The 10 most beautiful destinations in europe

Most beautiful vacation destinations in Europe

A road trip means freedom! After all, there is nothing better on a vacation in croatia than stopping off in a picturesque village or cruising along the adriatic sea to stroll along the dream beaches of splits, depending on your mood. Webuyacar.De has compiled the ten most beautiful vacation destinations in europe and calculated for you the financial outlay and the respective distances by car.

is the starting point to the most beautiful vacation destinations in europe berlinyour journey can begin!

1. Rank 10: bruges, belgium: the undiscovered

the belgian capital bruges scores points with visitors for its rustic old town spared from wars and fires over the centuries. Choose whether to explore the city by boat or on foot. ramparts topped by windmills and canals surround the old town and give bruges its typical charm. that’s why bruges is also one of the most beautiful destinations in europe. Be sure to visit the holy blood basilica where an ampoule of christ’s blood is supposed to be kept.

The municipal museums in bruges are also worth a visit, especially the bruggemuseum, which is the collective name for eleven historical museums. A tip for sweet tooth is the chocolate museum. The nightlife offers variety and a wide range of options for all tastes. Bruges can be reached from cologne in three hours on well-maintained roads, with normal traffic. it’s over 800 kilometers from berlin or munich. Travel by train or ship is also an option.

Beautiful vacation destinations: Bruges in Belgium

trip to bruges in numbers

  • distance: 828 kilometers
  • Duration: 7 hours 49 minutes
  • toll 14 euro
  • Gasoline costs 90 euro
distance duration toll fuel costs
828 kilometers 7 hours 49 minutes 14 euro 90 euro

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2. place 9: tallinn, estonia: the feverish

Tallinn is the epitome of contrast. It is on the one hand the beautiful medieval capital with the old castle on the cathedral hill and its visible architectural influences of the german order. On the other hand, it is a modern european city and is considered a popular vacation destination. another peculiar contrast is the massive soviet concrete structures and the ultra-modern seaport. Tallinn is truly an architecture-loving, ever-changing city and at the same time a tranquil beauty.

Nightlife also reflects the contradictory spirit: depending on their preferences, visitors visit cafes and bars in the picturesque old town or one of the exciting clubs in the city center. For the more leisurely, there are various beaches, such as the "pirita" and the promenade, where you can relax and stroll.

Tallinn is easily accessible by car ferry thanks to its location on the Gulf of Finland: the ferry trip from rostock via helsinki takes about 28 hours. a car trip leads through poland, lithuania and latvia and ends in the north of the EU, namely in tallinn. A lot of time should be planned for such a trip, as riga and vilnius in particular are highly recommended as small detours.

Beautiful vacation destinations: Tallinn in Estonia

Trip to tallinn in numbers

  • distance: 1530 kilometers
  • Duration: 17 hours 24 minutes
  • toll none
  • Petrol costs 166 euro
distance duration toll fuel costs
1530 kilometers 17 hours 24 minutes no 166 euro

3. place 8: florence, italy: the immortal

The cultural opulence of the "birthplace of the renaissance and capital of tuscany takes the visitor’s breath away and makes florence one of the most beautiful vacation destinations in italy. the european commercial and financial center of the 15. And 16. century invested its wealth in the city itself. Accordingly, the number of buildings worth seeing seems innumerable: the uffizia from the 16th century, the palazzo vecchio, whose construction began in the 13th century, the palazzo della Vecchio, and the palazzo dell’Orcia. the cathedral of santa maria del fiore, one of the largest and most beautiful cathedrals in the world.

The city is bursting with architectural beauty – there is hardly a place here without a sculpture or fountain worth seeing! Actually, this wealth of important magnificent buildings is not surprising, since artists and scholars such as donatello, botticelli and later michelangelo, machiavelli, leonardo da vinci and galileo galilei lived and worked in florence. When you have spent the day on the paths of the renaissance, just end it relaxing in a jazz club, a bar or a theater.

from munich it is about 650 kilometers to florence. the way leads over austria and therefore requires tolls. Florence has its own small airport (amerigo vespucci) and is also easy to reach by train.

Beautiful vacation destinations= Florence in Italy

trip to florence in numbers

  • distance: 1236 kilometers
  • Duration: 11 hours 39 minutes
  • toll 40 euro
  • petrol costs 135 euro
distance duration toll fuel costs
1236 kilometers 11 hours 39 minutes 40 euro 135 euro

4. 7th place: vienna, austria: the center

vienna was for a long time the center of europe: the habsburgs took the history of europe in their hands from there for centuries. traces of this will to shape and rule can still be found in the austrian capital today: schonbrunn palace, stephans cathedral, hofburg (city residence of the emperor) and many other buildings are impressive monuments of this period.

vienna also has a lot to offer culturally: the vienna burgtheater and the vienna state opera have no need to hide from any competition. The museumsquartier, one of the most important cultural areas in europe, should not be left unvisited. strolling through the old town, visiting a cafe or strolling along the river that gives its name to vienna: flair and style characterize this city. But vienna is by no means a relic that lies dormant gathering dust.

vienna’s nightlife is lively: numerous pubs and clubs can be found in the stadtbahnbogen. in summer there are many open-air events and concerts on the danube island. It only takes four hours to reach vienna by car from munich – but watch out for tolls on your journey. From berlin, the route takes you via prague to vienna – so you can experience two breathtaking cities during a single trip. But vienna is also easy to reach by train or plane.

Beautiful vacation destinations: Vienna in Austria

journey to vienna in numbers

  • Distance: 679 kilometers
  • Duration: 7 hours 29 minutes
  • toll 90 euro
  • gas costs 75 euro
distance duration toll fuel cost
679 kilometers 7 hours 39 minutes 9 euro 75 euro


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5. place 6: dubrovnik, croatia: the soon to be famous

cliffs, sun and sea sound good? that’s exactly what dubrovnik offers! The city in the south of croatia is located directly on the adriatic sea and is with a little more than 40.000 inhabitants, it can almost be described as one of the most comfortable travel destinations in europe. Visitors can enjoy the numerous beaches and lagoons and the clear water, or take a stroll through the narrow and angular streets of the old town.

there is plenty to see: a highlight is the city wall of dubrovnik, which is almost two kilometers long and up to six meters wide. The fortification system is in very good condition and includes a perfectly preserved collection of various buildings that bring to life the city’s multifaceted history. You should also see the city harbor and the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.

If parts of the city look familiar, you are probably a fan of the internationally successful television series "game of thrones", which was partly filmed here.

dubrovnik can be reached by boat or through the international airport. By car, the journey is more complicated: from munich, it’s over 1,000 kilometers, from berlin, over 1,600 kilometers. However, the route leads through beautiful austria and along the adriatic sea – so there is a lot to see on a car trip.

Beautiful vacation destinations: Dubrovnik in Croatia

journey to dubrovnik in numbers

  • Distance: 1654 kilometers
  • Duration: 15 hours 50 minutes
  • toll 10 euro
  • gas costs 180 euro
distance duration toll fuel costs
1654 kilometers 15 hours 50 minutes 10 euro 180 euro

6. 5th place: barcelona, spain: in motion

you are a culturally interested person? the capital of catalonia is not only an attractive eye-catcher on the mediterranean sea, but also sends the visitor on a tour through the impressive epochs of the region. A list of the sights would make a mockery of the variety of things to see and do. Some key points should nevertheless be highlighted: roman ruins, the medieval old town, the basilica sagrada famIlia and casa batllo. The museums fundacio joan miro and the museu picasso are also not to be missed.

Nightlife in the metropolis of 1.6 million inhabitants is colorful and varied – among other things, the promenade las ramblas offers plenty of fun and variety. Things are a bit quieter in the el raval district of the city. Barcelona can be reached by car, from cologne in 1300 kilometers. you drive across france or alternatively through switzerland. The A9 is under construction in some places and there is a risk of traffic jams. otherwise barcelona is easy to reach by boat or plane and by bus.

Beautiful vacation destinations: Barcelona in Spain

trip to barcelona in numbers

  • Distance: 1865 kilometers
  • Duration: 16 hours 48 minutes
  • toll 14 euro
  • Fuel costs 200 euro
distance duration toll fuel costs
1865 kilometers 16 hours 48 minutes 14 euro 200 euro

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7. 4th place: rome, italy: the cradle of the west

The distinctive traces left by the romans in the history of mankind are undeniable. Rome is indeed the most historically exciting city in europe. the old town, the colosseum, the spanish steps, the world famous trevi fountain are part of the wealth of great and formative buildings. In addition, countless chapels and churches invite visitors to linger and explore before continuing on to piazza navona or the remains of an ancient Roman temple.

An ice cream here, an espresso there, and you’ll reach Vatican City with St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Gardens after a while. Rome’s nightlife is colorful, starting late and ending early the next morning. Rome is over 900 kilometers away from munich. the route crosses the alps, so tolls are required. by plane you can reach rome several times a day.

Beautiful vacation destinations: Rome in Italy

trip to rome in numbers

  • Distance: 1505 kilometers
  • Duration: 14 hours
  • toll 60 euro
  • Petrol costs 165 euro
distance duration toll fuel costs
1505 kilometers 14 hours 60 euro 165 euro

8. place 3: prague, czech republic: the beautiful

The czechs are proud of their capital city and rightly so. Probably only a few cities in europe have such a picturesque old town, where you can always discover something new, exciting and beautiful even if you stroll through it repeatedly. prague is framed by the two castle mountains: hradschin in the north and vyšehrad in the south, from which a magnificent view over prague and the moldau river is possible.

The eiffel tower is also in prague! on petřIn (laurenzi hill) there is a replica of the parisian landmark that serves as a lookout point. The tower is surrounded by the funicular railroad and a historic labyrinth of mirrors, in the middle of a recreational area.

Be sure to visit the St. Vitus Cathedral on the Prague Castle, the historic Town Hall and the Wenceslas Square. The famous carls bridge is also a european "must-see". Prague is easily reached by train – from munich or berlin in five hours. It takes four hours to get there by car from berlin and five hours from munich. Only the freeway vignettes and the partly dilapidated roads should be taken into account.

Beautiful vacation destinations: Prague in the Czech Republic

trip to prague in numbers

  • Distance: 351 kilometers
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • toll 10 euro
  • fuel costs 40 euro
distance duration toll fuel costs
351 kilometers 4 hours 10 euro 40 euro

9. 2nd place: budapest, hungary: unexcitingly impressive

"the good things are so close" says a german proverb. admittedly, budapest is not necessarily "close" from germany. However, a trip there is highly recommended. The special thing about this city is probably its unagitated self-confidence: Budapest does not have to present itself as something special, it is special. The beautiful streets of the old town, the coffee houses and thermal baths of the spa town and the omnipresent view of the danube make a visit to budapest an experience.

the architectural traces of the ottoman rule are as present as those of the hapsburgs and sporadically also those of the soviet rule. Enjoy a ride on the Danube with a view to the east and enjoy the view of the former city of Pest. one look to the west and you will see the old city of buda including the castle hill. Also the there in the 19. The chain bridge, opened in the nineteenth century, and the liberty bridge must be seen.

a visit to budapest without seeing the st.-st. stephans basilica? Unthinkable! So take enough time for your explorations. The journey by car from berlin leads via czech republic and prague as well as through slovakia including the capital bratislava. Budapest can also be reached by plane several times a day. from cologne/bonn you can fly to budapest in less than two hours.

Beautiful vacation destinations: Budapest in Hungary

trip to budapest in numbers

  • distance: 874 kilometers
  • Duration: 8 hours 46 minutes
  • toll 10 euro
  • Gasoline costs 95 euro
distance duration toll fuel costs
874 kilometers 8 hours 46 minutes 10 euro 95 euro

10. 1st place: amsterdam, netherlands: always young

the capital of the netherlands is undoubtedly a magnet for young people. Whether the romantic canals, the world-famous coffee shops or the notorious red-light district of de wallen in the center of amsterdam are the main reasons for this must remain unanswered here.

The reason for the great popularity among young people is probably more the vibrant nightlife of the port city or the varied rembrandtplein with theaters, cinemas and restaurants. But amsterdam also has a lot to offer culturally, for example the churches westerkerk and oude kerk as well as many buildings of the amsterdam school, an expressionist architectural style.

If you are interested in painting, come to the van gogh museum not over. A "must-see" is the modern harbor, which is the sixth largest in europe and 65.000 people employed. in about three hours you can reach amsterdam by car from cologne, which makes the city very attractive for car trips. The highway in Holland is toll-free, except for two tunnels and a bridge. From berlin it is 655 kilometers. But the city can also be reached by train, boat or plane.

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