Should you use air conditioning all year round??


What is the reason for not using the air conditioner in your car all year round?? Are additional costs actually incurred due to higher energy consumption, or are these costs offset by fewer repairs??

Every year, before the cold season begins, many drivers ask themselves the following question. Many car owners are uncertain and fear high additional costs due to year-round use of the air conditioning system. When assessing the personal user profile and the associated utilization of the system, various points play a role.

To determine the status of your air conditioning system, here is our 6-point check:

  1. Do you feel that it takes too long before your vehicle is cooled down by the air conditioner??
  2. If you are allergic, do you suffer from more pollen in your car than in the previous year??
  3. Is there a noticeable odor impairment?
  4. Does your windshield fog up or is the fogged windshield cleared too slowly when you use the air conditioner??
  5. Is there a noticeable or measurable increase in fuel consumption in your vehicle when you have the air conditioning on??
  6. If the last air-conditioning check at an independent garage was two years ago or more?

If you answer "yes" to even one of these points, please contact us a check of the air-conditioning system is advisable!

Safety first, especially in winter

In your vehicle, especially when it is exposed to the weather, water collects in the components of the heating, air conditioning and cooling system. And it is precisely this moisture that becomes a safety risk if the window suddenly fogs up when you switch on the heating in winter. A complete loss of visibility and the associated misreactions are then often the result. Regular use of the air-conditioning system can counteract this, advise the air-conditioning experts at the original equipment manufacturer behr hella service. Excess moisture is removed from the system and safety is restored thanks to clear visibility.

Health comes first

Many drivers rightly ask themselves: "can air conditioning make you sick??“ clear answer: yes, it can! When germs, bacteria, fungi and pollen enter the passenger compartment, the driver’s organism is stressed and runs the risk of becoming ill. respiratory, lung, eye and mucous membrane diseases in particular can be typical symptoms of a contaminated air conditioning system. especially allergy sufferers can be severely affected in their comfort and endangered in their safety by the increased pollen exposure.

This must be strictly prevented. Important is the first regular air-conditioning check-up, as well as the change of the refrigerant fluid, the replacement of the filter drier and the annual change of the cabin filter. Because only then are you adequately protected from the health hazards of air conditioning.

We also guarantee the smooth functioning

The experts advise to use the air conditioner all year round, because any additional consumption will pay off through a reduced risk of accidents and fewer repairs to the air conditioner. The individual components of the air conditioning system remain in better condition and the driver’s health is protected. This means an additional plus in safety with the motor vehicle in everyday road traffic.


"Don’t save at the wrong end" is clearly the motto here. If you try to save a euro or two by economizing on your air-conditioning system, you could end up incurring additional costs later. that’s why an air conditioning check at your independent workshop is so important for you and your vehicle. Your health and safety can only be guaranteed with a functionally tested and clean air conditioning system. So make an appointment and have your air conditioner checked by an independent specialist!

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