Saeco coffee beans test

The Italian manufacturer saeco is best known for high quality fully automatic coffee machines and espresso machines. The saeco coffee beans in our test are espresso beans that are particularly dry thanks to the gentle roasting process and are therefore easy to grind. The saeco coffee beans are therefore particularly well suited for use in the fully automatic coffee machines of any manufacturer.

The range of coffee beans is very manageable. With one strong and one milder blend, there are only two different types of espresso beans to choose from.

Saeco espresso beans miscela bar in test

The saeco coffee beans of the miscela bar variety are a strong espresso blend, half of which consists of south american arabica beans and half of which consists of indian and african robusta beans. The coffee has a unique and very intense taste, where the balanced aroma the blend of robusta and arabica beans is particularly effective. During the brewing process a dense crema with dark streaks.

  • degree of roasting:strong
  • taste:strong
  • blend:50 % arabica and 50 % robusta
  • Rating:

Saeco espresso beans miscela gold in test

The saeco coffee beans of the miscela gold variety are a milder variety with 100% pure arabica beans from brazil and central america, which are gently and carefully roasted become. The coffee offers a mild aroma as well as a almost sweet taste with slightly acidic note, which makes it very digestible. It produces a uniformly light crema brewed.

  • degree of roasting: weak
  • taste: mild
  • Blend: 100% arabica
  • rating:

The company behind saeco coffee beans

Saeco was founded as a manufacturer of household appliances in 1981 in italy. in 1985, the company developed the first fully automatic coffee machine with a removable brewing group. In the 1990s, expansion finally began, leading to a huge international distribution network in over 60 different countries. Although saeco is primarily known for its high-quality espresso machines and fully automatic coffee machines, the company’s range also includes products from other areas, such as irons and air conditioners.

saeco coffee beans are also offered to match the company’s own coffee machines. Today, the company employs over 1400 people, and its annual turnover is approximately 318 million euros. Since 2009, saeco has been part of the well-known Dutch electrical group philips.

The saeco coffee beans from the test are not the right variety for you? Then check out the other brands such as segafredo coffee beans or jura coffee beans and find out which varieties are the best coffee beans for your individual taste.

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