Maintenance, inspection and repair

When it comes to inspections and maintenance, you are in good hands with the specialist workshops of the AUTO EDER group. Our highly trained technicians and master technicians have excellent brand know-how and are always up to date with the latest vehicle technology. Rely on years of experience and expertise, because regular automotive inspections and maintenance are critical to the longevity of your vehicle.

Depending on the manufacturer, the maintenance intervals vary. In general, you should have your vehicle serviced annually or after 2 years or. After 20.000 or 30.have your vehicle serviced after more than 000 kilometers. the exact scope of the inspection depends on the model, vehicle type and age.

Why regularly to the inspection?

Our standard services include:

✓ inspection of wiring, battery and on-board electronics

✓ check the tread depth of all tires and the spare tire

✓ check the braking performance of all four wheels and the brake lines

✓ control of the entire lighting of your vehicle, such as brake lights, headlights, hazard warning lights etc.

✓ checking of brake and engine cooling fluids, checking of oil level, oil and oil filter change if requ.

annual inspection. Trust is good – inspection is better.

Not all inspections are the same. What an inspection is really worth, you often notice only after many thousands of kilometers driven. We maintain, service and repair your vehicle or commercial vehicle according to manufacturer’s specifications. What this means for you? Above all one thing: a clear plus in security.

This is how we work annual inspection perform the work specified by the manufacturer point by point and use only the (brand) oil approved by the manufacturer with the appropriate viscosity. This leaves the manufacturer’s warranty to the full extent.

No compromise on quality either: wear and tear or. We replace repair parts exclusively in original equipment quality or in the same quality as the original equipment. On request also in original parts quality. Because only these parts guarantee the proper operation of your vehicle in the long term and thus your optimal safety.

This is the range of services offered by auto eder repair shop


Cost-effective and prompt repair of minor damage through smart repair, accident repair, repair of paint and bodywork damage by our trained service technicians.

manufacturer’s warranty:

In contrast to an independent garage, only original spare parts are used in our brand-affiliated specialist garages. Your vehicle warranty remains intact, the resale value of your vehicle increases, because your car is maintained in a checkbook

AUTO EDER fixed price:

We offer our standard services at a fixed price in all our specialist workshops. This means for you: fair prices, top quality and no hidden extra costs for car repairs.

everything from one source

Whether it’s a due main inspection, emissions test, accident repair, damage to paint and bodywork, vehicle relocation, vehicle checks, loan cars, insurance processing, smart repair – with us you and your vehicle are in the best hands!

mobility guarantee:

In the event of damage or breakdown, you remain mobile, because the provision of a rental car is of course part of our car service.

24h emergency service:

even in case of emergency we are there for you around the clock and make sure that you stay mobile. In case of accidents or breakdowns our 24h-emergency service helps you further.


A prompt appointment and a quick inspection or car repair are a matter of course for us

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