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Sell winter wheels – so it can succeed! Winter is over. Finally it’s time again to put nice summer wheels on your car. only what do you do with your old winter wheels?

Store or sell your winter wheels to get new summer wheels for your car? Maybe you are planning to buy new winter wheels for the next winter season. Who buys used winter tires with rims?

Why you should buy used winter wheels at felgenankauf.De should sell, we tell you here.

Sell winter wheels for good money

Where can I sell my winter wheels? It’s always easy to write or say, but even with old or used winter wheels you can still make good money. Especially if they are original rims.

corresponding advantages of original winter wheels are first of all highest safety through quality controls, secondly best manufacturer quality, thirdly absolute accuracy of fit and accordingly the maximum increase in value also for your car. Original alloy wheels hardly lose value. So you can still get some money out of your winter rims.

Furthermore, there is the possibility to get your money quickly and without problems if you sell your winter wheels to felgenankauf. In contrast to an advertisement on ebay or ebay classifieds, where you can get offers only after weeks or months, you get a fair offer within 24 hours at felgenankauf.

You can also try it right now here. Just click on the model, provided you drive one of these 6 car brands. If you want to sell original wheels of another brand to us, please click here.

Here you can sell your winter wheels:

Sell used winter wheels

Which winter wheels do we buy at felgenankauf? Very important, before you send us a request, please make sure that you have original rims with winter tires have. We buy really only original. Rims from abt, brabus, alpina or schnitzer, in other words original tuning rims of the brands mercedes, audi or BMW we also purchase.

Of course you can also sell winter wheels for ferrari, lamborghini or bentley to us. However, we mainly buy complete winter wheels or rims of the brands audi, BMW, mercedes, AMG, porsche, tesla and VW. The purchase of used original winter wheels is from 17 inches.

Tips for selling your rims with winter tires

Selling used winter wheels means first and foremost that important aspects must not be neglected. In the following we will show you how you can offer your winter wheels or rims to us. After all, you want to get a fair deal from us too. Selling winter wheels: simply online at felgenankauf.De – we show you now.

Although you may already have photos of your winter wheels on your cell phone, please take a close look at the quality again. The better the quality of the pictures, the better our purchase price can be.

Please also inform us of any damage to the rims or winter tires. It is best to take a photo of the rims and tires.

Other important data we need, you will find in the form. please fill in information about possible damages, tire data, like for example. The DOT number or the tread depth with a. The better and younger the tires, the better the effect of our offer. The less damaged the rims are, the better our offer for your winter wheels will be.

By the way, we often get requests for accessory rims or original rims with a rim size below 17 inches. We reject these! please make sure that your winter wheels are original and have at least 17 inch size.

Frequently asked questions about purchase

  1. Who buys my winter wheels?
    there are plenty of private sellers, but also some dealers. We at felgenankauf are dealers. our advantages over private buyers are: fair prices, offer within 24 hours, fast processing and payment, free packing material and free pickup
  2. Where to sell winter wheels and at what price?
    You can sell your winter wheels easily and quickly at fair prices to felgenankauf. This will save you a lot of time and also money. Because you do not have to worry about shipping and costs.
  3. Selling used wheels privately or to dealers?
    This is your decision. But we recommend you to sell your winter wheels to us. For questions and details about the sale of winter wheels, a personal contact person is available by e-mail or telephone.

Packing winter wheels correctly for shipping

In this video, eric shows you how to best pack the winter wheels you want to sell. We will send you the packing material free of charge.

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