know that if you delay the repair of the tie rod, other parts of the chassis may be damaged. This leads to significantly higher costs.

Basically, almost all defects from five years can be said that if they are not repaired immediately, it will be expensive. Since consequential damages are imminent and these cause much higher costs. After the five years it is important to change the battery, brake pads and fluids. Not to forget parts such as tires, timing belts, air filters and cabin filters that need to be replaced. Added together, this can quickly become expensive. Also, statistics show that in the first five years there are often accidents, so the value of the car is further reduced.

Once the first major damage, the general loss of value or even the replacement of many small parts comes up, then the whole thing already adds up to such an extent that you consider whether you should rather sell the car. In order to invest the proceeds of sale in a new car, it is best to ask auto ankauf franken "what is my car still worth after five years". We answer your questions free of charge. If you are planning to sell your car, then simply book an appointment and we will advise you free of charge and without obligation.

Calculate depreciation free of charge

In general, it can be said that the value loss after five years drops by up to 50%, depending on model and brand. Who would like to know concretely, how the value loss developed, gets a free car evaluation from auto ankauf franken or uses the car cost overview of an automobile club.

As fast as you get an overview of the prices they are outdated again. The automotive market is very fast moving. Here you have a clear advantage if you use the non-binding car valuation of auto ankauf franken.

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