Road traffic rules ten things drivers should know

Road traffic rules ten things drivers should know

if a motorist without a child uses a mother-child parking space, he or she can expect to get into trouble with the parking lot operator. – © photo: matthias buehner/fotolia

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Drivers are constantly exposed to new situations in road traffic. Questions often arise as to what is and what is not permitted. However, this is not always clear. Drivers should know these ten things:

Are men also allowed to use women’s parking spaces??

There are often women’s parking spaces in parking garages near the exits. Many male drivers wonder whether it is forbidden to park their car there. However, from a purely legal point of view it does not matter who parks there. Despite signs to the contrary, men do not have to fear a warning or a fine according to road traffic regulations. You still have to expect consequences. The private parking operator can demand that the driver move his car.

Do you have to strap big dogs in the car?

Dogs are legally regarded as cargo and must be appropriately secured while driving. A seat belt requirement as in the case of human does not exist. anyone transporting their four-legged friend in a car is obliged under section 22 of the road traffic regulations to stow and secure the dog, i.e. the load, "in such a way that it cannot slip, fall over, roll back and forth, fall down or generate avoidable noise, even during full braking or a sudden compensatory movement". Otherwise there is a risk of a fine. In the case of gross endangerment, there are even points in flensburg.

There are various ways to secure your dog: from a dog safety belt to a special dog car seat with its own harness to a sturdy transport box. Large dogs should be separated from the driver by a grid or net and transported on the back seat or in the trunk.

smartphone use – what is prohibited?

It is not only forbidden to make phone calls. Just holding the cell phone and the use of features is not permitted . It is irrelevant whether the user is editing the complicated navi or just reading a short message. the consequence is a fine of 40 euro and one point in the traffic offender file in flensburg.

The classic: can i drive barefoot??

Many road users are unsure whether they are allowed to drive barefoot or in flip-flops. Answer: it is not forbidden. But it could well happen that the flip-flop or barefoot driver will be declared partly to blame, especially in serious accidents.

Must the turn signal always be set?

In principle, a turn, whether voluntarily or forced, Always be announced clearly and in good time. That means, even if a blue sign with a white arrow indicates the direction in which to drive, you have to blink.

The regulation is necessary because other road users may see the turn sign from their position not be able to see and so can only adjust to the turning process by the flashing of the car in front of you.

An emergency vehicle is coming: am i allowed to drive through a red light??

If a rescue vehicle arrives, "all other road users must immediately clear the way", according to the TuV-nord. But what if you are standing in front of a red light?? Here is only allowed, slowly and only as far as necessary to drive over the stop line in order not to endanger anyone in the process. the same rule applies to other areas such as stop signs and solid lane lines. Again, if an emergency vehicle is approaching, you may cross the line, but you may not cross the intersection completely.

May I buy fuel in stock?

Despite constantly fluctuating prices is the hoarding of gasoline generally prohibited. In german households, a maximum of 100 liters of diesel and only 1 liter of gasoline may be stored due to the risk of fire. In a garage is allowed to store more. Here, the current guidelines are 200 liters of diesel and 20 liters of gasoline. However, special rules apply to the storage. fuel must be stored in unbreakable and tightly sealable containers.

When moving: can i keep my license plate??

When moving to another city or even to another federal state since january 2015, the old license plate can be kept. This also applies after a change of holder. A re-registration on site must still be made. the new regulation has no effect on motor vehicle insurance. These rates are still based on the place of residence.

What to do if there is a crash abroad?

If an accident happens while you’re on vacation or on a business trip, the crash is all the more unpleasant. A foreign language, possibly different traffic rules and different ways of getting around. Keep calm. First of all, the accident site should be secured. the same steps are necessary as in germany.

Then note the details of the parties involved. The easiest way with the european accident report, which various insurance companies will send you on request or which you can download from the internet. The advantage: the forms are summarized therein in several languages. Very important: never sign foreign-language documents whose content you do not understand.

Are winter tires really only drivable in winter?

Actually, this sounds logical, but there are always many people who also drive their winter tires in the summer, because they believe that these are the safer choice. Wrong! At a speed of 100 km/h, a tire needs typical winter tires about six meters more braking distance. That can make the difference between safe braking and an accident. Dpa/dhz

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