Transporting the washing machine: this is the safe way to move into your new apartment

Prepare: drain residual water and attach transport safety device

So that during the transport of your washing machine no soap suds leakage, you should drain the residual water as well as possible. Otherwise, helpers could slip due to the slippery liquid or the transport vehicle could be damaged. How to do it:

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  • Disconnect the washing machine from the mains supply.
  • Open the flap at the front of the machine. Note: on some models, the cover is also located on the side or on the back wall.
  • Open the cap of the water hose.
  • Catch the escaping residual water in a shallow bowl. Tip: have a towel ready in case something goes wrong.
  • Put the cap back on. Close the tap for the water supply.

Residual water may also be present in the inlet and outlet hoses. Hold a bucket under the hoses when disconnecting them from the wall. then empty it as much as possible. Close the openings with some kitchen paper or cloth, so that no more water can get out during the journey.

Once you have drained the rest of the water, you can tape cables and hoses to the back of the washer.

Attach the transport lock

The transport straps for washing machines consist of approx. 5 cm long threaded bolts with plastic sheathing. They are included with every new machine. The bolts fix the otherwise free-floating drum in place. Keep it from hitting the case during the move. As a rule, the elements are attached to the rear side.

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Important: so that you can also enjoy your washing machine in your new apartment, you must remove the transport lock before using the machine for the first time. make a note or use your cell phone to remind you of your tasks. Do not remove the fuse before the first use, the drum may be broken.

If your transport safety device is gone, you can contact the manufacturer if necessary. Order spare parts. And if reordering is not possible? Then you can also transport the machine without transport protection. In this case, make sure that you store it in an upright position. If you transport the machine standing up, the drum has less room to move and there is less risk of damage.

Transporting the washing machine: tips and aids

When you have drained the residual water as far as possible and fixed the drum, your machine is ready for transport. To ensure that it reaches its destination safely, you should

  • Close the door and if necessary. Cover with adhesive tape.
  • the washing machine if possible carry upright. Even if you have installed the transport lock, you should not transport the machine lying down. The drum cannot then hit the housing – but smaller quantities of water (e.g. B. Leaking from the pump) and damaging the electronics.
  • Secure the machine in the car or van with straps. This way you are better protected in case of a full stop.

But how do you actually get the washing machine out of the apartment and into the car?? A hand truck or a carrying strap are helpful:

  • With a hand truck you can even transport the washing machine through the staircase. Push the machine on the cart in front of you, tilt it slightly in your direction and slowly roll it down the stairs, step by step.
  • Alternatively, ask a second person to carry the machine together using a belt. Appropriate risers (two lifting vests and a central sling) are available for as little as 15 euros in hardware stores. The advantage: the weight is mainly on the upper thighs and shoulders. In addition, you have your hands free and can easily open the front door yourself.

Tip: rubberized gloves Prevent slipping on the smooth surfaces and reduce the risk of injury.

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