The american dream – car from the usa

Germany can rightly be called an autonomous nation. Because world-famous brands such as audi, mercedes and BMW have their origins in the Federal Republic and German cars are considered to be of very high quality and safe. Nevertheless, the local engines do not make every heart beat faster. Many car lovers long for something special and would like to buy an american car. Mustang, chevrolet and dodge are just a few of the big names that can generate real enthusiasm. Are you also thinking of finally fulfilling a long-awaited dream and becoming the owner of a US car?? Then read on here and find out what to look out for.

Why buy a US car?

the united states of america is one of the most popular travel destinations for germans. The combination of beautiful, diverse scenery and mega-cities attracts some 79.3 million international vacationers each year. Since the USA does not have a well-developed infrastructure, tourists are dependent on a car to cover the long distances. It is therefore often cheaper to buy an older used car than to rent a vehicle.

besides, american cars are almost always more emotional, fancy and pompous than german cars. So it’s no wonder that many germans are looking for a way to bring their vehicles home from across the pond. it is true that the american cars are also available in germany, but often the offers are exorbitantly overpriced. Special equipment such as an automatic transmission, air conditioning or special requests are associated with a high surcharge and can reduce the enjoyment of the car. In contrast, such equipment is considered standard in the U.S., which reveals a significant price gap between German and American dealers.

Buying and importing cars from the USA

german law specifies that the price quoted within state borders is a fixed final price. The sales tax and all additional costs are already included in the price. This applies to foodstuffs, articles and goods from the retail trade and, of course, also to car purchases. In the USA a different principle prevails. Additional costs, documentation and processing fees must be expected. In addition, you have to pay a lot of money for the US registration and the sales tax.

Online portals for buying a car

But how to proceed if you want to find american muscle cars? It is advisable to use online portals that are specifically designed for the sale of U.S. cars. With the help of a filter it is possible to filter cars that meet the desired requirements. The selection can be made according to the following criteria:

  • Car brand
  • Model
  • vehicle type
  • year of construction
  • Mileage
  • Desired price

However, this calculator not only offers a specific search function, but also provides well-founded and independent information on each vehicle. the actual final price including additional costs is also calculated. In this way, the buyer will not be surprised and can be sure that the price quoted is the final cost.

Eyes up when buying a car

In addition, the documentation fee should be pointed out. This is charged for the typical paperwork, which involves a lot of work and effort. Often this fee is offset against the other additional costs and is quietly accepted by buyers. In fact, the costs vary from state to state. While in california for example only 55 dollars are demanded, in florida they demand an unbelievable 607 dollars. So if you want to save money when buying a car, you should pay attention to the origin of the car.

Last but not least, possible damages should be pointed out. The forwarding agencies are often not very squeamish with the vehicles. It has been proven that since 2000, 1.7 million vehicles have suffered scratches, damage, dents and other defects during U.S. importation. For this reason it is a good idea to use the "limited warranty" contract. For two percent of the vehicle’s value, all damage is covered by insurance.

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