Saeco xelsis test

Saeco xelsis test

Arne has been writing the famous coffee blog coffeeness for 10 years.De. Besides coffee beans and espresso, it also tests all possible preparation methods (except capsule coffee). no one has published as much content on the subject of fully automatic coffee machines as barista arne. Arne

The saeco xelsis range is synonymous with high quality equipment that will certainly not disappoint you. the espresso has the right temperature and the milk foam has a good consistency. Since the xelsis vending machine is available in three different models, you have to decide for yourself how much money you are willing to spend on technical upgrades and stainless steel. With this report you have the best conditions to make an informed choice.

The design is cleverly done, what we can expect at these prices also. You can easily remove individual parts from the coffee maker, which also makes cleaning easier and is especially practical if you ever need spare parts. And that brings us to the biggest drawback: the price of the xelsis machines is in the upper price range. At the moment even the cheapest variant costs 450.00 euros .

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"High quality fully automatic machine from saeco"

The three versions of the saeco xelsis fully automatic coffee machine at a glance

the saeco xelsis fully automatic coffee machines are high-quality appliances that are also priced above the average. In the big test, we will introduce you to the different models, their advantages and disadvantages, and the operation of the machine. Here’s everything you need to know to make an informed decision.

The dimensions are also very important. Then you can consider whether the xelsis also fits nicely into your kitchen. With 28.3 x 39.3 x 48.9 centimeters, the xelsis is no dwarf among the fully automatic machines. The practical design, however, it still fits well in your kitchen.

The differences and similarities between the versions

We would like to make it clear from the outset: the basic equipment is the same for all three xelsis versions. This means that you will always get the same quality beverage, no matter what you choose. Nevertheless, there are differences in the equipment:

The most expensive version, the SM7685/00, weighs 12.2 kilograms more than its cheaper counterparts. This is mainly due to the stainless steel housing – as opposed to the plastic housing of the other versions. This upgrade is visually noticeable in your kitchen. Nevertheless, we note that even the cheaper versions are of high quality workmanship.

In the cheapest version, 12 different drinks are programmable. With the most expensive then even 15. you can also set 12 different grinds for each variant, which is really more than sufficient.

The difference you should probably consider is upgrading from the LED display of the SM7580/00 to the touch screen of the more expensive versions (SM 7683/00 and SM 7685/00). The gadget is not absolutely necessary and it does not improve the quality of the coffee. The technology freaks among you will be impressed by the beautiful and large touch display.

With 1.7 liters in each version, the water tank is large enough so that even households with several people can use it in a relaxed manner. You can also simply remove the water tank to the front, which we consider a plus in any case. This way you do not have to move the appliance.

The brew group ultimately decides if you get good coffee. Here, the fully automatic machine forms the ground coffee into a puck through which it then presses water. The brew group also has to heat the water to the correct temperature. On the xelsis units, you can remove them from the side, which we consider a big plus because it makes cleaning much easier and is also a big advantage if you ever need to order a replacement part.

The milk system is called saeco cappuccinatore. The automatic frothing of the milk is one of the biggest advantages of the fully automatic coffee machines. The xelsis units consistently deliver very good results in the test. The frother is not overly loud and manages to froth the milk solidly and reach a temperature of 65 degrees celsius. This is perfect for a latte macchiato.

The outlet height must be adjusted by hand. It is adjustable from 7.5 to 14.8 centimeters for each version of the xelsis. So the height is also suitable for the latte macchiato glass from IKEA, which fits with 13.5 centimeters loose under it. We like to use this glass as a test to see if we can brew different beverages without any problems. With a classic espresso or cappuccino, you will have no problem with the height of the spout anyway.

The volume and the grinder

Due to the high-quality workmanship of the machine, saeco manages to keep the noise level of the machine low. If the grinder is not stable and moves during grinding, the machine will be noisy.

The design is made practical. The individual parts, such as the water tank, drip tray and coffee grounds, can be easily removed from the front. Also, you should descale the machine regularly. This of course also facilitates cleaning. We have already mentioned that the brew group is removable. This makes cleaning easier for you, and we strongly recommend it.

Another practical feature of the xelsis series is the so-called hygiesteam technology. You can steam clean the entire milk system at the touch of a button. You just have to put the hose in its holder and select the right function in the menu.

There are descaling programs, as is usual with high-priced appliances, which you can run every now and then. We recommend this especially in big cities where the water is almost always hard.

The price-performance ratio

The price-performance ratio deserves its own section here. In general, I think that the ratio is not bad, even if it is not optimal. That’s why the xelsis series gets 80 percent in our big test. The different types of coffee meet the expectations. Temperature, milk froth and appearance of the beverages is appealing. Also the installation of the parts is good, so for example the grinder is also relatively quiet.

However, saeco has priced the cheapest version of the xelsis at 450.00 euros. For stainless steel housing and large touch display, you have to reckon with another strong surcharge. All in all, none of the versions is a real bargain.

The price is also a reason to recommend this fully automatic machine to families. Because, apart from the large water tank and the wide range of profiles. In general, I can absolutely recommend the xelsis, but the price is a bit high. Maybe saeco will lower it a bit in the future.


If you are thinking of buying a fully automatic machine from the xelsis range, the quality of the coffee will certainly not disappoint you. For both classic espresso and espresso-like drinks such as cappuccino.

but only if you put decent beans into the grinder. For my own coffeeness coffee, I made sure it came from a fair value chain and could develop its strong aroma well in the machines.

[ coffee image _ id ="63482 " title="coffee developed for the fully automatic coffee machine " description ="best coffee for the saeco xelsis " list ="for latte macchiato; espresso, black coffee; chocolaty; fresh roasted " button _ text ="to the coffeeness store " button _link="https://shop.Coffeeness.De/"]

Even those who like to drink different types of coffee will get their money’s worth with the saeco xelsis. The milk foam reaches a satisfactory temperature and consistency.


  • High-quality impression and very good workmanship
  • Compact design
  • Attractive design
  • Pleasant operating volume
  • Very easy to use
  • Numerous setting options
  • 12-position adjustable grinder
  • Removable brewing group
  • 6 user profiles
  • Easy cleaning
  • basic factory settings already produce good coffee results


  • Quick cleaning of the milk nozzle is done when the beverage is still under it
  • Currently still a bit too expensive

The only potential disadvantage of the machines is the price. If you do not mind this, you will definitely get a good machine. But the saeco xelsis is not for savers. We recommend this machine especially to families.

The fact that the fully automatic machine is designed for several people can also be seen in the generous setup of 6 to 8 user profiles, depending on the version. Furthermore, you can also prepare two drinks at the same time, which is super convenient in the morning.

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