Polishing a white car – what to look out for?

I have already explained to you in various articles and guides how to polish, which polishing machine to use and which polish is good.

In the end, all these articles and infos aim at the fact that you can do the car polishing yourself and do not necessarily have to pay a professional. Today I would like to explain a concrete example of use and go into more detail on how to polish a white car and what to look out for.

How should it look afterwards?

The question of all questions, in the normal case actually at the end of the contribution to find, I would like to give you but before an impression of what is possible, so you can decide for yourself whether it is worth the effort to you& …so here is a before-after picture of a white polished car

White car polishing – before and after picture

Short explanation about the picture: even if it doesn’t look like it, it’s actually the same car, just photographed in different situations and in different lighting conditions.

Sure, to have a direct comparison, it would make more sense under the same conditions and the same place, but during the work I always do not think of it, sorry& next time again. but you can believe me, this is one and the same car

If you want to read about the other topics first, you can find the respective articles here

White car polishing

Actually, I wanted to write this article for a long time, but in the last few weeks no suitable white car came, which was really dirty and where a special preparation would have been worthwhile. But then it finally came, the special white&

Basically, just in recent years, the trend to the white car has reasserted itself. For a long time, they weren’t really in demand, but now "white" cars are a common sight on german roads. Now you might think that a white car needs less maintenance and maybe doesn’t look o dirty as quickly as a black car? in principle, that’s a bit true, but the big problem with white cars is that you can see things like tar or stubborn road grime right away.

Especially bad here, however, is the salt in winter, so the road salt& … if you do not wash it off regularly, "fly rust" forms on the paint and thus attacks the paint surface.

The problem has actually all paints and cars, with the white you see it just. Now the question is what is better, not to see it, although it is there and accordingly not to react. Or to see it to be annoyed and then but to react!?

Anyway, white cars should be washed regularly or they will quickly look like this:

And then white cars must also be regularly polished and sealed, but that’s cool, there is no other paint color that forgives so many mistakes, as white&

So, how do you polish a white car??

Finally, it always starts with the same step, no matter what you polish a car, you have to wash it first. The cool thing about a white car is that you can see the dirt very well. Every car should be cleaned as good as possible before polishing. Here you have a certain advantage with the white ones because, as just mentioned, you can see the dirt very well; on the other hand, you can also quickly despair if you can’t get the dirt and grime out of certain areas. In our example, this was the case in parts of the roof edges and, of course, on the labels on the tailgate. Really difficult to get it right.

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