What does car tuning cost??

A nice car is something special. The typical vehicle from the assembly line is tuned to a real unique, which not only attracts attention, but often drives much better.

But in terms of cost, tuning is the rule and not the exception. Like all other work on and in the car, tuning measures cost a lot of money, especially since not all of them can be done by yourself. But how can the work be financed? Is there any savings potential or ways to borrow money at short notice for a special bargain?? This article looks under the hood at tuning costs.

What do tuning measures cost in detail??

There are, of course, various tuning options – and they all come at different prices. roughly speaking, the painting of special patterns costs much more than the mere application of appropriate tattoo foils. In principle, work that requires real intervention in the vehicle and even has to be carried out by certified workshops is particularly expensive.

These measures usually have to be approved by a test center, which means that the test fee and the costs for the corresponding entries in the vehicle documents are added to the costs. An overview:

Chiptuning – the engine performance is directly affected here . Car manufacturers only run most cars at about 80 percent of their potential, so of course there really is more power to be had here. However, chiptuning is not equal to chiptuning. In the so-called 10-cent-tuning, the fuel fine is increased, and at the same time a resistance device is placed between the temperature element and the engine control unit. This tuning is partly already available for less than 100 euro. It becomes more expensive if the engine control unit, or. Whose chip is completely reprogrammed. But this variant has the advantage that the car can be set back to "factory settings" almost effortlessly. Depending on the vehicle this tuning costs up to 1000,00 euro. The last variant is the exchange of the chip. Here the price depends on the vehicle, the desired chip and the effort.

Turbocharger – the turbocharger consists of a housing with compressor and turbine housings at the ends. the turbocharger is mounted on the exhaust manifold. These parts can be tampered with to extend the life of the component, but also to produce a general optimization. there are different tuning options, so the price also varies. Under 350,00 euro tuning friends do not get away however.

Tuning the exhaust system – it’s not just about performance, it’s also about looks. The tuning of the exhaust system can consist of the installation of a new muffler, but also of a completely new system. How expensive the tuning is, depends on the extent and the used materials.

Air filter – it also belongs to the engine tuning and causes a performance increase. The sport air filters also increase the engine noise. At this point – as with the tuning of the exhaust system – it must be remembered that the car can quickly become a moving nuisance. If the noise level exceeds 80 decibels, a fine is due.

Those who not only want to increase the performance of the car, but also to adapt it visually to the new engine power, often have to dig really deep into their pockets. This applies in particular to those who would like to have the car repainted and have sports seats fitted.

Sound machine – the exhaust system is also a sought-after tuning object

How can this be financed?

The best way to pay for tuning is, of course, to save and top up whenever the money is available. But in many cases this is not so easy. If a chiptuning is carried out, a new air filter is also recommended, so that the engine lacks nothing. Basically, tuning enthusiasts should adhere to the following points before starting:

Consult experts – at this point, it is first of all only a question of which work is worthwhile on the respective vehicle and which of these can be carried out first. At the same time, it can be considered whether some work can be replaced by other work. If you want an eye-catching paint job, you can often reduce the costs with adhesive films.

Get quotes – Many workshops offer tuning measures, but the costs often vary. For some work, a DIY workshop is also worthwhile . In it all working tools are available, there are always specialists on site and it is helped mutually. You have to buy the parts yourself, and there is also a usage charge.

Inquire about legal issues – in addition to the pure tuning costs, a new registration and the acceptance of the vehicle at the TuV or dekra are often required. This also involves costs that have to be taken into account.

Now it is also possible to borrow money for tuning. So-called mini-loans are particularly suitable here. This is especially the case when a workshop or a supplier has a special offer that only runs for this month. Mini-loans amount to small sums and run only a maximum of 90 days.

Nevertheless, one thing is true: no one should go into debt for tuning. The money for the repayment must therefore be available. Mini-credits usually fit when a fixed higher cash inflow is expected in the next month anyway, which is not yet planned. Christmas or vacation money, for example, is the best way to repay a loan.

How to save on tuning?

If you visit several garages and get quotes, if you order the necessary parts yourself on the internet or – for seats and parts – look for them at scrap yards, you can save money . The same applies to those who are confident enough to visit a DIY workshop.

The important thing is not to put looks and performance before your own safety. Especially work on the chassis, the brakes, but also the engine must be carried out professionally, because the best tuning is of no use if the chassis suddenly breaks down while driving.

Conclusion – tuning costs

Just before getting their driver’s license and their first car, everyone probably thought that their parents were never right about the car being a piggy bank without a spending hole. A year later, everyone knew that the saying was true. The costs for tuning measures are included in the wisdom, because here, too, massive costs are incurred. Nevertheless, there are ways to save at least something.

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