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the italian company saeco, part of philips since 2009, specializes in the production of household appliances, especially in the coffee and espresso preparation sector. its headquarters are located in gaggio montano, near bologna, from where the production, development and marketing of the brand are managed. In the meantime, saeco has become a household name all over the world. the machines are used in both the commercial and private sector and prepare coffee and espresso, which has a not to be underestimated recognition awarded.

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First steps

Saeco has been founded in the early 80’s by sergio zappella and arthur schmed. Shortly after, schmed developed the first fully automatic coffee machine with a removable brewing group, which he subsequently patented.

the development of the saeco company took place in rapid and remarkable steps. In 1987, saeco gmbh was already established in germany, followed by saeco austria in 1991. it became more and more clear that the saeco group was to become a market leader that also set clear accents in international terms.

Today the group consists among others of subsidiaries in:

  • The USA
  • Latin America
  • Asia
  • Australia
  • Europe

And sells its products in more than 60 countries.

Saeco and philips

Since the summer of 2010, saeco’s electrical appliances have been branded philips saeco, before management decided in 2013 to return to marketing under the former saeco name.

This was followed in the summer of 2013 by a far-reaching cooperation with tchibo. From this point on, saeco worked together with the equally well-known company on the development and marketing measures for the well-known and popular tchibo cafissimo system.

Company saeco
headquarters gaggio montano (italy)
founding 1981
products fully automatic coffee machines, irons, espresso machines, u. V. M.

Saeco’s best sellers

although the company has been offering its customers a wide range of electrical appliances since it was founded in 1981, the brand is best known for its espresso and coffee machines. Nevertheless, other appliances such as irons and air conditioners left the market leader’s range of products. In contrast, however, the high production capacity in terms of the company’s core ingredients. In 2007 alone, more than 750.000 items sold from the fully automatic range. One circumstance that private customers in particular always welcome is the fact that saeco also offers fully automatic coffee and espresso machines that are in the medium to lower price segment.

Success in series

Most of the saeco products can be divided into the well-known series of the brand. Here especially the rows enjoy:

  • Minuto
  • Moltio
  • Granbaristo
  • Odea go
  • gran crema

For a long time of unbroken popularity. The models usually also adapt to rather tight spaces in the kitchen and thus convince with a optimal space to power ratio. Especially the machines from the higher price segment offer their users perfect milk frothing and exchangeable bean containers.

In general, the saeco brand is designed to meet the needs of customers with different budgets and expectations. A price comparison on the internet and the consideration of evaluations, experience reports and recommendations of saeco customers as well as espresso machine comparison results experience has shown that it can quickly identify the models that are most suitable for its customers’ needs.

Product innovations from saeco

Saeco is committed to providing its customers with high quality equipment that adapts to high expectations. One of the highlights of the company’s history is therefore the introduction of the bluetooth fully automatic coffee machine with the name granbaristo avanti dar. This was presented at the IFA in 2013 and offers the user the possibility of remote control via iPad.

User comfort and cleaning – saeco espresso machine in test

While the saeco company’s models differ in terms of different features and product details, they share the fact of the user-friendliness and easy cleaning mean. Whether it’s descaling the machine or cleaning it for everyday use, the products in the various series are impressive and make you want to enjoy your next cup of coffee. Stainless steel machines score particularly well here.

Especially the saeco portafilter machines always leave a lasting impression in saeco portafilter tests and espresso machine tests, such as the aroma portafilter classic. A first-class workmanship and the use of high-quality materials are just two of the reasons why saeco is consistently ranked at the top of the saeco portafilter test reports.

advantages and disadvantages of saeco espresso machines

  • Wide range of products
  • High-quality products
  • Attractive design
  • Quite expensive

Saeco and the sport of cycling

over the years, the saeco brand has also interacted in other areas. This is how it currently counts to the most famous cycling sponsors and for example appeared here in 2004 as a supporter of a professional team in action.

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