What is my car still worth??

For many people, a car is purely a utility object to get from A to B.

Whether it’s a new car or a used one, very few people know how the value of their car will develop over time.

Even classic car enthusiasts don’t always know exactly what their automobile treasure is worth.

Usually this is not a question that constantly comes up for a car owner.

However, at the latest, when a new car is needed, it is important.

Most car owners are then completely overwhelmed with the value calculation of their vehicle. So what is your car still worth?

What is my car still worth? – what your car is still worth, you can partly determine yourself

There are, of course, a number of ways you can better estimate the value of your car.

There are different sales platforms in different media, where you can get relatively good information.

These include, among others, the following sales platforms:

  • Internet sales platforms
  • Bidding platforms on the internet
  • Daily newspapers, regional or national gazettes with weekly car market
  • Car magazines with monthly car market
  • vehicles displayed at dealerships
  • Sales events such as drive-in cinemas
  • Price lists

What is my car still worth? – internet sales platforms

However, you will quickly notice that comparable vehicles have completely different prices on different offer platforms.

On the internet, many cars are very inexpensive, but at the same time they can differ enormously by several thousand euros for the same model and even for the same year of manufacture.

Do not be misled by supposedly high sales prices on auction sites.

The same vehicle can achieve completely different prices in different auctions.

What is my car still worth? – daily and weekly newspapers, car ads in print media

The offers in regional daily or weekly newspapers are relatively homogeneous and also realistic – at least as far as the price structure in a certain region is concerned.

In car magazines, specifically in target group oriented magazines such as for classic cars or motor sports, many ordinary cars are conspicuously expensive.

What is my car still worth?? – used offers at dealers (free and authorized dealers, private markets)

This also applies to cars at the dealership.

The price level is somewhat lower at independent dealers.

However, the prices are at the upper limit and many cars do not deliver what they promise – despite strict warranty regulations.

You can get a good overview in drive-in cinemas.

But then you have to deal with the cars intensively for weeks. This is the only way to get a feeling for good prices and slow-movers.

What is my car still worth? – price lists

Price lists such as the so-called schwacke list also only give rough indications. Most of the time, the prices quoted there are not obtainable on the open market.

These lists are rather a good indication if there is accident damage that has to be assessed for the insurance.

What is my car still worth? – first determine average values and get a feeling for your model

Nevertheless, good average values can be calculated from most of the mentioned platforms.

To do this, you should compare the prices quoted on major online platforms and those in the major car markets of daily and weekly newspapers and calculate averages.

But then you still have to evaluate your own car.

What is my car still worth? – the individual price level depends on numerous factors

Whether they can assume the average value, below or above, depends on numerous factors:

  • Mileage
  • general condition of the car’s interior (from clean to "worn out")
  • condition of the car (paint, dents, scratches)
  • Maintenance history (checkbook maintained or maintenance backlog)
  • Number of previous owners
  • accident damage or without accident
  • color
  • Equipment
  • special features (model maintenance, special model, one of the first or last vehicles of a series, etc.).)

What is my car still worth?? – the mileage

Mileage does play a role.

However, today it is almost impossible to buy a vehicle that is between 5 and 10 years old and that has not already passed the 200.000 km was driven.

mileage below 100.000 km means very good sales chances, up to 200.000 km relatively good and above that the selling price to be achieved can clearly depend on the kilometers run.

It is an advantage if the car is at least maintained in a checkbook.

This should also be done for mileage below 100.000 km must be traceable.

Otherwise the suspicion grows that the mileage was manipulated.

What is my car still worth? – older used cars, youngtimer, oldtimer

In general, complete documentation of workshop visits is always an additional argument for a good price.

Also for older vehicles and youngtimers. for oldtimers the restoration documentation is obligatory anyway.

Oldtimers are something special. So the vehicles must largely correspond to the original condition, in order to achieve a good value.

Take for example a mercedes E-class, for example the W 124, which is now slowly becoming a classic car.

Especially in germany a lot of e-classes are sold.

Many of them – even today – but are ordered with a cheap motorization and only with few or no extras.

Rust also plays an important role.

What is my car still worth? – depending on the age of advantage or disadvantage

In the area of the youngtimer many owners "upgrade" their vehicle then and get themselves from slaughter vehicles components of special equipment.

a typical example would be the fully electric leather interior with memory instead of the manual velour interior.

But no matter how expensive the retrofitting of original extras may be: at the latest as a real classic car it damages the vehicle because it deviates from the original delivery condition.

This also applies to paintwork that does not correspond to the original color.

But with youngtimers such a conversion and modification can bring in more money, especially if there is a lively scene around a model.

What is my car still worth? – what is my car worth in berlin and brandenburg – ultimate and free valuation

If you still have difficulties to evaluate the price of your car, we are also available in berlin and brandenburg to help you personally.

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In addition to the vehicle valuation, you will also receive tips from us on how you can realistically increase the selling price of your car.

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