Portable dvd player: test, comparison and buyer’s guide

1996 the first DVD player was launched in japan. The price at that time was between 700 and 900 euro. Later, the portable DVD player was also developed, which, like a CD player, was intended to make entertainment possible outside the living room. In this article we have collected the most important buying criteria and we also look at the latest portable dvd player tests.

The best portable DVD player with an interface for games:
"with everything you need for a successful entertainment program."

The best portable DVD player in a beautiful design for children: sunpin PD101-BU-EN
"for the best entertainment even for the little ones."

The best portable DVD player in a dual configuration: lenco DVP-938 X2
"double holds better."

The best portable DVD player with the largest screen: naviskauto 16” portable dvd player
"make sure you don’t miss a detail."

The best non-folding portable DVD player in double: naviskauto 10,1” HD screen dual DVD player
"compact and dual design."

The best portable DVD player with bluetooth: lenco DVP-947BK
" with an expanded arsenal of connections."

The most important in short

  • Portable DVD players are equipped with many different features nowadays.
  • You should definitely make sure your DVD player has a headphone jack.
  • A long lasting battery is also an advantage. With a battery life of three hours, you can watch two movies in peace.
  • You can also buy DVD players with different screen sizes and resolutions. However, when it comes to resolution, you should go for a DVD player with at least 640 x 234 pixels.
  • There are DVD players that you can connect together. Then the same DVD will play on them.

The best portable DVD players: editors’ favorites

So you don’t have to waste a lot of time looking for a portable DVD player, we’ve put together a list of our favorites.

The best portable DVD player with an interface for games: apeman PV 1070

What we like:

  • Ability to play games
  • With 10.5 inch (approx. 27 cm) screen diagonal
  • Equipped with multiple connections
  • Dvds with subtitles playable
  • Good handling and operation

What we don’t like:

  • No blu-ray and bluetooth possible

The apeman portable dvd player comes in black and features a 10.5 inch screen diagonal (approx. 27 cm).

With a five-hour battery life, you can watch not only one or two movies at a time, but add a third movie right away. The resolution of the portable player for your dvds is very high and of good quality with the values of 1024 x 600.

Since a car charger is included along with a standard charger, you can also easily charge your portable dvd player in the car, so there’s no limit to your entertainment and fun.

The best portable DVD player in a beautiful design for children: sunpin PD101-BU-EN

What we like:

  • Unique design for your child’s eyes
  • Rotating screen for a perfect viewing experience
  • Anti-shock function for uninterrupted entertainment
  • Battery life of up to five hours
  • Many different connections for more individual entertainment

What we don’t like:

  • Can not be connected via bluetooth

This portable DVD player from the sunpin brand catches the eye with its beautiful, high-quality design and color scheme. Whether you buy this portable player for your dvds or for your child’s dvds, or for your children’s dvds, this DVD player is a plus point in any entertainment program.

With the many ports you can not only read your data from your SD card, but also watch movies, music or pictures on a USB stick. The screen has an excellent resolution and convinces with a beautiful and colorful high definition equipment.

Since the brightness of the screen has also been turned up, you can also watch your movies wonderfully in daylight. With an included headrest strap, you can even attach the dvd player to your car’s headrest, making it perfect for your child or you to watch a movie without getting a stiff neck.

The best portable DVD player in a dual configuration: lenco DVP-938 X2

What we like:

  • Two features in one DVD player for twice the fun
  • Extra headphones for an incredible sound experience
  • Anti-shock function for uninterrupted entertainment
  • Included remote control for ease of use
  • Many different connections for more individual entertainment

What we don’t like:

  • Battery life of up to 3.5 hours (still enough for two movies)

With the DVP-938 X2, Lenco has released not one, but two portable DVD players in one set. these come with a remote control and a headphone in double.

Due to the beautiful design, the screens are not only particularly attractive, but also very durable. In addition to the aforementioned extras, the two portable DVD players also have several ports that allow you to play photos and music as well.

Since the scope of delivery also includes stands and two mounting sets, it is possible to mount the DVD player comfortably on the backrests of the front seat. With the included chargers, you can also easily charge the DVD player in the car and watch movies for more than three hours.

The best portable DVD player with the biggest screen: naviskauto 16” portable DVD player

What we like:

  • Very large screen with super resolution
  • Extra protective case for special protection of the DVD player
  • HDMI input for more entertainment
  • Included remote control for easy handling
  • Video memory at last transmission

What we don’t like:

  • No headrest mount included

This product from the brand naviskauto is a portable dvd player with an incredible screen diagonal of 16 inches (ca. 41 cm). With the built-in ports, you can even connect game consoles to the portable DVD player and play games on it.

the video-memory makes it possible, that if you interrupt your movie-watching, you can simply continue watching at the place where you interrupted the movie. With a battery life of six hours, you have a lot of fun ahead of you.

If you still don’t have enough time, you can easily charge the portable DVD player in the car using the included adapter. With the LED backlight, watching a movie in the sun and sunshine will not be a problem anymore.

The best non-folding dual portable DVD player: naviskauto 10.1” HD screen dual DVD player

What we like:

  • Screen with a very good resolution
  • Included headrest mount for use in the car
  • Both devices can play the same movie with one cable
  • Included remote controls for easy handling
  • Video memory at last transmission

What we don’t like:

  • Only one device with a battery. The other needs power.

The portable DVD player presented here is also like the previous product from the brand naviskauto. In the scope of supply of this product are two DVD players, which are delivered with double equipment.

This means that you get, for example, two remote controls. With the included brackets for the headrests of the car, you can easily attach the screens in the car.

The batteries of the two portable players for dvds both have a runtime of about five hours, which allows you to watch several movies at a time. If you still don’t have enough time, you can plug in the included car charger adapter, which will save you a lot of time.

The best portable DVD player with bluetooth: lenco DVP-947BK

What we like:

  • Screen with 180 degree rotation
  • Included headrest mount for convenient comfort
  • Connections for playing movies, music and photos
  • Included remote controls for easy handling
  • headphones with bluetooth included in delivery

What we don’t like:

  • No charger included for the headphones

The portable DVD player from the brand lenco has bluetooth access, with which you can connect the included bluetooth headphones. In addition, the portable DVD player also has multiple ports that allow you to watch not only movies, but also music and photos.

With a screen diagonal of nine inches (approx. 23 cm) is the average size of the player screen for your movies. The ability to rotate and tilt the screen 180 degrees makes watching your movies incredibly comfortable.

of course you can also mount the dvd player on the headrest of your car. The included headrest mount even allows you to attach the portable DVD player directly to your headrest.

You are going on vacation with your family? Or you ride alone or with friends? Then a portable DVD player is exactly the right choice for you and your project. Your kids can watch some movies on the road and you can do the same on vacation.

buying guide for portable dvd players

The following section deals with some information about portable DVD players.

What are the most important criteria for buying a portable DVD player??

The following information shows you what you should look for when buying a portable DVD player.

Size of the screen

the size of the screen is not as important for a portable dvd player as it is for a tv, most of the time you will be a short distance away from your dvd player, so you won’t need an oversized screen size. most of the time a diagonal of 7 inches is enough (ca. 18 cm) to 12 inches (approx. 30 cm).


The following table describes some of the features that are included in some portable DVD players.

Function description
channel search only for portable dvd players that can receive the tv program.
Anti-shock function this function prevents the interruption of the DVD playback in case of shocks.
Subtitles some DVD players can display subtitles in addition to audio output.
Battery charge level this indicator shows you at any time how much power your portable dvd player has left.
Multimedia playback you can play different types of files depending on the connections of your portable DVD player.
Screen saver the screen saver is displayed when the device has not been used for a certain period of time.


A good portable DVD player has many different connections. Examples are USB and SD card slots, which allow you to watch movies in other ways as well. Dvds therefore YOU do not always need. A jack for your headphones are especially for noisy environments or for your child or children in the car.

With or without screen?

The question whether your portable DVD player should have a screen depends on where you want to use it. For example, if you want to connect the DVD player to your laptop or to your TV, a portable DVD player without a screen is worthwhile.

The resolution of the screen

The resolution of the screen is as important as the size of the screen. Most portable DVD players have a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. You can of course choose a different resolution. the most common resolutions are between 480 x 234 pixels and 1366 x 768 pixels. Please keep in mind that you will only have a good resolution from 640 x 234 pixels upwards.

The sound quality

Of course, the sound quality is also very important for a good movie experience. Therefore, you should make sure that the speakers are of good quality. Most of the time, however, the manufacturers of portable DVD players do not specify which speakers they have installed. Also, make sure that it has a built-in headphone jack.

The battery life

The longer the battery life, the better. If your battery lasts longer, you can watch your dvds or listen to your music longer. You will also need to charge the device less often.

The operation

The operation should also be a very important aspect of your purchase decision. If the handling of your portable dvd player is very cumbersome, watching your dvds can be less fun. So always make sure it’s easy to use.

The noise level

The DVD is running inside your portable DVD drive. Therefore, the device can quickly become noisy if you use it for a longer period of time. However, you should make sure that the noise level does not become disturbing for you and your surroundings.

The power supply

The power supply is also very important. For example, if you can charge the portable DVD player at the charging station in your car, you can enjoy your dvds without power supply problems.

Many DVD covers stand on a shelf

You have a lot of movies and series that you would like to watch anytime, anywhere? With a portable DVD player, it’s no longer a wish, but a reality.

Which brands produce quality portable DVD players??


The values of the company are passion, creativity, sharing and independence. plus they want to bring the excitement and adventure of life into everyone’s lives.

axdia internatinal gmbh has been distributing the odys brand for several years. the goal is to develop and produce qualitative and high quality lifestyle products.


Dbpower is a brand that operates in consumer electronics. In addition, it also stands for safety and high quality products.

Where to buy portable DVD players?

You can buy portable DVD players online or in stores such as media markt or saturn. Internet sites that offer portable DVD players are expert technomarkt and euronics. you may find better service in stores, but on the internet you can see many reviews at a glance and get information about the product quickly.

how much do portable dvd players cost?

Good portable DVD players start at a value of 30 euros and can cost up to 400 euros. important are the different connections, functions and extras. So think beforehand about what you want to use the portable DVD player for and who you want to use it for.

What accessories are available for portable DVD players??

Accessories description
protective bag the protective case is essential to protect your portable dvd player.
Display film the screen protector protects the screen from damage.
Headphones headphones allow you to play your dvds even in a noisy environment.
Remote control the remote control makes the control of the player directly more comfortable.
External battery external batteries give your portable dvd player more power.

portable dvd player review: which portable dvd players are the best??

The table below shows consumer organizations that have reviewed portable DVD players.

test magazine portable dvd player test available?release yearfree accessexperience more
foundation warentest yes, there is a test available. 2008 yes click here
eco test no, there is no test available. / / /
consumer.At no, there is no test available. / / /
ktip.Ch no, there is no test available. / / /

stiftung warentest portable dvd players test: portable dvd players – sony’s picture is bad

In 2008, 12 different portable DVD players were examined and tested by the consumer organization stiftung warentest. More specifically, the picture, the sensitivity of television reception, the sound, the error correction, the battery operation, the versatility and the handling.

In addition, the equipment and technical features were also tested. The test results were all satisfactory or sufficient. According to this, portable DVD players still had some room for improvement in 2008. The best rating was given to a device without an antenna for receiving television channels, with a score of 2.6 (satisfactory).

The worst performance was also achieved by a device without an antenna to receive TV channels. This is from sony and has received a rating of 4.6, which is equivalent to the rating poor.

FAQ – frequently asked questions about portable DVD players

What is a portable DVD player?

A portable DVD player is an electronic device that lets you play your movies, photos or music on the go.

Who is a portable DVD player for??

In principle, a portable DVD player is suitable for anyone who likes to enjoy some entertainment through movies and series, as well as photos and music.

What do I need a portable DVD player for??

You and your children are going on vacation? Then a portable DVD player is the best choice for you. Because firstly you can watch movies and series on vacation and secondly your children can also watch their favorite movies on the road.

You don’t have kids? This is also no problem. You can of course use the DVD player on its own, whenever you feel like it.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a portable DVD player??

The main advantages are entertainment where and when you want it. It also allows you to enjoy long journeys in the car (as a passenger) or on the train in a very relaxed way.

The disadvantages are the quality of the sound and the screen. Although they are great for such small entertainment products, they obviously don’t come close to those of a television set.

How does a portable DVD player work??

Inside the DVD player is a drive and a laser that can read the data on the DVD. It will send the data to the screen and your movie will start playing.

Why does a portable DVD player need different connections??

With the different connections, you can not only watch movies, but also listen to music, for example. If you have games on an SD card and your DVD player supports games, you can even play games on it.

A headphone jack is also a great advantage, as it allows you to watch movies at any time without disturbing the people around you.

How to clean my portable DVD player?

First of all, make sure that the DVD player is turned off and disconnected from the power supply. Unplug the device and if possible remove the battery as well. Next, take a microfiber cloth to clean the surface of the player.

Once you have done this, if necessary, you can remove heavy dirt with a damp cloth. Now clean the screen with a damp cloth. You can then clean the connections easily and carefully with a cotton swab.

How do I install a portable DVD player in my car??

For mounting the DVD player in the car, there are several brackets that you can either attach separately or that can be integrated into the seat cover of the car. In the following video you can see the unboxing and assembly of the last product we presented.

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