Saeco fully automatic coffee machines test – check the best machines in test reports

Saeco fully automatic coffee machines test - check the best machines in test reports

the saeco SM 7580/00 xelsis fully automatic coffee maker was awarded a good 3. Convincing space

Article updated on 14. September 2020 by alex

Saeco is a very well known and successful italian manufacturer of fully automatic coffee machines and espresso machines. The company was founded in 1981 in gaggio montano in italy and today has more than 1500 employees.

With sales in the triple-digit million range, saeco is one of the most the most successful manufacturer also on the german market for fully automatic coffee machines. In the year 2009 saeco from the philips group acquired and since then philips is the owner of the manufacturer.

Saeco in video

the founder is the inventor of the first fully automatic coffee machine

Arthur schmed, one of the founders of the company, was the inventor of the first fully automatic coffee machine. That is why the manufacturer still has a patent on the removable brewing group.

As early as 1987, the saeco germany gmbh founded and four years later also the subsidiary saeco austria. Today, the company has 16 subsidiaries worldwide and successfully sells its coffee machines in over 60 countries.

Saeco offers coffee machines in the low price segment as well as in the premium segment

Saeco is a complete supplier and offers both low entry level machines and premium fully automatic machines. We’ve already tested both price ranges several times, and saeco really does succeed time and again in the low price range between 300-500 € very good machines offer to make a good coffee for little money.

So it’s no surprise that saeco’s low-priced machines are absolute bestsellers. If you look at the top sellers on the internet, there’s no getting around saeco’s fully automatic coffee machines.

The premium fully automatic coffee machines, such as the saeco HD8954/01 xelsis evo (to the test report>>) recently tested by us, are aimed at the price segment and offers perfect quality with outstanding aroma and taste of coffee. in addition, the best equipment with all the features and functions that owners could wish for and perfect operability via innovative solutions from saeco.

Saeco moltio and minuto

The fully automatic coffee machines of the minuto and moltio machine series are the absolute best sellers on the german and austrian market. these machines are characterized by an attractive design and appearance, high quality and delicious coffee preparation.

Innovative functions and easy to use through direct selection buttons, individual setting options for the coffee variants and many technical innovations make it always a pleasure to test saeco appliances.

Simply bestseller!

no surprise then that saeco fully automatic coffee machines and espresso machines are always to be found at the top of the bestseller lists of the major shopping portals.

Innovative milk frothing system and exchangeable bean containers

The slightly more expensive models saeco models have an even better milk frothing system integrated. The milk foam of these machines is now so good that even many professional coffee makers (baristas) take their hats off to them.

And we can also only report that the latte variants of the grinder series also taste simply excellent. Of course, depending on the price segment, you will have to accept a few compromises if you always go for the cheapest machines. But even these are now so good that newcomers to fully automatic machines will rave about the taste and aroma of the coffee drinks.

saeco has developed an innovative concept with the replaceable coffee bean hopper built into its machines. Because it allows different types of coffee beans – depending on taste and mood – to be changed at the click of a button. Even if family members only drink decaffeinated coffee, for example, or if guests cannot tolerate caffeine, this can be changed in seconds and there is no stress.

Innovation = saeco

As early as 2013, the manufacturer saeco launched its innovative fully automatic coffee machine granbaristo avanti presented at the IFA. This fully automatic machine is bluetooth-capable and can be operated via an app on the smartphone (ipad, android) and tablet. A real highlight and in 2014 this concept model was then finally presented at the IFA.

We have of course already tested this fully automatic coffee machine and you can find the test report on the granbarista avanti here. But what we can say in advance is that this is a real luxury model of the premium class.

Saeco fully automatic coffee machines in the test report

Since saeco is one of the most popular manufacturers of fully automatic or. espresso machines and coffee machines on the german market, we have of course already had a few models in test. And we have never been disappointed! You can just tell that saeco is a long-standing, specialized and very competent manufacturer in the coffee machine sector.

Here we have briefly presented the best appliances. More details can be found in my extensive reports on this subject.

Saeco SM 7580/00 xelsis fully automatic coffee maker – 3rd place in stiftung warentest test (12/2019)

Saeco fully automatic coffee machines test - check the best machines in test reports

the saeco SM 7580/00 xelsis fully automatic coffee maker was awarded a good 3. Convincing rank

in my opinion, the best current fully automatic coffee machine from this manufacturer is the saeco SM 7580/00 xelsis. In the current test at stiftung warentest (12/2019), the device achieved the test mark good (2.2) and thus a place 3. The distance to the two even better placed devices is minimal, so in my opinion the purchase between these devices is a matter of taste.

Because of the excellent reviews and in my estimation of the equipment, the device is in second place among my current test winners.

Especially in the preparation of different types of coffee, the users rave in the reviews of excellent coffee and milk foam. stiftung warentest was also convinced by the quality in the test.

The ETM testmagazin also rated the fully automatic coffee machine from saeco in january 2019 with the test rating very good (94.7 %). The machine was thus also able to take second place in the test field of the best fully automatic coffee machines.

The saeco SM 7580/00 xelsis can prepare 12 different coffee drinks at the touch of a button. With one ceramic grinder the beans are ground gently, whereby the grinding degree can of course be individually adjusted. A ceramic grinder has the advantage that the beans do not overheat during grinding. Different from a steel grinder. Coffee connoisseurs really notice this in the taste and aroma of the coffee.

All information about the saeco fully automatic coffee maker in my report: about the saeco SM 7580/00 xelsis

Contact the manufacturer

Saeco has been part of the philips group since july 2009.

Philips germany gmbh
lubeckertordamm 5
D-20099 hamburg
service-tel: 040 80 80 10 9 80
monday to friday from 08:00 – 20.00
saturdays from 09:00 – 18:00

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