What does the repair of an automatic transmission cost??

Repairing an automatic transmission is a major expense that should only be done by a certified shop to preserve the value of the car. In addition, this type of damage requires a great deal of care, experience and specific knowledge, which you can expect to find in a professional car repair shop. With regard to the costs, there are various aspects that influence the price for repairing your automatic transmission.

How much does it cost to repair an automatic transmission? tips

Which automatic transmission is installed in your car??

A major factor determining the price of the repair is the amount of labor involved in repairing or replacing the transmission. A distinction is made between three types of automatic transmissions, which means a different amount of work for the car repair shop. Either a converter automatic, a semi-automatic or a continuously variable automatic is installed in your car. Each of these automatic transmissions poses its own challenges to your trusted repair shop, and the amount of work required to get to the transmission also differs. Thus, first of all, the type of transmission plays a role in determining the price for the repair.

How can you be sure that the automatic transmission is really defective??

What does the repair of an automatic transmission cost??

Due to the fact that it means a significant amount of work when the workshop inspects the automatic transmission, you should be relatively sure that the defect is located there. You must take into account that an automatic transmission is a wear part that wears out slowly but steadily. However, as soon as you suspect that there is a defect, you should act, otherwise further damage will occur. If you notice any of these signs in your car, you should go to the workshop you trust:

  • You notice the automatic transmission slipping when shifting gears.
  • You find that your automatic transmission no longer has drive.
  • When you want to start, you notice a delay.
  • When you check the hydraulic oil, you notice that it is black and you can detect a burnt smell.
  • When driving, you may notice that there are noises that you would locate in the engine compartment.

Repair or replacement?

As soon as it is diagnosed that the defect of your car must be localized in the automatic transmission, the question arises whether a repair or replacement is the right option for you. It should be noted that while repairing and overhauling the transmission is less expensive than installing a new automatic transmission, the age of the existing transmission should also be taken into consideration. Due to the fact that it is a part that is subject to wear, it may be the right decision, in the long run, to replace the automatic transmission, even if a repair is possible.

What does the repair of an automatic transmission cost??

The price can be kept lower by not using a new gearbox, but a replacement part that can occasionally be purchased cheaply. As a layman it is difficult to make such a decision, because you lack the experience as well as the specific technical knowledge. Even a remote diagnosis is of little help, as numerous aspects have to be taken into account in order to be able to make an informed recommendation. Because of this, it is also advisable to visit an appropriate specialist workshop to carry out the repair or replacement of the automatic transmission.

Which aspects must be taken into account when determining the price??

One risk in repairing an automatic transmission is that while individual components may be restored, in a short time other parts of the transmission may be problematic. Because of this, an automatic transmission must be expertly inspected before discussing repair or replacement options. Serious advice also includes being asked by the garage about your usage and driving habits. Because both the mileage and the driving style and the daily stress have a relevant influence on which variant is the right one for your individual situation.

What does the repair of an automatic transmission cost??

In addition, if a repair is not sufficient, it should be discussed whether the workshop can offer you the possibility of having an inexpensive used spare part installed instead of a new automatic transmission. In addition, the hourly rate charged by the repair shop for such work is also critical. Here, too, there is a clear differencee, which are ultimately reflected in the final bill. However, since an automatic transmission is a specific service that requires a great deal of expertise, you should choose an certified operation decide.

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