Successful test in japan: will flying cars soon be a reality??

Endless lanes on different levels: if you want to survive on the roads in a metropolis of 8 million people like tokyo, you either have to be a master of driving or have the patience of a man on fire. The japanese government wants to shift the traffic because of this- the air.

What has so far only been seen in films and on television will finally become reality in the not too distant future: flying cars. Not only CSU politician dorothee bar dreams of them, the Japanese government would also like to relieve road traffic by using flying means of transport.

the japanese electronics manufacturer NEC (nippon electric company) has now joined forces with the startup cartivator developed and tested a car on monday that successfully hovered one minute above the ground. It doesn’t sound like much at first, but it marks an important milestone on the road to series production.

Source: news.Sky.Com

The 150-kilogram drone-like machine, which is equipped with four propellers and a battery, can hover above the ground for about a minute and reaches a height of about three meters. But now cars are flying longer, says the head of the startup cartivator. To avoid accidents, the demonstration took place in a gigantic cage. In addition, the vehicle of the future was attached to the ground with cables for safety reasons. In 2017, a flying car crashed shortly after take-off, but this time the spectators were fortunately spared this sight.

Japan aims to lead the way in air cars

behind the drama-free public demonstration of the flying car, however, are much bigger goals: after japan missed the top position in technologies like electric cars and ride hailing services, the government wants the country to be the leader in flying cars. So there is a lot of support for projects that deal with "flying cars" employ. The technological agenda is to enable goods transport by around 2023, while the first people are expected to get into their cars and fly away as early as 2030, reports next-mobility.News.

Until they are ready for series production and much further

It’s a long way until then: a seamless transition from driving to flying will only be possible when hurdles like the battery life and both regulations as well as safety concerns to be overcome. According to a company spokesman, the model tested on Monday by NEC is designed especially for deliveries. In the future, however, NEC plans to reduce the use of helicopters through revolutionary aircraft concepts that are large enough to transport people. Helicopters are not only extremely noisy and expensive to maintain, but also require the use of trained pilots. As a result, they could be replaced by flying cars, especially in the disaster relief sector.

Source: news.Sky.Com

Flying cars: isn’t that old news already??

A number of companies outside Japan are also working on flying cars, including boeing, airbus and uber. The U.S. company is already planning demonstration flights for 2020 and commercial operations starting in 2023. We can stay curious. I find it questionable, however, to what extent "flying" is possible cars are economically viable at all. We will soon find out.

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