Right of withdrawal when buying a car: withdrawal with sample template

right of cancellation when buying a car

If you have ever bought a used car, you will surely know this situation. You search the internet for suitable offers and suddenly find your real or even supposed dream car. In your exuberance, conclude the purchase agreement. But a short time later, they regret their decision again. Be it because, with a little distance, you realize that the price is clearly too high. Or you have found an even better offer. If the contract has been concluded as a so-called distance selling transaction, you can revoke it within a period of 14 days without any problems. This allows you to be relatively relaxed when buying a car on the internet.

Many revocations fail at the outset because the players concerned feel overwhelmed by the requirements. But this is not necessary at all. Because you will also see that a revocation can be done with manageable effort. They make it especially easy for themselves if they follow a template. We have compiled a wide selection of samples. With the right sample letter, which you only need to adapt to your requirements, you will save time and avoid mistakes.

cancellation of the purchase contract for the car ..

Sender: (name and address)

recipient and seller: (also name and address)

Description of the contract (which car, date of contract)

Dear Mr … / dear mrs ..,

With this letter i revoke the above mentioned sales contract. I make use of my legal right to revoke the order. Please confirm the revocation in writing by (date).

With kind regards

(date and place) (your signature)

To which address does the objection go?

There were already objections, which were formally absolutely correct and still failed, because they were not sent to the correct address. If you bought your car through a platform on the internet, you should also think carefully about who you send the letter rescinding the contract to. Either the contract has been concluded directly with the platform. Or just broker a sale with a third party supplier. To find out who the correct addressee is for your objection, simply look at the contract documents.

Tip for you:

Be sure to send your objection to the correct address, i.e. to your contractual partner.

What is the deadline for my revocation??

for your revocation there is normally a period of 14 days. However, this is only the case if they have concluded the contract as part of a distance selling transaction. The existence of such a transaction is assumed if the conclusion of the contract was sealed outside of designated business premises. This is the case for online transactions, but also for transactions at the door or for contracts concluded over the telephone. the 14 day cancellation period starts from the moment you have been informed about your right of revocation. If this sequence is missing, you can also object for a longer period.

Tip for you:

You have 14 days to cancel the order. The period begins on the day you receive the notice of cancellation.

How to avoid problems with my revocation?

Unfortunately for them, it cannot be ruled out that they will still be faced with problems after their revocation. Be prepared that the revocation will simply be ignored and that your contractual partner will hope to save the deal in this way. You should also make provisions for such an eventuality. It is important that you have something in your hand even after the deadline has expired and that you can prove that you have properly objected to the contract. You should therefore document your procedure precisely. And you should also be able to prove that the letter was sent by spending a little more money on a registered letter with advice of receipt.

Tip for you:

In order to have something in hand in the event of any problems, it is essential that you keep precise documentation and be able to prove delivery beyond doubt.

What must not be missing in your revocation in any case?

  • Your personal information (address and name)
  • Data on the seller and contractual partner (name, address)
  • Information about the car as well as the contract (designation, contract number, when exactly issued)
  • also formulate your objection clearly and unambiguously
  • let the contractual partner know that you expect confirmation.
  • Sign personally

Important for you:

The letter is only valid if you sign it personally.

Conclusion: revoke the car purchase correctly

There may be different reasons why you change your mind after buying a car. It is possible that, with a little distance, the offer does not seem so favorable after all. Maybe you have found an even better offer. At least if you have bought the car as part of a distance selling transaction, you can withdraw from the contract for at least 14 days without stating any reasons. However, you should avoid mistakes that play into the hands of your contractual partner when terminating the contract. So when you formulate your revocation, you should rely on a tried and tested template. After you have selected the appropriate sample letter from our collection, you can adapt it to your requirements in just a few steps.

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