Two methods: transfer autocad from one pc to another

in this article you can learn how to transfer autocad from one PC to another. Two simple methods are offered to transfer autocad with settings and license to another device.

windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/vista/XP

Autocad is a worldwide popular graphical drawing editor. The CAD program is autodesk’s flagship product and is widely used by engineers, mechanical engineers, architects, interior designers, design professionals and geo-informatics specialists.

In some cases, you may need to transfer the program from one computer to another, for example.B., you have to work at home now or you have bought a new computer. If you now need an effective solution for the transfer, we can offer you two methods to transfer not only the program but also the settings and the license together to another PC.

Part 1. transfer Autocad to another PC

To transfer the program easily and quickly, you can use professional data transfer software. Easeus todo pctrans is recommended. The program is very helpful when you want to transfer programs, files, user account settings and other data from one pc to another. Three transfer modes are available for you:

  • PC to PC: if the two pcs are connected under a same network, you can move the data over the network.
  • Backup and restore: create an image file. Then you can restore the file to any computer.
  • Local transfer: transfer programs with settings from one hard disk to another easily and quickly.

If you want to transfer autocad to another PC, you can use the function "PC to PC" select. Now download the software and start the transfer as follows.

windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/vista/XP

Step 1. run easeus todo pctrans on both pcs.

On the source PC, on the main screen of easeus todo pctrans, select "PC to PC" and continue.

Select PC to PC transfer mode

Step 2. Connect two computers.

1. Select your target PC to connect by its IP address or device name and click on "connect".

2. Enter the login password of your target PC and click "OK" to confirm.

If you have not seen the target PC in the listed devices, you can also click on "Add a PC" click to connect the target PC manually by entering its IP address or device name.

connect the two PCs

3. Set the transfer direction "Transfer from local PC" and click on "OK, to continue.

Step 3. Select apps, programs and software and then transfer them to the target computer

1. Click on "edit in the application area, then you can open the application list.

Then you can choose what you want to transfer from the current computer to the target PC.

2. After you have selected the programs you want to transfer, click "Finish" to confirm it.

finally click on "transfer, to start the transfer process.

Part 2. Transfer Autodesk license to another device

If you still want to use the license on another computer, you still need to export the license. In this part we will offer you the detailed instructions.

Step 1. Export Autocad settings

Open the "start"-menu> go to all programs > autodesk > autocad* (* stands for the autocad version).

The export tool will copy your settings as a zip file. you can copy the zip-file to another drive. On your new PC start autocad and import the autocad settings.

Step 2. Transfer licenses for your autodesk products via LTU

Notice: LTU is only available with autocad 2011 or newer versions.

1. Export the license

Find the license transfer utility in the start menu.

Start the tool and log in.

Click on the "export" -button. You have two options:

  • Private export: this is the default setting. The license will be restricted to your ID and the other users will not be able to use this license. After exporting, you should import the license within 14 days.
  • public export: this option allows you to transfer your license to another user who has activated the software with the same serial number.

Step 4. then click on "finish".

  • 2. Import the license

Download autodesk on another PC.

start LTU and log in.

Confirm the license import and on the page click on "finish".

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