Rocky mountaineer& the canadian: on a luxury train through canada

Once from the atlantic to the pacific, from toronto to vancouver, across impressive, unspoiled landscapes with forests, rivers and through the rocky mountains: a train trip through canada should not be on any wish list for train fans and lovers of canada once in a lifetime on the program. If you want to explore the country from the comfort of a train and live, dine, and be fed like royalty, we recommend traveling by either rocky mountaineer from vancouver on the west coast to the rocky mountains or across the country with the canadian from toronto to vancouver. All information about a train trip through canada included prices, offers, routes and tips for the route can be found in this article.

Rocky Mountaineer - train journey through Canada - aerial view with river

Above all, traveling in the following luxury trains is a lasting experience – a train trip to canada with the luxury special rocky mountaineer train, which departs from vancouver on the west coast of canada and travels inland, or the luxury liner train the canadian of the canadian national railroad company, which crosses the entire country between vancouver and toronto. you are interested in unforgettable train journeys? Fulfill your travel dream by rail now – with the offers of our partner lernidee:

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rail travel in canada – short info

canada is a land of contrasts: american dream and traditional british ties, vibrant metropolises and pristine expanses, english language and french language. the railroad network in canada is generally considered to be good, the cars quite comfortable, modern and relatively clean. the railroad is of great importance for canada, as it was the only relevant means of mass transportation in the country before the car, the truck and the airplane started their triumphant advance after the second world war. This is why many canadians still attach great importance to the railroad and its history. In 1939, King George VI, the head of state of Canada, and his wife Queen Elizabeth visited the country for the first time. of course they traveled in a luxurious train, which was called "royal hudson" afterwards. The king, who appreciated train travel, did not travel in a compartment, but largely in the driver’s seat in the front car with.

Even then, rail travel in canada was dominated by two major rail companies:

  • Canadian national railway (CN)
  • Canadian pacific railway (CPR)

The canadian national railway still owns the largest canadian route network, the canadian pacific railway a smaller one.

Rocky mountaineer – with the luxury train through the rocky mountains

Rocky mountaineer is a railroad company based in vancouver, canada, founded in 1990. It operates modern panoramic trains rocks mountaineer, which open up the rocky mountains for tourist travel. these drive only during the day and also relatively slowly. So you can fully enjoy the view of the majestic scenery on board.

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Route rocky mountaineer

The rocky mountaineer trains run from the end of april to the beginning of october. The following routes are available for canada trips:

  • First passage to the west:
    vancouver – kamloops (stopover) – lake louis – banff (- calgary)
  • Journey through the clouds:
    vancouver – kamloops (stopover) – jasper
  • Rainforest to gold rush:
    whistler – quesnel (stopover) – jasper
  • Short distance whistler sea to climb:
    vancouver – whistler
  • Short distance coastal passage:
    vancouver – seattle

train classes in the rocky mountaineer

There are three different classes in the train rocky mountaineer, which have different levels of comfort:

  • Redleaf:
    large capacity coach with large panoramic windows
  • Silverleaf:
    large-capacity car with panoramic windows that curve into the roof; breakfast and lunch at your seat (choice of 2 main dishes); one complimentary drink with lunch; seats facing the direction of travel
  • Goldleaf:
    double-decker car with glass dome roof (panoramic view), open platform for photography without reflections through window panes, restaurant on the lower level; already at the beginning of the journey the service of this class starts with a separate counter at the station for check-in; comfortable chairs facing the direction of travel.

Hotel accommodations also vary among the three classes. In season, the train rocky mountaineer runs quite frequently on most routes. At least once a week the train leaves for the travelers, so you can choose the date of travel from many options – provided you book in time.

Prices rocky mountaineer

destination price
first passage to the west / journey through the clouds (vancouver – calgary / jasper) silverleaf: 1.144 to 1.376 €
  • The prices vary according to class, date and in the case of the coastal passage also according to direction of travel.
  • If you want to drive the route first passage to the west or journey through the clouds, you pay in the silverleaf class around 1.144 to 1.376 €, in goldleaf class about 1.564 to 1.883 €.
  • For the trip rainforest to gold rush the prices vary between 1.579 and 1.847 € (silverleaf) and 2.144 and 2.535 € (goldleaf).
  • However, if you explore the coastal passage, you pay ca. 1.832 to 1.900 € (silverleaf) and about 2.506 to 2.580 € (goldleaf).

The canadian – by luxury train across canada

Unlike the rocky mountaineer, the luxury train the canadian is an offer of CRD international, the german general agency of the canadian railroad company VIA rail canada. At the CRD you can also make the booking. Here, individual rail tours are tailor-made, German-speaking tour guides are organized and, depending on your wishes, bus, ship or rail tours are integrated into the rail tour.

Route& train classes

The itinerary includes vancouver, kamloops, jasper, edmonton, saskatoon, winnipeg, sioux lookout, sudbury, toronto and vice versa. This train connects the east and the west and runs once across canada.

The canadian puts around 4.500 kilometers covered in four days with four overnight stays. You can choose between four classes for your rail journey:

  • Economy class:
    this cheap option offers you blankets and pillows for the train journey at night and they serve you small snacks in the onboard bistro.
  • Sleeper touring class:
    here you stay in a private sleeping or couchette compartment in an art deco style sleeping car with washroom and toilet for 1-3 persons. The comfort on board is like a hotel on rails. Keep an eye on the landscape through the large window in the compartment. In the train there are also showers. There are meals in the dining car (included in the price), Canadian wines (for an additional charge), train companions and an entertainment program for children. You also have two observation cars or. Panoramic cars with glass domes available to enjoy the breathtaking scenery.
  • Sleeper touring suite:
    this class combines two sleeping compartments into one comfortable, larger suite. Enjoy fresh flowers, chilled champagne, first-class service, a queen-size bed, a laundry room and breakfast service at your bedside (free or. Without extra charge).
  • Prestige class:

Since spring 2015, this luxury class is available for the most demanding passengers. The suites are spacious and boutique style and offer a modern design, luxurious double beds, a shower, a large TV, a leather couch, especially attentive care and travel activities during the train trip.

Departure dates the canadian

departure dates for the canadian are usually several times a week.

Prices the canadian

In economy class you basically pay 885 €. In sleeper PLUS class the cost is 954 to 1.580 € (upper berth), 1.122 to 1.799 € (lower berth) or 1.536 to 2.363 € (bedroom / romette). For the extra luxurious prestige sleeper class 4.095 to 4.695 € due.For prices please refer to the following table. You will be directed u. A. According to the departure date:

Class price
economy 885€
sleeper PLUS class – upper berth 954-1.580 €
sleeper PLUS class – lower berth 1.122-1.799 €
sleeper PLUS class – bedroom/romette 1.536-2.363 €
prestige sleeper class – bedroom (double room only) 4.095-4.695 €

on the luxury train through canada and the rocky mountains – the 10 most important tourist highlights

You would like to travel by lusux train through canada? The country offers endless spaces, magnificent nature and some of the most livable cities in the world.

  1. Rocky mountains: the canadian rocky mountains are truly one of the most fascinating mountain landscapes in the world. The view of the turquoise lakes, the dense, almost untouched forests and the snow-covered mountain peaks is absolutely unique. Discover also the unique fauna of the region, z. B.: mountain lions (pumas), wolves, grizzly bears, marmots, bison, beavers, moose, voles or bighorn sheep.
  2. Vancouvervancouver in british columbia is also part of the trip with this train. A metropolis of over 600.000 inhabitants, the city has a modern skyline with many skyscrapers and also a film industry that is one of the most important in north america. The city attracts with the colorful hustle and bustle and the multicultural life of an immigrant nation – and not only during the day. Located in the south of british columbia, which in turn is located in the west of canada.
  3. Japser: this place has only about 4.000 inhabitants. The journey there is worthwhile for the guest, because the city is surrounded by a national park with fascinating nature.
  4. Edmonton: in edmonton, marvel at the replica of fort edmonton and one of the world’s largest shopping malls. The city itself is modern with many skyscrapers. the parklands in edmonton offer a variety of trees and plants specific to america, some of which are threatened with extinction.
  5. Winnipeg: winnipeg offers great entertainment and relaxation with various theaters, sports teams and parks. The city’s museums include the western canada aviation museum, the winnipeg art gallery and the manitoba museum of provincial and urban history. The architecture here is also mostly modern.
  6. Niagara Fallsthe niagara falls in canada are a natural spectacle of a special kind: these huge waterfalls on the border to the usa are best seen as part of a tour with the hornblower cruises. just stand at the bow and watch the roaring tides almost reach the ship. the nearby town of niagara falls offers a beautiful promenade.
  7. Lunenburg: if you want to experience a piece of german migrant culture in addition to the diverse cultural roots that canada has, travel to lunenburg. About 80.000 citizens in nova scotia on the atlantic are from germany. rich traditions are maintained here and the brightly painted houses are now part of the unesco world heritage site. many canadians consider lunenberg to be one of the most beautiful small towns in the country – it’s well worth the trip.
  8. Toronto: toronto is one of the most casual and relaxed big cities in america. visit the lively scene district west queen west and have a look at the great graffiti. The architect frank O, also known in europe. Gehry built the art gallery of ontario.
  9. Badlands: the badlands are a desert area in alberta and offer whimsical views, z. B. From stone formations that look like they were created by artists. Here are sometimes small, almost abandoned places and the dinosaur provincial park. Participate here in the excavation of dinosaur bones.
  10. Newfoundland: you love to travel to wild, romantic coastal areas with huge icebergs and whales near the shore? Then make sure you stop in newfoundland. Here are also abandoned ghost towns of old fishing villages. It’s a good thing that the region has turned from fishing to tourism, so you can find a hotel nearby.

so if you are a ban fan and want to get to know canada’s nature with its many valleys, rugged mountains, crystal-clear rivers and snow-capped mountains, you should put a rail trip through canada on your wish list. –>

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