What is an eu new car

What is an EU new car

In our current contribution we would like to deal with the FAQ, thus the most frequently occurring questions and answer them.

A new EU vehicle is a vehicle that was originally manufactured for another authorized dealer in the European Union and is now offered for sale in Germany. The cars are produced in the same production facilities as the German vehicles ordered. However, they were originally intended for export to the respective european country. There are no differences in quality compared to "German" vehicles, because the same materials are used. The same rules and standards also apply to safety standards throughout Europe. The vehicles are shipped to the intended EU country after completion. If a german buyer buys the car and it is brought to germany, is it then a so called reimport?.

Secure attractive price advantages!

Now you could assume that new EU vehicles would have to be more expensive than cars produced directly for the German market because of the transport routes involved. In most cases, however, you save money! On average, you will enjoy a price advantage of 20 to 30 percent over the German list price for a new vehicle. You are probably asking yourself: how can this be possible?? What explains these attractive prices??
One reason, for example, is that some countries in the EU still have their old currency as a second currency. Here, a good exchange rate can ensure a favorable purchase price for German dealers.
Other aspects are different tax rates and duties, as well as the different purchasing power or demand situation in the individual EU countries.
The purchase of large vehicle packages by several dealers leads to further discounts, which can then be passed on to the German customer.
In many cases, EU vehicles are available at short notice because they have already been pre-ordered or are even in stock at the German dealer selling the vehicle.
This eliminates the usual waiting/delivery time of up to 12 months and the desired vehicle is available "togo", so to speak!

Does the price affect the quality of the vehicles??

The question is probably whether the price affects the quality of the car. The simple answer is no! The quality and safety standards within the European Union are the same. Because the vehicles are manufactured in the same production facilities as "German" vehicles, the same materials and technical standards are used.

What is a daily registration?

The vehicle is only registered for one day and then deregistered the next day. The car is not driven despite registration!
Every new car, even a new EU car, has between 10 and 50 km on the speedometer. This is due to the fact that the vehicles are tested and test driven at the factory. On the other hand, the vehicles have to be transported by truck or by ship. Often a day registration is necessary in the respective country to be able to export the vehicle. In part, the daily registrations are needed to meet the corresponding registration requirements, or even sales policy goals.

What about the warranty?

It is not possible for a manufacturer to limit the warranty to a specific country. That means, no matter in which european country – manufacturer’s warranty remains manufacturer’s warranty! So you have the full warranty claim in germany as well.

For this you can visit the dealer of your choice. You do not have to take into account the dealer from which you bought the car! However, we recommend that you visit an authorized repair shop, as this will make it easier for the manufacturer to provide a replacement after the new vehicle warranty has expired. In addition, only then can you claim an original warranty extension by the respective manufacturer. It is important that the maintenance work is carried out according to the manufacturer’s specifications. In our workshop we perform the maintenance according to the manufacturer’s specifications, to make an appointment please click here.

the new car warranty, which is usually 2 years for all german manufacturers, can be extended by a so-called new car add-on warranty.

When buying a new EU vehicle, pay attention to the equipment!

As already mentioned, the equipment features of the respective vehicles can differ from each other. Depending on the country for which the vehicle is produced, different requirements apply. For example, in warmer southern european countries it can be assumed that an air conditioning system is part of the basic equipment of a vehicle, whereas a seat heating system is rather uncommon in these countries.
If a certain feature is particularly important to you, you should clarify before buying whether this is included in the equipment of the vehicle or whether it can be retrofitted. Can also be retrofitted. The equipment line of the vehicle does not mean that all equipment details are identical in all EU countries.

Do other rights apply to a new EU vehicle??

With us you conclude a sales contract according to German law, it does not matter whether it is a new EU vehicle or a German vehicle.

Can a new EU vehicle simply be registered in Germany??

Within the european union there is a so called EWG – certificate of conformity or COC (certificate of conformity), this declares the EU standards for motor vehicles. With this certificate and the foreign documents, if available, the vehicle can be registered in germany without any problems. Of course we will provide you with all the necessary documents for the registration in the corresponding county.

Do you have any other questions? Then click here. We are happy to answer your questions!

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